It is plain to see that Jan Gardner and the country government is going after the 287(g) program. If at first an outside audit doesn’t get you the results you want, then spend money on an internal audit that will give you the outcome that you want, mainly because you can control it.

The 287(g) program protects the citizens of this county. Illegals are not vetted like legal immigrants and we do not know what kind of person is sneaking across our borders. They may be rapists, murderers, or just plain thieves. Most are good people but we just don’t know.

How did all of these MS-13 gang members get into this country? (Hint — illegally.) I also do not see the logic in not furthering cooperation between law enforcement agencies.

Isn’t that what 287(g) is, cooperation between law enforcement agencies at the federal and local level? I think that the sheriff and the 287(g) program should be left alone. Cooperation between law enforcement agencies at all levels of government is in everybody’s best interest.

Patrick Vickers


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Patrick, you hit the nail on the head; unfortunately the lefties are supporting open borders so as to buy DEM. votes in the future and Soros supports them with Billions of his $$$$...tens of thousands of Felonies committed by Illegals and one Frederick officials suggested 2 weeks ago that we should eliminate the sheriffs' sick is that


4 letters to the editor over an audit? That definitely hit a nerve.

Question: “How did all of these MS-13 gang members get into this country?

Answer: MS-13,The Mara Salvatrucha gang originated in Los Angeles in the 1980’s.


... and founded by undocumented Salvadorans.


Actually Ernesto Miranda, aka "Smokey“ was documented... Look him up.


At your suggestion, I looked up Ernesto, but could not asertain if he was documented. I'll assume you are correct. Documented Ernie was, however, deported for his MS-13 activities. That was "back in the day" before sanctuary cities and the like. Alas, he was killled back in El Salvador after refusing to attend a prison release celebration of another gang member. No doubt his spirit and cause lives on in the undocumented young people who nobly carry on his mission in today's MS-13.


Illegal aliens

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