Another letter writer “supports” the ICE 287(g) jailhouse that we’re running in Frederick County, against the overwhelming protest of citizens who support civil rights and international law. Your letter writer (Sept. 2) seems to think that the issue is a sort of popularity contest for Sheriff Chuck Jenkins. It is not.

Denying refugee status to asylum-seekers at our borders is illegal under international law that we (the USA) promulgated in 1948, fresh from the Allied victory over the Nazis. We are now breaking laws that we enjoined on the rest of the world. It is typical of the extra-legal presidency of Donald Trump to break laws at whim, having ginned up fear of the “outsider” or the “foreigner” to cover up deficiencies in his own leadership and having whipped up a frenzy of supporters who, clearly, have drunk his poisonous Kool-Aid. When he runs out of one controversy, he starts another to distract.

Trump has closed our borders (illegally) and fomented racial division to the detriment of victims of war, poverty and violence who have come to us at their own peril in dangerous and health-threatening conditions. Some have died trying to get here, some have died here thanks to ICE, some have been raped here thanks to ICE, some have been heated out of their life savings in trying to get here. Trump’s latest moves have been to order indefinite detention of asylum-seekers, to deny access to a judge to hear their cases, and to re-jail children with their families for their gall at having sought a lifeline in a foreign country. They come prepared to work and to work hard, as their fellow seekers have done for a long, long time in this country and which they are doing now.

Decide whose America you want to have — the one that jails asylum-seekers or the one that gives them a chance. Your own ancestors got the chance. We happen to need workers right now (in agricultural, home care and child care, hospital, and commercial food industries). American bosses have been crying out for years for some sort of regularization of this workforce’s immigration status, only to have it blocked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Then ask yourself who gains by having a dysfunctional American federal government. Is it the fat cats running the for-profit prisons that hide their record of civil rights abuses and dodge government regulation by a weak and corrupt administration? Is it the fat cats who hire illegals in big-box parking lots and then stiff the workers for their wages and get away with it because “they’re illegals and have no rights”? Is it the children of yesterday’s immigrants who are sitting on their hands rather than doing anything about it? Or is it Russia, China, North Korea, etc., that benefit from a U.S. government steadily losing whatever foreign support it had abroad? Or all of the above?

Cathy Bodin


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287g is not a popularity contest. Your accuracy ends there. Frederick County began our participation in 2012 --NOT because of Pres. Trump. Asylum application is still being accepted and considered in the U.S. and many other countries. Illegal entry and breaking of laws will get you detained and imprisoned everywhere in the world. If you want immigration processes to change here - tell congress to change the laws. Stop attacking the people who follow and enforce the laws.


Your post, mr. / ms mcdow exclaims that you do not understand the 287 program, nor the situation. Please pause and do some reading. Thanks!


Cathy, your naiveté is showing, more than 90% of those who attempt to defraud our absurd immigration "system" are proven to be liars and despite that we now have 22.5 Million illegal aliens living here and sucking up more than $150 Billion of our tax dollars while committing tens of thousands on crimes against innocent citizens annually including more than 2,000 murders...all this according to recent Yale/ MIT study.....I wonder why you think that is OK???


Jerseygrl, Can you site the study? I would like to review the research.

Thanks for your help.


google Yale/MIT immigrating study which was released this past spring


$150 billion in tax dollars. Good thing Mexico is paying for the wall so we don’t have to see more of our money go to waste.


Trump has made things worse, at the border, by not having enough judges to pass judgment on all immigrants seeking asylum. Instead, he locks them up until time expires, then releases them into the U.S. to go where they want to go. Due process is not what Trump and the Republicans are offering immigrants. We should not have a need for a 287 (g) program, if the federals are doing a good job. This should never be a Frederick County job - Sheriff or anyone else. We should not have to hold illegal immigrants in the Frederick County jail, after they are locked out for some crime they may have committed. And this just gets the immigrants that commit crimes, not all of them. We need some new legislation to make sure immigrants are processed at the border, not in Frederick County.  WE DO NOT NEED 287 (g)!

Boyce Rensberger

An excellent letter. Donald's parrots will respond as programmed, but their words ring as senseless as their Dear Leader's tweets.


If the author is going to quote law, she should at least try to be accurate. Overwhelming these illegals are economic migrants, not qualified asylum seekers. They have no right to illegally enter our country and our president has taken every lawful measure possible to stem the human flood, measures that have been upheld in court. The author's rambling letter reveals her disdain for the rule of law and for business owners. She is oblivious to the harm and pain caused by this flood across our border including the drugs, the disease, the criminals, the human trafficking, the depressed wages for lawful Americans particularly minorities. 287(g) is a wonderful program to protect our community.


Wrong, Randy. The federal government is not processing immigrants timely, which with more judges at the border they could.


Dick, don't be lazy. If you think any of my statements are inaccurate, tell me specifically and why. Don't just say "wrong" and go off onto a different topic that I never touched.


So many good points will surely tax reading skills.



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