This letter is in response to Rachel Gammell’s July 4 column.

I agree that the way she was treated was appalling. There is no justification for the behavior of those men that worked with her.

I am taking issue with her making reference to the alleged age of these men — 55 years or older, and how she “had to make excuses for them” — as if all men over 55 are stupid and insensitive to women. Even her grandfathers did not escape unscathed — both being referred to as “quirky.”

Imagine the outrage if anybody had a complaint against a particular behavior or group and in making that complaint made reference to that group’s gender, skin color, or sexual orientation. The ensuing storm would blot out the sun.

Yet men above a certain age are fair game for any kind of defamation. Ms. Gammell could have made her point without including bigoted comments about age.

Jack Vivona


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I expect the woman did what most women do when faced with unacceptable and illegal behavior towards them by men: whine about it on Facebook and then feel good when all their friends express sympathy. Nothing else, or at most, write an LTE. Such is the way the passive female mind works.


Jack, some women just don't like men, don't worry about it, most women do like men.


" if all men over 55 are stupid and insensitive to women." No, just a few she encountered. Are we now pretending that behaviors weren't different some decades ago before women were equal...oh wait, they're still not.


Yeah, Deb, they are not. In some respects they don't want to be equal, because being females they get privileges too. But as far as work is concerned, they certainly should be treated equally.


Dick, We are not allowed to say stuff like that anymore. Know your place! Only Republican women can get away with saying that stuff.[ninja]


I will, I will. [ohmy]


Thanks, Jack - from a woman of a certain age.


Thank you Jack.

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