This probably will surprise you. I actually agree with County Council member Kai Hagen that releasing a mass number of balloons for some type of cause or party is ridiculous.

But is it such a problem in Frederick County that we needed a law to ban it? Is it such a problem that valuable County Council time needed to be spent on it with meetings and a public hearing? I don’t think so. Now, I think we have a much more serious problem in the city of Frederick and Frederick County with loitering, panhandling, vagrancy and cigarette butts. Yes, cigarette butts.

Yet, when asked about these issues those in power will say our hands are tied as it’s a constitutional issue with enforcement. Crazy, but apparently we can now go after those releasing balloons but nothing can be done when you throw a cigarette butt on the ground. In downtown Frederick you will find hundreds on the sidewalks. I don’t like to see a ban of smoking in public places like sidewalks, but I also feel I would rather see a ticket written for littering than releasing a balloon.

I thank those responsible smokers for not throwing their butts on the ground.

Government is not there to be over reaching but law enforcement is there to keep us in the parameters of the law. As I have stated before, those that need help and want help, we should do all we can to help them with the type of help they need. But loitering, panhandling and vagrancy have become an issue. I’m talking about those that are hampering the quality of life of others and those trying to run a business. Now, without question there are more mental health issues in society today than ever before in all age groups. Funding needs to be expanding to address this need. Focusing on the needs of the working poor and homeless is very important but we should not think a warm bed and hot meal will solve all the problems. The mental health issues have to be focused. We seem to want to find the magic solution or want the next grandiose idea from our government. We just need to get back to basics and focus on getting those right again. Having a clean, safe and affordable community for all.

Blaine Young


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When Blaine Young makes prostitution "great again" in Frederick County, I don't think we'll be worried about cigarette butts.


Yesterday at 3:26pm gabrielhorn wrote: “

Ummm...kind of a cheap shot dick, don't you think.”

What comes around goes around. Ba’lane on his little radio show took cheap shots at everyone. There was even an incident where someone called in and corrected Ba’lane. Ba’lane got angry and spouted off the callers name and phone number on the air.

Ba’lane used his radio show to harass political candidates and people in office that he didn’t like. Well, now through social media - we’ve succeeded in making sure he got booted from politics. I truly believe the comments in the FNP and FB played a huge role in ending his political career. Just as he with his radio show did to others.

He lost his power that his show once had. He lost it to the FNP comments and he lost it to Facebook. That’s why he stopped doing the show, lost his control.


He would never win in a mayoral race in the city of Frederick. He is preparing to run for Court Executive. Anything he runs for will bring his past up again. He only thinks about himself and not his boys and what this would do to them.


Do you mean CE? I don't think so. His letters have all been on the City and he may not have a chance in the City, but it would be worse in the County.


Gonna bebhard for Ba’lane to stand a chance as a Republican in a predominantly democratic city

Comment deleted.

Ummm...kind of a cheap shot dick, don't you think.


No smoking in the city. Done.


Also, I am not sure what your point is about mental health. What is it you want the city to do about mental health? And how does that compare with what you had the county do about nursing homes?


Maybe Blaine can stop smoking, littering, and vagrancy all at the same time with his directed attacks on mental illness and his personal thanks to smokers that don't litter. What a guy. He is such a "help."


Blaine, You have a lot of strong opinions and good ideas, but the problem is that we remember what you did. We disliked you so much that, even in an election that Billy and Kirby were elected, you lost in a landslide to your number one detractor. You should go some place where people do not remember you, so you can get a fresh start. West Virginia and Pennsylvania are places that can write your own ticket, so to speak.


As long as the people in other states don’t google his name LOL


Not far enough, three, how about Iran?


Can't people be ticketed for littering already??


Yes. But it’s hard for the issuing officer to prove in court.

I was in court for a traffic violation years ago. And a case before me was for littering in the city. The defendant plead not guilty. So they did their little trial, the defendant asked the officer “do you have the alleged litter as evidence for the court?” Officer responded “no I do not”. And the case was DISMISSED.

Court is all about physical evidence and or witnesses


Speaking about witnesses, I recall one where the person was charged with not stopping at a stop sign. Without saying anything the court delayed the case until the officer showed up. The charged person and the officer testified. The judge asked if there were other witnesses. The answer was yes. At which point the Clerk of the Court dropped his pen on the floor and said, no one told us. The answer was you didn't ask. Then it got worse. The witness testified that the two police officerswere speedingon scootersand did not have visibility of the stop sign due to parked cars. The City prosecutor asked the witness what made him a authorityon speeding. It so happened that he raced cars and had won many awards.

The Prosecutor dismissed the witness and asked if the judge would convict on reckless driving. The one charged objected, stating that the charge was not stopping at a stop sign, not reckless driving. The judge asked the prosecutor if they had anything more to say. The answer was no, it would only start another argument.

The judge said, case dismissed.


Let's just sum it up. Blaine gave away tens of millions of dollars to developers, approved massive overdevelopment, tried to sell the nursing homes, would not give a dime to our schools, actually eliminated firefighter positions and tried to privatize county employees. Now he wants us to believe he is worried about cigarette butts. Never again!


[thumbup][thumbup] Knowing Blaine he probably planted the cigarette butts.


Blaine wants back in gubmint so he can hep.


Hep his self.


Never thought I’d read a sentence with the word help in it 4 times.


“Omit needless words.”


Thanks Matt. I went back and read it again. ..Blain definitely used help four in one sentence.


Hey Blaine, we have seen how you govern and despite your opinions (good or bad),, you have shown you could not be trusted to shovel a sidewalk.


Says one thing, does another. That is Blaine's MO - I do not trust this man!


Given the amount of civic resources that the Young Board squandered during its time in office and the general tea party ugliness that pervaded those years in government, its hard to read anything from Mr. Young and not see a great big helping of self interest in the margins.


What surprises me is that you actually think people will believe anything you say. Actions speak louder than words and your past actions tell me all I need to know.

Your ten years out of the public eye aren't up,so please just go away.


You promised to go away, Blaine. You lied to us.


Isn't it time you came clean: you intend to run for mayor and keep using your complaints about cigarrette butts , the homeless, et. al. as a cover. For those that remember you from BOCC days, you clearly are trying to play the aggrieved citizen card when all you really want is a chance at power again. Are you sure you've cleared away all the skeletons and old black books that might be in your closet. Man up and be honest on what you intend to do.



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