I’ve lived in Frederick for three years since I retired, moving from New Jersey. I choose to be aware of local politics and current events wherever I have lived (I’ve lived in five states) and it never ceases to amaze me how petty and bias local coverage chooses to be regarding interactions between differing parties and elected individuals. It is no wonder so many despise local newspapers and TV stations other than for weather coverage. There is no such thing as objective reporting.

I waited a few days before deciding to comment on the coverage allotted to the alleged interference at a traffic stop involving a deputy and County Councilman Kai Hagen. Why did the sheriff choose to disparage an individual over concern for the safety of a driver of color? I have found myself doing the exact same thing? Why would a sheriff claim such behavior was “outrageous,” expounding on the incident by saying “Who in the hell does he think he is” AND doing so on a radio station? You know what? I say who the hell speaks out against a concerned citizen’s right to inquire? Can you say petty? Can you say biased? I will say both.

Especially on the part of a local newspaper choosing to overplay the incident by running it on the front page of the paper.

Not to be considered bias myself, I extend similar dissatisfaction with Council President M.C. Keegan-Ayer who also chose to comment by saying, “I’m at a loss to understand what he was thinking.” You know what people, grow up. Why does small town have to remain small-minded ? Attention Ms. Keegan-Ayer: understand this, all of us understand what Mr. Hagen was thinking.

He wanted to avoid the potential unwarranted stop of a person of color. By the way, it is possible to just say, “No comment” and take the high road, you know, the one that shows grace and professionalism. But no, not here, let’s just denigrate one another and choose to compound that poor character choice by bullying over the airwaves AND printing it.

Maria Lewis


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Marcia, do you own a white Prius?


It was much worse when my Wife and I moved here from a very diverse, liberal County that shares a border with Frederick County just 13 years ago. And we were as dismayed then as you are now Ms. Lewis. But Frederick County has changed dramatically over the past 13 years as more and more people that feel as you do move here. All these haters that hang out here will be gone in a few years, there are now more Registered Democrats here than Republicans. And yes, most of us know what Mr. Hagen was thinking and while he may have overdone it a bit, it was done with concern for his fellow citizen.👍



When my wife and I were looking to move here, we were worried and still are about the racism that is still well on display. Frederick didn't get the nickname Fredneck out of nowhere.

I imagine it is better now than it used to be, but I have friends with children who have lived being called all kinds of names growing up in this area. The more stories I hear from people who grew up in this area, the more I shake my head. This county still has a lot more work to do to put humanity above humans.


First of all the nickname “fredneck” has nothing whatsoever to do with racism. Secondly, it seems that you are the one being a racist here. I have lived in Frederick all of my life and have known and met hundreds if not a thousand or more people here, and NOT ONE of them has ever said or displayed anything that could be considered as “racist”. It is only a few blacks and BLM members and supporters who bring the race card into ever conversation and look for and somehow manage to find trouble, racism, when there is none. It is THEY who are the racists. Many of my friends are black and Latino and Chinese, my best friend ever in my life was black, Jerome Lucas, he is in God’s hands and memory now, I miss him dearly.


" I have lived in Frederick all of my life and have known and met hundreds if not a thousand or more people here, and NOT ONE of them has ever said or displayed anything that could be considered as “racist”."

I, too, have lived in Frederick all of my life (60+ years) and this statement is simply not possible, unless the bar for racism is so high as to be laughable. I've heard and seen blatantly racist behavior on many, many occasions. Just open your eyes and look around. That is, if you want to.


Not the old “my best friend was Black” trick mcrider. And don’t forget the KKK here.


polite white people wouldn't know racism if it bit them on the butt...so there's that. polite white people are not victims of racism. so of course you don't see it or refuse to see that polite white people are not victims of racism.

And I have never felt the need to exploit my friendships I have with POC just to impress anyone here..like anyone can say anything in these comments and there is no way anyone can verify a single thing you say..however it is how you use your words that gives you away...so I am not impressed by anything you have said.

So please spare us the gaslighting ,,,,also you should have you said Asian in place of Chinese if you are truly not a racist...but you didn't so yeah.

I find it incredibly insulting when polite white people come here and say there is no racism...all they need to do is look at their own words to see that isn't true.

I am puzzled as to why I as a polite white woman should believe a polite white man's words that there is no racism? please......



Firstly, understand what racism mean/is. Secondly, the fact that you so easily dismiss others life experiences with racism shows me that your tucked your humanity away a long time ago. Just because you haven't had any experiences in anyone else's buy your own shoes.

The fact that you used the term "race card" as if 400 years of slavery and 200+ years of indignity dissolved the minute slavery ended instead of being slowly and painfully being stripped away from American institutions shows just how incredibly small your mind is.

The second that someone uses the word "race card" they have effectively branded themselves a racist. There is nothing that a person of another race could do to wave some magic wand to make racism stop. We've been trying. It don't work, so the caucasity of using the term "race card" just shows how steeped in white supremacy you are.


NMP, When I first moved to Frederick in the early 1990s, literally over 50% of the vehicles were pickup trucks, and it truly was a "Fredneck" majority, so times have changed Frederick. To your point, there was also a strong KKK presence in neighboring Thurmont that does not seem to be substantial anymore. In the 1960s there were segregated public water fountains in Frederick, so yah, I think there has been a lot of evolution going on, and hopefully it continues.



I completely agree that the country has and will continue to evolve just as this pocket of the country will follow. I am proud of the work that the country has done, but I also agree and acknowledge that there is so much more to do.

I know someone who was specifically trying to help get diversity into the school curriculum and was stonewalled at every turn. The Black History month and lack of accountability for it is laughable at best as an example. There is plenty more of work to be done. It doesn't end and it won't end until we see each of ourselves in each other.



Great post. And you are correct. There are still a lot of hard heads. And stories should be told. We learn. But the extremism that is going on now is almost counter-productive. I will leave it at that.


Never interfere with an officer performing his duty. The officer is conversing with the driver of the vehicle and also watching his surroundings. When someone else pulls over and is at your back - you really don't realize what could happen to the officer. Read the papers or watch the news - there are people out there trying to kill police officers! When you pull someone over you have concern over the person you've just pulled over and now we have a liberal idiot who feels he has a civic duty to perform by getting involved in this situation. I for one, would like the officer to be able to safely go home every night as well as the driver of the pulled over vehicle. I think the Sheriff has done a great job in this community. I have always found him fair and he stands up for his officers safety within the law.



Just remember that not everyone else has the same experience as you. And just because you have never experienced over or aggressive policing doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I want EVERYONE to go home after police stop alive and with their dignity in tact. Unfortunately, police have not been doing themselves any favors with how they have been treating POC. Those problems have always existed and we are getting a birds-eye view of how lack of accountability of officer conduct can create an environment where officer bias severely affects how they perform their duty. That needs to change.


"... it is possible to just say, “No comment” and take the high road, you know, the one that shows grace and professionalism.," or the road eschewed by Ms. Lewis. New Jersey's gain is Frederick's loss.


Strange… You find “grace and professionalism” in the high sheriff having no other legal recourse but to go on WFMD with his bias followed by an unfounded allegation? Maybe you should abstain from comment.


Trumpkins sure is getting Stink-Eye-Kye lots of freee publicity and name recognition.


What I find incredibly interesting is the Kai chose to lose his privilege to ensure the safety of another human when all recent historical evidence shows us that it is a correct assumption.

People critical of those acts should ask themselves what is exactly the proper way to be an ally of those of use who find ourselves lacking the same sorts of protections from aggressive policing?

I guarantee you that they would be offended no matter what someone did to ensure that a stop of a POC went well for all involved.

Just remember something... Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The police are humans just like the rest of us and worthy of criticism and absolutely worthy of scrutiny.

Some of you should ignore your overwhelming desire to lick boots.


lose = use

Yeah this polite white woman is so tired of licking boots…..so so tired.




Hagen, Jenkins coverage overplayed by paper..see I agree with the title of this letter which I know the author of the letter didn't write and the FNP did so,,

But see that's the conundrum.....for some reason Sheriff Jenkins and the FNP want Kai to win CE because of all the FREE PUBLICITY they have been giving him..and will continue to give him because well the FNP is easily played, and Sheriff Jenkins is uncapable of thinking things through far enough to stop giving Kai FREE PUBILICTY, so no this FREE PUBLICITY is never going to end...well maybe when Kai wins CE it will end?


I used to love AM radio - whether listening to baseball or football games, laid back music, local news, and inclusiveness. That was before it morphed into the Rush Limbaugh business of dividing America. WFMD is a exhibit A.




Ms. Lewis,

Obviously you decided not to take the high road. So I would be a little less judgmental of others that comment.

I have commented. As a citizen of this county I found Mr. Hagen's actions to be careless, unwarranted and highly disrespectful. From the Sheriff's point of view, certainly outrageous as a deputy of his was placed in an unnecessarily complicated and potentially dangerous situation by a prejudiced zealot with the ulterior aim of fostering and cultivating his political ambitions.

I have also been critical of the Sheriff's latest actions. He chose to first seek some recourse from Hagen's colleagues and to keep this from becoming a different type of incendiary situation had he charged Hagen Immediately, He should have known that would fail. Ms. Gardner, our executive, has been silent regarding the councilman's unlawful action. I fear she is swayed by the thinking of an enormous influx of new voters like yourself. People who have little knowledge of what our local culture is truly like but project the slanted 24/7 news media bias into all situations.

I felt the Sheriff was wrong to continue down the political and public path, via airwaves. He will find no recourse from Mr; Hagen's political allies. He should do the right thing and charge Mr. Hagen for the egregious act he committed and let the political chips fall where they may.


Culture is the collective as in all, the entire.


[thumbup]aw I suspect jsk will miss the point you’re making since if you just moved here recently there’s no twelve generations of Mt. Olivet residents to rise up to haunt those who think their opinions matter here.


okay yes you want Kai charged...have you contacted Sheriff Jenkins insisting he be charged???? Yeah I didn't think so....so you think Sheriff Jenkins is reading these comments and will just read your little ole comment and then go right out and charge Kai??? I guess it's possible you have sway over Sheriff Jenkins??

But if he does charge Kai just think FREE PUBLICITY for Kai for months on end....you sure that's what you really want?


So what is our local culture truly like?


Good points, Ms. Lewis.

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