On Dec. 30 at 9 a.m., the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee placed the following on its Facebook page: “75 years ago Patriotic Americans went to France to throw out all of the Nazis. Next year all you have to do is go to the polls.”

As a Jewish, black Republican woman, I found this meme disgusting. I have had family members (mine and through marriage) who were either killed in the Holocaust or survived it. For them to equate all Republicans with Nazis is equal to us equating all Democrats with Klan members. Anyone with common sense knows both statements would be equally wrong.

I also found it disgusting that this statement was placed on their page less than 48 hours after the horrific anti-Semitic attack in Monsey, New York. (There was no mention of this event, and as I went through their page there was no greeting for Hanukkah either.)

I am not here to call names or stoop to that level. I am here to say people need to wake up or this hateful rhetoric will consume us all.

Marie Fischer


President, Republican Club of Frederick County, and third VP, Maryland Federation of Republican Women

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Obadiah Plainsmen

Ms Fisher, I’m sure the Frederick DNC meant no offense, therefore no offense should be taken.


I find it good that Marie Fischer is disgusted and doesn’t want to be associated with Nazism. Unfortunately many people who led themselves to that ideology associate themselves with her. Maybe her next ‘letter to the editor’ will denounce and be as disgusted with the the significant numbers of bigots, white suprematist , neo-nazis, racist, homophobes that find a home with her party.


Not a tasteful or sensitive post. As a non-Facebook person, I was unaware. As an Independent, may the least offensive group prevail, but as for myself I will vote straight not-Republican, because the Offender in Chief has had that effect on me.


Please. Spare us the crocodile tears. The Republican party cheers a president for his insults and crassness.


I did not see the FB posting, but in the quotes I have seen I never say "all republicans" mentioned at all. So why are you assuming that this refers to all republicans? Perhaps I missed something?


Trump's politics of hatred and indignation has brought to the forefront the ugly underbelly of our society. Inappropriate comments we wouldn’t say in secret to our family members or inner circle, most often done out of frustration, has now spilled over into public discourse, with no guard rails. From commenting about violating women’s persons, to justifying anti-Semitic attacks, to saying NFL players are “sons of 🤬 by the President, slurs, smears, promoting assaults and insults have replaced civil discourse. Yes, Trump - ‘as President’ the head of the Republican Party , the leader of the country, has doe it ALL!

And, now you find it disgusting? 🙇🏾


aw have you just discovered the internet or social media? The ugly underbelly of our society has been on full display for decades.


... and Trump’s tweets and media pronouncements.



“just discovered the internet or social media?” Wouldn’t that question be better directed to Marie? She’s the one that brought up the last 75 years of sins attached with Party.🤷‍♂️ I’m just saying... not new, not suddenly over the line, but It’s Trump’s ‘modus operandi‘; name calling, slander, slurs. So why so shocked when Trump supporters are called to task?


Marie, we went to Stroudsburg, France a few years ago. The Cathedral there was leveled by allied bombing with a few walls standing a few feet, one wall left, according to photos was about 12 feet high.The Cathedral has been rebuilt. On one pillar, in the church, is inscribed; "Dedicated to the officers and enlisted men that freed us from the Nazis".


Marie, As someone who lost great aunts and great uncles in the Holocaust, I agree that N-word should not be used freely, but at the same time you and I have a special obligation to observe and call it like we see it. I applaud you for doing that, but I do not see things the way you do. I will not forget the chants of "Jews will not replace us" from Trump supporters, and I am astonished that someone like Trump with his clear appeal to racism, nationalism, and anti-immigration, gets so much support among Republicans. I cannot escape the notion that what separates us most from Nazi Germany is that our economy is strong, while there's was in tatters, and they needed scapegoats.


[thumbup][thumbup] Really great response, three!


Much appreciated DD.


Why preface yourself with as a... to justify your outrage? This sort of discourse should disappoint everyone and isn't worth responding to or repeating. The point of an argument is to sway those who are watching it play out, I don't see how these sort of generic statements accomplish that.

Comment deleted.

You can make the same list with Republicans substituted. And it still doesn't make Trump a mass murderer intent on invading other countries and gassing his own citizens any more than Obama was the raging socialist he's painted as by the other side. Try to unplug for a few days and find peace in your heart and forgiveness for your own imperfections along with those of others, your blood pressure will improve.


If you find a Facebook post disgusting but aren't disgusted by the actions of the current Presidential administration and its supporters, you are part of the problem. When groups of Trump supporters are seen with their arms outstretched, palms down, in a very similar manner as the salute given by many German military and citizens who supported the German administration of the 1930's and 40's, the comparisons are too easy to make. When you have police, border patrol agents, and even our own Sheriff's office Deputies demanding to see the ID of citizens who look like they may come from other countries when no law has been broken, it sounds suspiciously like the "show me your papers" demands of the law enforcement and military of Germany in the late 1930's and 40's. When you see human beings, including children, locked in steel cages with little or no food and no medical attention, it brings to mind the pictures and videos taken by American troops of the internment centers they liberated when they got into Germany during World War II. Instead of complaining about the "hateful rhetoric", you should ask yourselves why these comparisons are being made and realize that there are members of your party who openly admit to wanting our government to behave like the German government of the 1930's and 40's. Maybe then you'll be disgusted by hateful actions, rather than just "hateful rhetoric".


Please spare us the tribalism. When my side does it, it's righteous anger, when the other side does it, it's hate. We're all human here, whatever political sports team we support. Your one sided virtue signaling is no more helpful than when Trump supporters do it.

Alice Jones

Selective outrage, thump.


You're spot on, thump, but you're wasting your breath on this crowd. Hades hath no fury as that of a leftist with his selective outrage and posturing sanctimony in gear. If a right wing nut job hurls a racial obsenity in Charlottesville Virginia, then you and I are as guillty of and responsible for his vile bigotry as he, end of argument and case closed. Shut up and go to hades, you vile Republican. Yet the skulduggery and violence of Antifa or the hateful views and language of the Southern Poverty Law Center or Democrat politicians such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar are perfectly fine, indeed noble, with the lefties. It's a sorry state of affairs, but it's the world in which we now live.


You are really comparing the slap fighters of Antifa to the KKK and other white supremacy groups? As for the squad, most Democrats would ignore them if it was not for the unhealthy obsession that many Republicans have with them. I just read an article on AOL that did not even mention them, but in the comments, there were death threats against them with 100s of likes. The two parties are not alike.


"She said we were deplorable."

So sad and sorry.

Brent Grimes

As usual, 3, you miss the point, blinded by your misplaced self assurance. It’s the kind of thinking shared by elitist bi-costal Dems and will ensure another four years of Trump. When Trump is inaugurated a year from now and you’re in the throes if despondency and looking for the perpetrator of such an injustice, just gaze into the nearest mirror.


Brent, Why the trash talk? Do you think I should not give my opinions? I am not voting for Trump - I am telling the truth as I see it. It is not my fault if you and other vote for him. If he wins again, my conscience will be clear, so there is no need to be concerned for me. You, on the other hand - I worry about you.


[smile][thumbup] Veritas and Brent. Voices of reason are so rare these days. Thanks to you both.


Maybe some of the liberals who attended the anti-287(g) rally back in the summer could spare a few of their "Hate Has No Home Here" signs.

Comment deleted.
Alice Jones

I was at the chump trumpkins rally and did not see a lot of love or tolerance. Just a bunch of angry old white people. It was not pretty.


Not all old white people are angry, Alice. Upset, yes, angry, no!

Alice Jones

Apologies for the generalization, D. Let me clarify: at that particular event, I noticed a crowd comprised mostly of older, white, people. My observation was that the crowd was not holding hands and chanting peace or love but rather whipped up by an old marine and some hilariously dressed woman that succeeded in riling them into a frenzy so they were frothing at the mouth. They did not have the look of a welcome, accepting, open group. The anger statement was regarding several in the crowd that were wearing disgusting, racist hats, clothes, etc. Even some of the officers had looks of disgust on their faces. The ones that were not buddying up to the attendees, that is.


Oh no! Not White People! How ever did you endure the experience? Ironic you should even use the word tolerance.

Alice Jones

Yeah, angry, old, ignorant white people. They are the worst.mProbably saw you there, v.

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