A recent graduate of Hood College wrote a letter to the editor about attending the Frederick Republican Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner. Jim Jordan was the guest speaker. The graduate shared Jordan’s views, citing ”free speech was being suppressed on college campuses” — specifically, those of conservatives.

The letter reads: “The bias couldn’t be more apparent. During my four years, I was verbally accosted by a professor, assaulted by a student and thrown out of a class all because I was a conservative.”

The graduate felt his conservative views weren’t allowed to be expressed on campus. I think quite the contrary.

His shared unpopular views were allowed to be displayed on the campus community social board. The outrage among the student body was enormous, to the point where the school administration had to step in.

In 2017, the Republican club on campus sparked controversy by posting on the campus community social board posters and pictures from extreme conservative commentary, many of which students viewed as hostile to minorities and socially offensive.

For example, one post was from the controversial conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, a noted white supremacist known for his involvement in the Charlottesville rally, and his lame argument that his freedom of speech is suppressed by hecklers, “the heckler’s veto.”

Posting on the campus board:

“Transgender people are unfortunately suffering from a significant mental illness that is deeply harmful. ... Biology is biology; men can’t magically become women, and women can’t magically become men.”

Another posting was “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.”

And “women that have abortions are murderers.”

The speech wasn’t stifled but was met with overwhelming resistance by the student body.

In a town hall, members of the Hood College Republicans were allowed to express their views of the post and field questions from fellow students who were frustrated.

It was finally decided the post would be displayed for the time allotted.

So, share how that was an infringement on conservative points of view or restriction of free speech even though extremely unpopular.

Both self-proclaimed liberals and conservatives found the post offensive, not an infringement on freedom of speech.

Congratulations to the graduate. Commendable. As a graduation present, I’d like to share that whatever career you pursue, if your views aren’t persuasive, there will be a lot of “heckler’s vetoes.”

Alfred Walters


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It is extraordinary that Alfred Walters should smear the conservative commentator Ben Shapiro as a "white supremacist" and even more incredibly as "known for his involvement in the Charlottesville rally." Mr. Shapiro's views often differ from mine, but a few moments of online search would confirm that he has for years been a prominent target of hatred directed at him by white supremacists. As for his opinions on the Charlottesville rally, they are easily looked up: https://www.dailywire.com/news/19658/7-things-you-need-know-about-charlottesville-ben-shapiro In the very first sentence of that piece Shapiro refers to right-wing Charlottesville clashers as "disgusting white supremacist alt-right thugs." This is "involvement"? For everyone's sake, I hope Mr. Walters does not make a regular practice of making up false and damaging claims about others whose politics he disagrees with.


For a little different view, read https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/12/opinion/ben-shapiro.html


conservatives are such snowflakes


Not true. Conservatives don’t need “safe spaces†to hide from life’s realities, liberal snowflakes do.


I think Alabama is a safe space for us conservatives.


Um, how about home schooling and private christian colleges like Liberty? Those exist precisely to be safe spaces.


No Democrats home school their children or send them to private Christian colleges?


KR, your Venn diagrams need work. You started talking about liberal snowflakes but then switched to Democrats as if LS and Dems are the same thing; they are not. Furthermore, the contention was that home schooling and religious colleges are safe spaces for conservatives. That can be true regardless of whether or not Dems utilize those spaces.

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