The other day, I watched footage of mass graves being filled in New York. Wooden boxes with names scrawled on top being moved by forklifts into massive trenches. Boxes full of human beings killed by this virus who, for now, can’t even be buried by their loved ones.

In the last week, I have seen countless videos of sobbing nurses and doctors recounting stories of being overrun with cases in their emergency rooms and of watching patients die alone in hospital beds.

I’ve seen the names of dozens of health care workers who have died of this virus. There’s a list. It’s alphabetized. It’s devastating. And I’ve seen the ones still going in every day, exposing themselves in inadequate PPE and without the backup they deserve from their administration. They’re staying in hotels, undressing in garages and sending their children away to keep them safe.

I’ve seen medical researchers and professionals share their knowledge with the public free of charge and plead with us to listen, only to be told that they’re fear-mongering or lying.

And I’m done.

I’m done seeing people say it’s just the flu or political posturing. I’m done hearing “why can’t we just” or “you can’t tell me what to do.”

I’m done seeing people treat the three fringe articles that say this is no big deal like gospel while ignoring the hundreds of articles that contradict that.

I’m done seeing people say “show me evidence” and then invalidating well-respected, peer-reviewed medical sources because they say something they don’t like.

I’m done seeing people demean the career of Dr. Fauci, a brilliant 79-year-old man who has dedicated his whole life to public health, who is sleeping four hours a night, who is dealing with enormous pressure and stress and is human — because he says things they don’t like.

I’m done seeing people respond to the loss of human life with sarcastic comments, willful ignorance, me-first rhetoric and “I’m just saying” clickbait memes.

You have a right to your emotions — fear, anger sadness. I’m not blind to the economic impact and the human suffering it’s causing. I don’t think we should be locked down for years or cancel school forever. I’m not saying the authorities have responded flawlessly. As with most things, there are extremes everywhere.

But if compassion is beyond you, if you can’t get past your own bitterness to put others before yourself, and if your politics are putting blinders on your kindness, I have no patience left for you.

Mass graves. Health care professionals reduced to helpless tears. And some of you, still rolling your eyes at them.

I’m done.

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Wow. There are s lot of sick puppies on this thread. Y'all have a pretty cavalier attitude towards 12,000 dead. These "numbers" represent someone's mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, etc.

Imma Peanest

If the US response has been so horribly wrong, why is our death per million rate 1/4 of Spain's, 1/3 of Italy's, less than 1/2 of France's?

Keep in mind, almost half of the US deaths are from NY - where the NYC Mayor, early on, refused to shut down.

Although Hart Island's burials have gone up, the points being left out the reporting are that they halved the holding time before sending bodies there, many families can't retrieve the bodies at this time and that Hart Island, in many cases is a temporary burial site until proper burials are can be conducted.

I'm not denying the virus is bad but the blame game is getting ridiculous.


Our death rate reflects those that we KNOW are attributed to Covid. Because the lack of testing (and lots of tests that are available are crap), the case count and death rate are likely much higher.


Poor speculation. Ever hear of autopsies? When te cause of death is uncertain, an autopsy is done. Sure the death rate for Covid may be higher but I doubt is is "much higher." Besides, your comment doesn't apply to the numbers that Imma was using (deaths to known cases of Covid).


There are deaths listed as “probable” due to Covid. But not confirmed until the test comes back. And, what testing we do perform has given false positives and false negatives.


The dilemma is to determine the actual cause of death when there may be several underlying conditions - especially during a pandemic. Somebody with diabetes, obesity, and COPD dies and theyhappen to test postive for Covid-19. Did Covid-19 kill them? Would they have died anyway from one of their underlying conditions?

I am glad that some of the numbers are now being shown as a percentage of the population. That's standard. For example, motor vehicle deaths per million miles.

Keep washing those hands.

Moon otter

Lets look at some demographics Population Italy 60.3 mil Density 520 people/sq. miles.384 deaths/million Population Spain 46.9 mil Density 243 people/sq. miles.429 deaths/million Population France 66.9 mil Density 117.3 people/sq. miles.286 death. Population US 328.2 mil Density 86.16 people/sq. miles.115 deaths/million. The more, dense in population a country is, the more deaths will occur. Now by putting in stay at home, facemasks. You know the drill it will prevents and help mitigate the virus getting into the rural areas. We didn't do that on a wide scale hence every state has a center of the virus a hotspot. In the US, the numbers are going up, but we want it to plateau then go down. Its, not doing it yet. In the other countries, it is starting to plateau. Spain just had their lowest numbers of 41. It will take a while to get that number to go down over time. As far as Hart Island their morgs are full the bodies have, to go somewhere. Hopefully down the road if families can retrieve the bodies, then there will be proper burials. Not now.

Plus, let’s remember the cheese in office said not to worry everything is going to be okay and did not share info from the WHO to others in the US. This goes back in January when the WHO told all countries. As of now, we should not be opening the country till mid-May otherwise we will have the rural areas in a total mess. Remember it takes only one infected asymptomatic person to infect another and another. Right now, we need to be testing and the feds should be leading the way in providing the tests to the states, but they are not doing that at all.

Moon otter

Katrina, You are correct. Trying to explain something to deniers is like talking to a brick wall. They will never understand science nor viruses. Nor protocols put in place to protect not just themselves but your neighbor. This kinda reminds me of some students when I tutored them in college. We are talking Math and General Biology, they had no clue. You could simplify as much as possible and nope, no clue. As they say the clueless wonders, surprise they can still breathe.


All of these humanly, emotional "thumbs up" on an online, public forum. Using a keyboard, distance and distorted reality. Wow .. true human emotion at its best now.


Lev- [thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown]


Hey, Katrina Ashley ... you should probably do more research about the potter's field on Hart Island. Specifically, the reasons WHY they are buried there temporarily or permanently. In fact, you should have done the basic research BEFORE you submitted an emotional letter to the editor without doing more research. Because education and common sense.


I'm extremely conservative and a Constitutionalist.

Comment deleted.

olefool -[thumbup]


Your comment is nonsense.


Instead of chastising Katrina, why don't you give her some suggestions where she can find the research you refer to. Quick to judge and no offers of help.


Ashley and I are just don with people like Lev.


Holy cow, a true liberal that hates Donald Trump who has no idea of what is true.


I hope what you said is trying to be ironic or something because otherwise you come off looking like a very dangerous fool





I must agree with you. Seems too much negative saturation has distorted her outlook and view. Obviously you agree with her views of Trump. That is fine. But politics aside, I see other things also. Such as the unselfish and courageous work of the thousands upon thousands of front line workers battling this unprecedented scourge. That is inspiring.


Just curious, is she not praising the work of those front line workers you mention? What supports your view that she has a negative saturation that distorted her view? Please explain where you see that in her post.


I agree that Donald Trump has no idea of what is true.


Do you have any idea of what is true? Why don't you inform us.


Tedious virtue signaling, or just old fashioned whining? Besides, once you're "done," what's left to do?


One thing left to do is just SMH at people like Veri.


A superbly articulated and brilliantly argued letter. The daily deflections, denials, ad hominem insults and deliberate lies offered by the Trumpist base is beyond appalling. Somewhere along the line, a hole inside of them was satisfied by actions and words of a narcissistic, sociopath liar who has zero empathy and can only fake it if something is in it for him.


Yes, I agree.


The thing that the narcissistic, sociopathic liar in the White House has given his supporters is permission to be horrible people. They've always been here, now they have a President who is just as horrible as they are, and they are empowered to show their true selves. They no longer feel as though they have to hide their selfishness, bigotry, and hatred. They can act like they've always wanted to act. And for that, they'll never abandon their orange cult leader.

Obadiah Plainsmen

Katrina, Talk is cheap, Having compassion is more than watching your favorite news channel and get disgusted at what you see and hear, then write a letter to the editor. it is your actions that shows you have compassion. If you are done will no no longer take meals to your nearest fire station. If you are done will you no longer send cards to workers and staff at nursing homes who desperately need encouragement. if you are done does this mean you are no longer going to give until it hurst to those in need? If you are done does this mean you will not give $1, $5, $10 to the homeless person on the street corner? If you are done, you will not consider volunteering at a homeless shelter. If you are done will you no local volunteer at the local food bank. If you are done will you no longer drop off food at your local food bank. I hope you are not done but just fustrated.


You are clearly not understanding the colloquialism of "I'm done" if you posted this response. It means being done with everything she listed - the lies, deflection, hatred, science denials and childish attacks.

Obadiah Plainsmen

If that is the intent then why doesn’t she turn off the TV and disconnect from social media? But if that wasn’t the intent and literally is “done”, she has become the monster she fears the most. When you say ‘“I’m done” with those you disagree with you lose the ability to forgive them. Hence, she has no compassion for those she disagrees with.Does compassion have boundaries? Does compassion have conditions ? And who is the Judge who determines who is entitled to receive compassion? Today in this political climate and heath crisis forgiveness, compassion and love for all no matter of race creed color or political affiliations is gone.Love you neighbor as yourself is gone. Or maybe I’ll love have compassion on my neighbor if they vote the way I do.


Where in the letter do you find the author advocating the things you mention in your comment. You really do like to deflect and engage in off topic comments.


C'mon, OP! Save the sanctimonious nonsense. You know exactly what this letter is about.

Obadiah Plainsmen


Obadiah Plainsmen

otter, leftwich,

To someone who only believes in human achievement and not Divine intervention I am dense. But no matter how much you berate me or insult me I'll never lower myself to your and others standard of compassion. Yes it is devastating what covid19 is doing to this country. Yes I'm tired of alI the nonsense going on , but I am not done! I have compassion for all, President Trump, Nancy Pelosi. Fauci, Pence, Hogan healthcare workers, first responders, republicans, democrats, victims and family's as they try to navigate and deal with through this crisis. This Country is almost torn into two.With all the hatred being spewed out and accusations I doubt we will ever again be "one nation". God bless you and hope you and your family stays healthy.


We’ll never agree on Trump. I see him as self-centered. I never thought I would see a more narcissistic president then Obama...then along cake Trump.

But I digress. I will apologize for flying off the handle. You and I saw the same letter differently.

Moon otter

OP why don't you go pray to your God that he stops this. Sorry not happening it is nature doing what it has always done through the millions of years. Your God will not save you, unless you listen to the scientists, read history and not repeat it. Don't shrug it off. As far as compassion, my compassion is to the earth and what we as humans have done to it. Don't come back to me saying well because I am using computer, I'm part of the problem. I am well aware of that but I don't go out a buy the newest gadget. I hope you don't too. I have compassion to those who are working still and those who are working in menial jobs and some who are laid off. Some companies instead of keeping them on, they laid them off despite being open and or got major bailouts from the feds. You make me sick.

Obadiah Plainsmen

Sorry to hear about your illness otter. Hope you recovery is quick and you get back to full strength ASAP. Be waiting to hear from you. Keep the faith.


Obadiah, what about the words "I am done" do you not understand???

Obadiah Plainsmen

I understand the words “ I am done”, He terminato, ja ai fini, τελείωσα or I can't do this anymore , I'm giving up, this is too much for me to handle, refuse to participate in this activity any longer, I give up , I'm sick of this. Does that sound like compassion?


Yyyyyyeah. I think you’ve gone overboard on this.


Well done. Thank you. [thumbup][thumbup]


Excellent, well-thought out, contemplative and no-holding-back article.

Refreshing. The author has a career in writing, or reporting, if she wants. She would be a great hire.

I am done also. Anyone who associates, follows or subscribes to the positions of any of these right wing, fringe, cultish and hippocrits deserves to go the way of Darwinism.

I am sick and tired of hearing Psalm 91, and "God will protect us," and this isn't going to be big, and we have a great response, and it is the Democrats/media's fault, and we need to defund WHO, and states are on their own with masks and ventilators, and we needed to fire an adored NAVY aircraft carrier captain.

See how STUPID this all is. Anyone who supports the people making and supporting these moves is anti-American. And the syncophants and puppy dogs and enablers and religious zealots also deserve their sad lot in life for allowing this to happen to our great country.


Will you say the same for people who live beyond their means? Will you say the same for people who have more than two children and thus directly conribute to the growing human population and climate change? I am done with people who are selective about their outrage against stupidity.


Quality. Sign her up!


this is beyond well written and on point! Deserves to go viral, Thank you.



COVID-19: Approximately 2,169,022 cases worldwide; 671,425 cases in the U.S. as of Apr. 17, 2020.*

Flu: Estimated 1 billion cases worldwide; 9.3 million to 45 million cases in the U.S. per year.


COVID-19: Approximately 146,071 deaths reported worldwide; 33,286 deaths in the U.S., as of Apr. 17, 2020.*

Flu: 291,000 to 646,000 deaths worldwide; 12,000 to 61,000 deaths in the U.S. per year.


Is your point that the flu is worse?


aust - again, your statistics do not represent large scale testing or the total picture.


And? I’m not sure what the point of posting these numbers that anyone can look up is since one wasn’t stated. I guess this is one of those clickbait posts the letter writer, in her excellent commentary, was referring to.

However, this piques my curiosity. What is the point? I can only assume since the post seems to be comparing seasonal flu and Covid numbers that the writer is trying to project the idea that Covid is much less severe than the flu. This would seem to jibe with comments they’ve made in the past.

Given that assumption, let’s compare. This is basic math. You don’t really need to be a numbers guy to understand the analysis. Based on the deaths versus cases stated here (using the numbers for the U.S.), one death has been recorded for approximately every 20 cases of COVID-19 (671425/33286 = 20.171). If that rate is projected out to the number of Flu cases stated here (9.3 M to 45 M), the COVID deaths based on that rate would be 461,049 to 2,230,882 (9300000/461049 = 20.171, 45000000/2230882 = 20.171).

Conclusion: That seems significantly worse than the worst Flu, in fact, by a factor of between 36.5 and 38.4 times more deaths. So, I’d have to say that the idea that Covid is way less severe than seasonal flu based on the numbers posted here is demonstrably false.


Also, he is using 12 months of data for the flu, but 4 months for Covid-19. You would be looking at 2-3 times the number of cases over a 12 month period.


stjohn - [thumbup][thumbup]

Moon otter

Correct cause we ain't done yet.


Aust: as others have stated in their replies, you’re grasping at straws to state your case. Others (i.e., Dr. Phil, talking heads) have tried to explain away the seriousness of Covid by tossing out statistics dealing with the flu and vehicle accidents.

Problem is, flu deaths you cite are over a 12-month span. Clovid-19 has killed almost as many in about TWO months! Dr. Fauci has stated time and again how infectious Covid is.

Vehicle crashes kill 30,000 plus people in the U.S. yearly. But those are not infectious.

Listen to the health experts. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. You’ll be saving lives.

The Grape of Wrath

Dr. Phil Phool, a true Republican and Businessman, will soon compare the covid deaths to the Holocaust deaths, and say, 'See, they're so small by comparison, nothing to worry about. And no one was quarantined during the Holocaust."


No one? What about Anne Frank and all that hid or tried to hide? That seemed like a quarantine to me.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] My sentiments exactly, Thank you Katrina.











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