Over the past year, it has become apparent that the yard waste drop-off site at Heritage Farm Park has become unmanageable by the county recycling program. I have used this site for over 20 years. Although this recycling area is designated for Frederick County residents only, I have observed out-of-state and landscaping businesses dumping large truckloads, which the sign clearly states is prohibited. This recycling site has also seen a large increase of garbage and prohibited items. This evening I took my child to practice and was unable to drive through the lane designated for parking lot traffic, near the football fields. This lane was completely blocked with yard waste and other unacceptable items. I have been told the county says it’s the town of Walkersville’s problem, and the town says it’s the county’s problem. This recycling area is becoming a huge eyesore. Does anybody else feel that this site needs to be better managed or monitored?

Nick Keiser


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I find the whole “recycling” thing laughable. Has anyone ever done a full environmental impact study on this program? Many years ago almost everyone had a pile out in the corner of the yard to throw grass clippings, trimmings and small brush. And if you lived in town on a small lot you possibly new someone that did. Back then people didn’t have as extravagant yards and flower beds either. Sometimes people would burn the debris if it piled up too fast.

Instead now days we load it up in our cars and trucks and people make 20 zillion trips to get rid of it. They also buy paper bags to but the stuff in. Then after it’s dumped off heavy equipment must be run to pile it up and stack it. Then when the site gets full millions of dollars worth it equipment is brought on site to grind the stuff up. Burning lots of diesel fuel. I think they actually grind it twice. Then it has to all be loaded back up and hauled away. On top of that for some reason this site has no storm water management system.

Do you really think any of this is saving the environment. Here is an idea. Just pile up your grass and leaf clippings. Better yet. Just leave them on your yard. They will decay in no time.


Nailed it.


FNP STAFF: you’ve been having some slow news days lately. Here’s an opportunity to fill the void. Get s photographer and a reporter out there! Be sure to get some pics from a drone, too.

I estimate there hasn’t been a grinder on site in at least 9 Monthsz let’s find out how long it’s been, and why. What s going on over there?


For those that have not been by the site at hand lately - the debris pile is practically all the way to the garden plots.


I agree! I love taking my dog to that park. Our community deserves better maintenance for Heritage, and the waste pile has gotten out of hand. Frederick County should take this complaint seriously, given how much commercial/construction waste is being produced in the building of all these new developments.


It serves a community purpose. It is a yard waste recycling center, I think it looks fine, but would agree there are some pigs (lazy people) who are too good to deposit the waste where it belongs because it would involve walking a little bit. As with a lot of things, continue to complain about it and it will be shut down, then what will you do with your yard waste?


You clearly have not driven by there lately. Based on the debris pile now consuming over an acre and a half, there evidently hasn’t been a grinder onsite for at least 9 months. It’s truly become an eyesore. I literally just drove by there 10 minutes ago. It’s bad. Walkersville needs to make the county clean it up, it’s bad.

In the mid to late 90’s it was very well managed.




I meant for my "exactly" comment to be a reply to TonyC51. Complain about it enough and the yard waste repository will totally go away. Then you'll find the yard waste scattered along your roads, creek beds, communities, etc.


It will never go away. Not happening. A multitude of reasons, while other subject.

Walkersville just needs to make Frederick county get their head in the game and do some house keeping.

It’s pretty bad right now. Justified letter.


If you see illegal use, use your cell phone and photograph the person and their license plate.


Being a tattle tale for something non life threatening only brings you bad karma.


You have got to be kidding Kelly! If you dump trash in my neighborhood, and I see you, why shouldn't I report you and have evidence to prove your guilt? That is why these people think the rules don't apply to them. Are you a dumper Kelly?


You’re responses is Out of context.


I’m surprised the stench it creates in the summertime does not bother local residents as well? I am surprised this area has not been shut down due to inappropriate waste such as commercial & residential building materials and inability to regulate. Suspect local government authorities are preventing due to personal usages. It can get unsightly at time.


I drove by there about a month ago. It did look bad.

That site is supposed to be for residential use only. Walkersville owns the land, Frederick county is running the program. So, to me, it’s a frederixk county problem, they’re technically the tennant


Hey Kelly, how’s the new Rutters doing? It’s looking a little barren around there. I heard the truckers don’t like it because they can’t pay at the diesel pumps, they have to hike to the Restaurant to pay. All 13 pumps are empty most of the time, everybody’s next door at Liberty/Circle K or more likely, down the road at Sheetz where the pumps are always busy, as usual. Should’a been a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins in there, they’d be getting rich. But we do like the little shortcut between 194 and Sandstone Drive that goes through there to come out at the light at Glade Blvd.


I like the Rutters in W-ville. And I have used the diesel pumps. They are rapid fill, you can fill 2 tanks at one time. And there’s no cars or pickups in the way. I’m a fitness buff, the wall inside to pay is fine with me.

Also, as I’ve commented here in the past, 194 is not a major Truck route. Ive said from day-one that it would not be a major place for trucks to fuel. I’ve said that! Too many traffic lights, and it’s off the beaten path, and traffic volume is too high for a truck to endure just to get fuel. Like I’ve said - southern states on 85 is and will remain the truck fuel hub for the county. Drivers can easily refuel in the evening when returning from MOCO, Baltimore Co, northern va.

The new Rutters is pretty nice inside, too!

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