I recently wrote candidates for Frederick County Board of Education in order to become a better-informed voter. Out of the candidates who responded to my emails to them there were three that struck me as the type of candidates that we need to be representing our community’s parents and kids. As a parent of three high school-age students and one college-age student, I have a vested interest in who sits on the BoE. That’s why I am writing to tell you who I am endorsing for BoE and why. I struggled to make that choice, because I like what many of them had to say, but three of them best represented the changes I would like to see in my children’s school. Therefore I am endorsing, and will be voting for Ken Kerr, Michael Bunitsky and Cindy Rose for the following reasons:

Kerr was the most enthusiastic about the importance of music and its ability to transform lives. Not only has he studied music and played professionally, he gave me examples from his own experience and other how music programs in school were critical to saving students. He also cited some of the benefits of music, such as increased attendance and retention, improved math and science scores, more engaged students, reduced discipline issues and increased concentration, cooperation and commitment. He made it clear his support of music by saying, “music education will have a friend on the Board of Education if I am elected.” The BoE has plenty of representation for academics and athletics, but direly needs someone to represent the voice of the music programs at our schools. He will do just that.

Bunitsky has a diverse and experienced background in education. His lifelong career in education has involved him in everything from teaching to leading to determining curriculum to coaching sports. To put it into his words, he has a “unique perspective and can represent a variety of constituencies.” He expressed his belief in a pragmatic and balanced approach to critically reviewing school programs during budget cuts. He also shared that he believes both athletics and arts are important to developing students, and that they “need to have multiple activities outside the classroom to learn about our world, how to interact with others, and to experience the social and competitive interaction.” He is a candidate who has both the wisdom that comes with experience and the understanding that comes with the diversity of roles he’s been involved with.

Rose not only understands the importance of music for developing minds, but also understands its importance for giving kids a sense of community. She also has a bold agenda to fix the main issue causing the problem with many of the decisions being made by outsiders in our schools, which is to “restore county/community controlled education.” She sees the importance of localized control of our schools and parents’ rights to have a say in their children’s education. In her words, her No. 1 goal is to “Restore local authority, remove Common Core and PARCC assessments and begin again the time honored tradition of teacher created curriculum and community controlled schools.” Parents need an advocate like her on the board.

I respect all who are willing to serve our communities, schools, parents and children, and greatly appreciated all of the responses I received from the candidates. I hope that all parents will take an interest in this very important election and especially the BoE election, which will impact the lives of our children. The best example I can give to my kids about civic duty is to talk to them about the election process, who I’m voting for, why I’m voting for them, and then to go out and do it.

Dennis “Nathan” Cain

Union Bridge

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There has been much discussion about the dumbing down of American education. Now, the majority of grad students are from China, Korea, and Asia. In universities.
The old saw about they stay here is no longer true. They go home and use what they learned in American schools. China pays higher wages for tech eds than here and they impose high tariffs preventing American products to be sold cheaply there. Korea allows maybe 4000 US cars imported for sale, sending cheaper autos with no tariffs here. Japan invented a patent system that kept American goods out. And we gave China solar cell tech, VHS, transistor tech, freely to open their markets, all with no protection against importing their cheaper goods. Schools in U.S. score in bottom of world education, esp maths and science. In one experiment, a Korean child was asked to locate his country on a map and did so. An American child had no idea. The American asked why this was happening: "you are meant to serve." Could this really what our financial controllers and Congress want to accomplish?
Overloads, such as Koch, Singer, Adelson, Wall Street GoldmanSachs, and so on, really be aiming for? If any of you doubt this, do what I did; Sit in any High School Class, any subject, and write about what you see. It ain't what it used to be taught.


I was going to vote for Bunitsky, but if he can eailly be lumped in with Rose, then I will probably change my vote. She is poison.


Ahhh...I wrote a response to a question. I cannot be responsible for what others write about it. At least I know I cannot control what others write about it. But if you look at all our profiles and what we stand for, and you think I am not the candidate for you, I respect that. - Mike Bunitsky


Dennis, I agree on Kerr, he has the qualifications and experience, should have been elected before, but I already voted for him 9 days ago.


Rose not only understands the importance of music for developing minds, ....she does? and where is your evidence that she knows that, she has absolutely no educational background so how can she "know" anything?

but also understands its importance for giving kids a sense of community. ..so you are apparently unaware of how she wanted to ban Social Studies Alive because that is what that book taught a sense of community..Cindy wanted it banned because it taught young minds that they could be part of the community around them. You really have not done your homework on her have you?

She also has a bold agenda to fix the main issue causing the problem with many of the decisions being made by outsiders in our schools, which is to “restore county/community controlled education.” You do understand her idea of local control would have been Blaine Young right, had he won the CE position but now her idea of local control is Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter...so you would really want either one of them having any say in the education of your child...Really ???? That is who would locally control the education of our children.

She sees the importance of localized control of our schools and parents’ rights to have a say in their children’s education...you don't want localized control of your schools because of the Local Yokels that will be controlling the education. For some reason we tend to elect unintelligent people to local positions in government, then of course complain when things go wrong, you can't elect unintelligent people into office and expect intelligent things to happen. The odds just will never work out that way.

I think it is odd that your 3rd choice is Ms. Rose, you made intelligent decisions with your first two picks because they both have a background in education but with Ms. Rose your intelligence seems of have left the room because she has not one iota of education experience in her background and yet you are willing to trust your child's future to her? With your logic you would hire her as your lawyer because she once worked in a law firm and expect you would win your case.

Did you read her bio from the 21st? Here is her background:

Occupation: Retired; was office manager at a law firm
Education: attended the Community College of Baltimore County; did not get degree
Elected office: None
Other positions: Former member of Family Life Advisory Committee, Frederick County Public Schools.



Agree with you regarding Rose.... Her uproar about the social studies text regarding children being encouraged to be part of the community, her single focus on testing, her divisive and confrontational style, and her "in your face" approach to denigrating the superintendent do not suggest someone who would work toward uniting a Board of Education.


I do not share your enthusiasm for Cindy Rose. Her views are extreme and out of the mainstream. Bob Lewis





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