Help me understand. Frederick city wants to build a $70 million hotel, asking Maryland taxpayers to give $14 million toward this project. This money could repair lots of roads and bridges in Maryland, as well as give our teachers a raise. These are just two projects that could benefit from $14 million! These are projects that would affect ALL Marylanders. If Frederick city wants to build a hotel, let Frederick city build their hotel. Help me understand!

Fran Taylor


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The money is designated for special projects like this that need a "boost" to get started. If not used for the Hotel it would not go to roads or chools. There is some money floating around to build opposition to the project. But many honest people out of the city do not see its value. I suggest we build a good hotel so people who visit can stay a day or more for other local sights. It will be a great help to other business and all us to showcase the new Carroll Creek improvements. It may be taking a chance, but the results will be worth it.


Looks to me like the boo$t is for the Randall$ and the Plamondon$ at the taxpayer$ expen$e. If the hotel/conference center is such a good business idea, why are the Young$ trying to get the taxpayer$ on the hook for the project?

How about a little boo$t for our road$ and school$?????


Put it to a vote and see how taxpayer$ feel about giving public funds to the Randall$ and the Plamondon$. Give us a voice beyond the Young$ saying what they think we wantm


This is representative government and the Youngs (with many others) were elected to represent people. There is nothing in the laws that says we must vote on every thing.


The amount will be far greater than $14 million, Fran. The reason, greed by two wealthy families. The Plamondons already pay low wages, at their restaurants, probably have a lot of illegals too.


Good grief, there it is again. I am in the city and inclined to agree with you. I keep hearing "we" want this. I have never been sure and people I know don't even know. Even the explanations for how to understand this, as in, this money is only for *this* and that money is for *that*, "apples and oranges," who can follow? The lazy just figure, it's happening (shrug), leave fruit out of it. How many people might have written this letter? Ron Young says nobody. Must be true then.


Fran, its even worse than you suggest; try $39.5 MILLION from the taxpayers including the suddenly HUSH HUSH parking deck...and all the profits to Plamondon and Randall which owns this paper


All you need to look at to understand this is the campaign contributions that the major players made to Hogan and the politicians in Annapolis. This was a done deal before the election was held. Just took a little longer to bury the corruption from public view.


And how about contributions for some to oppose the project? We have seen who got money hand how they voted against the project.


Who is us? If Frans "us" is describing road construction workers and teachers, i guess that makes a majority of marylanders "them".


Fran no one is going to be able to address as to why this hotel and conference should be build other than just because..because Ron wants it so Ron is going to get it, so to heck with the rest of us and what we could really use. Make sure you read the editorial where they talk about cutting food stamps and welfare queens and yet yesterday they were advocating for corporate welfare...

You may want to check this out from George Wenschhof

Frederick Hotel Follies Continue

Up until recently the local government claimed that no public money would be used. If the plans for this project were in order and the deal was actually good for Frederick County the boosters would be open to open and full public discussion.

Instead, the majority of County delegates voted it down, the general assembly did not approve it, and now they’re maneuvering to rush ahead. It makes me wonder what else they are hoping we don’t have time to find out.”

The general assembly concludes their session for this year on April 11. So, technically anything is still possible.

However, when there are so many questions swirling around in regard to this proposed project, it would not be wise at this point for the general assembly or governor to guarantee the additional $15 million.


Well, Fran, Ron Young was on WHAG news last evening stating that "the majority of citizens wanted it". When was that vote? I must have missed it.


We were contacted telepathically but our tradition is to wear tinfoil hats on my husband's birthday to venerate his alien heitage. My bad.

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