While I have read a couple of positive letters about the Frederick County Health Department’s efficiency in vaccine distribution, I would like to share another side.

I am a 60-plus-year-old Frederick County Public Schools teacher and was able to schedule a vaccine appointment through the health department for (Jan. 28) at 11:36 a.m. Many of my colleagues and friends had done the same and also received appointments. At about 10:30, I started receiving messages from colleagues who had gone to their scheduled appointment as FCPS teachers/staff, and had been turned away because they were not 75 years or older.

At the same time, three other friends, who are not yet 75 and are not FCPS employees, were writing to say they had just received their vaccines. It appeared to me that it was luck of the draw, so I decided to try my luck. I was greeted at the door and immediately asked if I was an FCPS teacher. I was informed that they were only accepting first responders and people 75 years or older. I explained that I was in cohort 1B and had a scheduled appointment. I was told again that I did not fit the criteria and that they had already turned away several other teachers today.

Given the enormous controversy about vaccines and returning to the classroom, and given the fact that I am in cohort 1B and the state of Maryland is “officially” at 1C, and given the fact that I was able to secure an appointment online using the Health Department’s website, it was very discouraging, to say the least, that I too was turned away.

I am also curious as to who will receive the vaccines that were slated for the appointments that were rejected.

Theresa Badum


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I think most of the comment have gotten off track from the original letter to the editor. My wife is a school teacher and is anxious to get the vaccine. She got an email sent to her by the Health department. She scheduled an appointment, got a confirming email and went stood in line and when she got to the front of the line was told no teachers only 75 and over. They basically accused her of lying and stated she must have gotten a shared link. She did not and was not only frustrated by not getting the shot but insulted by the accusations. It seems that you can share links and try to cheat the system, first the software should be set up to prevent that. Second is to blame the person trying to get the shot. How about looking into why the system is allowing individuals to sign up if they do not plan to give them a shot. Fix the system do not blame the customer!


What happened to your wife should never have happened. The FredCo Board of Health really dropped the ball in their planning and execution. Waiting until the very end to develop, challenge, revise, and implement such a plan that should have been in place already. Emergency planning for such emergencies, and challenging such procedures is standard operating procedure for such boards, and they should not have to be told what to do. They should already know that. As per Dr. Brookmeyer, this board has not met in years, nor does this board have any medical professionals on it. As per the BoH webpage, the board is made up of the CE and County Council members. Why?


Theresa they were vaccinating people who work in adult care centers before they did 75 year olds and those centers are closed.


I would rather die than take this coronavirus "vaccine."

There is good reason that so many front-line health care workers have declined it. Hospitals are trying to bribe staff to take it & threaten their livlihood if they don't. ?!

Please read up on it!

Excellent Presentation

"Dr Carrie Madej Speaks Out" - SSGTPatriot Shows www brighteon com


Be careful what you wish for. It may just come true.

Carrie Madej, DO??? You mean the one from this story: Coronavirus: False and misleading claims about vaccines debunked (https://www.bbc.com/news/53525002):

"Carrie Madej's video makes a false claim that the vaccines will change recipients' DNA (which carries genetic information).

"The Covid-19 vaccines are designed to make us into genetically modified organisms."

Or how about this one: The QAnon Doctor Pushing Wild Conspiracies About the COVID Vaccine


An anti-vaxxer's dream! What nonsense!!! What "front line health care workers" are declining it? Doctors? No. Nurses? No. Rescue personnel? No. Sure, there may be one or two, but the overwhelmingly vast majority are taking it. Another QAnon quack looking for her five minutes in the sun. Get real.


artandarch - you are delusional and very misinformed. You had better look at the source more closely that you quoted. She is a nut job.



May the odds be ever in your favor.

From what you spout here, you don't deserve to live in a world of science and technology. You are commenting here on a device that is powered by the same lineage of tech that helped develop this vaccine. You are lucky not to be in an iron lung because the greatest generation went and got their polio shots when asked.


Your choice. Good luck!


Teachers need this PERIOD


There are vastly more people wanting to get vaccinated than they presently have doses -- supply falls way short of demand. So they are trying to ration by age and vulnerability, which is inevitably contentious. It is interesting that the County has taken away links to their website page on vaccinations because they can't deliver for lack of supplies of vaccine and the online waiting list just causes frustration. CDC needs to free the Johnson & Johnson and Oxford-Astozenica vaccines for use so supply can be drastically increased. Maybe Gov Hogan can use his Korean connections to bypass the Feds and get vaccines from there?


They cannot legally use foreign vaccines that are not approved by FDA yet, so the Korean option is out. J&J has applied for EUA, so their vaccine is right around the corner. NovaVax just showed great results in their phase III trial, so their EUA should follow close behind. The companies are cranking out vaccine batches just as fast as they can. Remember, we accomplished developing vaccines and getting them through mandatory large scale clinical trials in mere months, in what usually takes several years. Patience.


Peter was being sarcastic about hogan calling Korea. It’s called entertaining the audience


We are all in competition against our neighbors for an almost nonexistent number of life saving vaccines. Why should a young teacher who is less likely to die get vaccinated before a 65 year old who is in more danger?

It is horrifying that the government has set up this Hunger Games “rollout”. Now we learn that we must sign up at commercial vendors like grocery stores because the health dept vaccine allotment has been slashed. Each of these stores has a different sign up platform, where we continue to compete with each other.

This is disgusting.


Again, stop the histrionics seven. This is not "The Hunger Games", and the batches of vaccine are being sent to the states as soon as they pass their FDA-mandated QC tests. You cannot speed up the manufacturing process no matter how much political posturing, stamping of feet, or holding your breath that you may do. The batches are distributed to the states by population. The states then distribute to the local (county) governments for distribution and administration. Wait your turn, sign up, then show up (at no cost to you). Others have reported a better service from the County since the initial problems they had.


The point is that the vaccines cannot be manufactured fast enough. There will never be enough to keep up with the variants. Fauci has confirmed this.


And Fauci will deconfirm it when it suits his purposes... the guy is a caricature of a a very political 'expert' worth following for the laughs, but never ever to be taken seriously.


Seven, that is not true, and Fauci did not confirm it. Our capacity will more then double once the J&J and NovaVax vaccines come online. There will be plenty of vaccine very soon, since the Feds contracted for over 850 million doses, and the US population is about 330 million. All of the vaccines are still effective against the current variants since the epitopes (the region on the virus that the resulting antibodies recognize) have not changed. As viruses pass through the human population they naturally mutate, resulting in either antigenic drift or antigenic shift, which Fauci (and other medical professionals) understands, and was his point. We are not there.


I heard too just yesterday that the manufacturers can’t keep up. Yes, an order has been expedited as of yesterday, but it’s still delayed


The two current manufacturers were never meant to "keep up" with the demand. The demand will be met once all of the manufacturers come online with the 850 million contracted doses. Patience.


And at this very moment - the manufacturers can not keep up. As reported yesterday.


They were never meant to, so what's your point? The vaccines are coming online as they receive EUA by FDA. J&J maybe next week, and NovaVax in a few weeks. Patience.


Whats my point?

Did you lose track of the dialog?

Seven wrote: “

The point is that the vaccines cannot be manufactured fast enough.

As in present tense.

Gabs, you responded “that’s not true”. And you then went on a diatribe talking about availability down the road, as in the future. But Seven was referencing the status TODAY.

And like I said, there was a nees report about this topic yesterday. I watched, I paid attention to the report, and I listened.

You like to go on and on and you dislike when I’m right.

I’m replying to what was written in the context as it was written. And that’s it.

You may do the final reply. There is nothing else to say. I don’t make the facts, I just present them, so anything else is just silly.

I’m Closing out of this topic now. Sleep well my friend and catch you tomorrow. Ok?


Ok, I'll try again with a comparison that you might understand. Suppose a large crowd decides they all need a gallon of milk, but the only store that is open is Weis, who opens one hour before the other stores. Is it a fair claim that Weis cannot keep up with the demand because they open their doors earlier than the others? No. There will be plenty of milk when the other stores open an hour later. Same situation here. J&J and NovaVax, and their manufacturering partners have tens of millions of doses made, and ready to go. GSK is not far behind them. FDA EUA is imminent. When the other stores (manufacturers) open their doors there will be plenty to go around, especially since the Feds ordered 850 million doses, nearly 3x the population. Patience. The other claim was that manufacturers cannot keep up with the variants. Not true, as explained earlier.

Greg F

That's as wonky as the whacko conspiracy Art believes and with that wants to die vs take the vaccine. Sheer idiocy. I have better purview into what Faucci says, and what you say is total bunk. We are short now because of Donnie Dumbass and his neglect and failure to instill the Defense Production Act to ramp up production and distribution, and to have a plan in any sense of the word at all. Stop spreading the BS you hear on Fox and Newsmax where the MyPillow guy is running his stupid mouth off with wild ideas already.


I agree with gh2013. Yes, youbcan sign up with the health department and they say they will contact you when your name comes up. However the health department is getting fewer doses now as the supply will be as the overall supply will now be divided up with drugstores in the County. That requires you to sign up with every drugstore you can think of. The caveat presented on ALL (that I've seen) of these commercial sites is that you need to check back often as supply numbers change hourly. They're not going to contact you. It is like the Hunger Games as you're pitted against everyone else in the county trying to get the vaccine.


My kids live on the other side of the country and I have not seen them in 13 months. In fact I have not seen friends in person for that long. No histrionics, no holding of breath, no foot stomping ... just frustration with a situation which we understand sucks for all parties. Sometimes you need to let off steam. Not rocket science.


@GregF 8:28AM

We are short now because of Donnie Dumbass and his neglect and failure to instill the Defense Production Act to ramp up production and distribution

Who are you addressing? The DPA? You do realize that these are FDA regulated vaccines that must be manufactured in cGMP compliant and FDA registered facilities, and cannot just be made anywhere. This is not like WW II where bombers could be made at the Ford plant. All of the vaccine manufacturers have already taken up their, and their contract manufacturers, available space, and it takes years to build new cGMP manufacturing space and have it approved by FDA. Furthermore, you cannot speed up production of a biological process. In short, you simply cannot “make more” of such products by invoking the DPA. Where would it be made? FDA will not allow, even under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), anything to be put into someone’s arm that is not manufactured properly, nor should they. We are not “short because of Donnie Dumbass”, whose administration ordered over 850 million doses, nor are we “short” because of manufacturers not delivering. Vaccines must be approved by FDA before distribution, and after evaluation of all the clinical data. We are “short” because the other manufacturers vaccines have not received their respective EUA’s due to the length of their clinical trials. The J&J phase III trial has been completed, showing good responses, and they have filed their EUA application. J&J has tens of millions of doses ready for release upon receipt of the EUA. The wait is on FDA now. NovaVax also showed significant clinical efficacy, and will be filing their EUA in about a week or so. Let’s not forget that the vaccines were developed, put through phase I, II, & III clinical trials, and had commercial quantities manufactured in mere months in what used to take many years. Patience.


Petersamuel - you are misinformed and your post is not based on reality.



When did an ex-boxer become an expert in vaccine distribution and science?

Greg F

The issue with teachers is that kids need to be in school, but not in an unvaccinated setting, and the kid getting infected by the unvaccinated teacher who goes home and kills gramma.


I'm sure you would expect your students to follow the rules so why not you.


Ridiculous comment. She is not trying to skirt the rules. She was told to come in for a shot. They gave her an appointment. When she showed up they said she couldn't get the shot. Not rocket science. They are making appointments for teachers because they are supposed to be ready for them, since they want to start school in February. No shots, no school. Their call ... their rules. NOT the fault of the teachers.


Rules are rules unless you don't agree


this vaccine distribution is a total FUBAR


I agree. I'm past 65 yoa and am eligible. I check vaccine distributor sites a gazillion times a day because the sites indicate the appts. change hourly. I feel like I'm a contestant in The Hunger Games. I felt that the Frederick County Health Department's system was the best. Sign up once and they'll contact you in the order they receive vaccine interest requests. I read yesterday that the Health Dept.would be getting fewer vaccine doses because the supply amount was now being divided and distributed to multiple drug stores. Let the games begin.


Now you must sign up with several different commercial establishments that will grab your data and inundate you with their advertising, while forcing you to sign on hourly in the hope that you can secure one of the very few appointments before your neighbor does. It’s a hideous lottery.

Greg F

If it's too comlpex for you, just get sick. Easy peasy.

Greg F

You have one orange person to thank for that 54....and he's now in FL golfing.

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