Regarding the article published on Oct. 25 about the downtown hotel and conference center, and the debate over it by Sen. Ron Young (who was mayor of Frederick for 16 years) and Michael Hough, readers and taxpayers need to keep in mind what the following quote from Young means: “Improvements such as a downtown hotel and conference center and more parking increase the property values in nearby commercial and residential neighborhoods, increasing the local tax base.”

In plain speak, it means that when the tax appraised value of your house goes up, so will your taxes. You might benefit by getting a higher price when you sell your historic district property, but in the meantime, you and all of us who aren’t planning to sell will have to pay more property taxes with no financial increase.

Ron Young’s plans always seemed to cost taxpayers more money — renting the Delaplaine Center to the arts group for only $99 a year and, if I remember correctly, the city (meaning taxpayers) paid (for a while) or is paying (long-term) their utilities for them, too.

The arts should be privately funded. In the Oct. 25 article, Hough hit the nail on the head when he said, “It is not the role of government to build hotels. It is the role of the private developers.”

That goes for other nonessentials like art, too. It doesn’t matter if people like looking at it. Young was not careful with Frederick taxpayers’ money when he was mayor, and he doesn’t seem to be careful with Maryland taxpayers’ money either, now that he works on the state level.

Since he left teaching decades ago, he has been in politics and obviously wants to stay in politics, even though elected jobs were meant to be held temporarily by citizens, who after a few or several years, went back to their private careers.

The Deep State isn’t only on the federal level. Hough also said in the article that no public taxpayer money should be used for the hotel project. That money should be used for other immediate infrastructure needs, such as roads or schools. He pointed to crowding in the county’s public schools, along with needed ramp improvements along U.S. 340.

He’s right.

Good roads benefit all taxpayers; a hotel, murals, and an arts center might be nice to have around, but they actually benefit very few in essential ways.

Linda French


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Funny how all these socialism loving businesses have all kinds of excuses why they deserve handouts but don't want to extend a dime of socialism to their own employees.


What should they do?

Comment deleted.

Amen to that!


To Mr. Hough, this is a partisan issue and he votes with the Republicans. I doubt that he cares much about the facts. he may not even live close enough to ever use a hotel in Frederick. I do not know his habits. But I do know that if a hotel could be started without support of some sort we would have one now. But we do not. Some local support will help local businesses with more customers and be a courtesy to our visitors who need a place to stay over if they want to see more local sights. That seems fair to me. But this is only my opinion. I go with my elected people in Frederick to decide.


There is that old tired worn out courtesy argument again. How about you paying the visitors as a courtesy and leave the rest of us out of it unless it is proven that the investments will generate more revenue than could otherwise be spent on critcal infrastructure (currently underfunded) if the project didn't move forward.


Not tired and not worn out to extend courtesy to visitors. Just as we have signs, parking and a visitor's center. Some of us like to do that. And perhaps you do not. Your choice.


Mr. Hough lives in Brunswick, he goes to church at Holy Family Catholic Church in Middletown. I agree with the points he raised.


No Gary. You claim that it supports local businesses? Well let the local businesses pony up and invest in something that benefits them. If they need a place to stay because they ate or drank too much, the Visitation Academy hotel can handle that. There is no shortage if hotels in the surrounding area. Too drunk to drive home? Get a taxi/uber to a hotel, then come back for your car in the morning. Don't eat/drink so much next time. Finally, this is NOT A COURTESY! It is a moneymaking venture.


If this is your best shot - I am not impressed. It is your choice. I do want to extend courtesy to visitors and do want to support local businesses.


Hough brings out the worst in people. Don't believe his inaccurate information on the hotel project or anything else. Enjoy life and take in some art. Life is good in Frederick County.


Heartfelt. But "That goes for other nonessentials like art, too" - gulp UGH life without art. Where to start.


I have art in my home and there is the internet to view art you may not be able to see in person. I do not need to be taxed to support art in public spaces especially when critical infrastructure is under funded. Would you like more paintings or schools without the need for portable classrooms? Or a WWTP system that will no longer discharge raw sewage into the river when certain predicable event happen?

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