As a mathematician, I hedge my bets: I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and will take all such booster shots as may eventually be required to continue my resistance to all forms of COVID. And I also wear a mask, even though I don't like doing so. Why? Because I want to reduce my risk of being infected by COVID and to hopefully reduce my chance of infecting others. I want my family and me to be around for all future Thanksgivings, outings, ball games, circus rides, being with others, and all future elections, no matter who wins.

You see, I don't care about the politics of it all. Maybe you do; that's fine: I love my Constitutional rights just as you love yours. You have a right not to wear a mask, as appropriate. But as for me, I have a responsibility to wear one: to do what I can to protect myself and my loved ones from this insidious pandemic.

So, please forgive me if my rationale is not to your liking. There will always be things we like and dislike. As for me, I like living. I wish you well in these trying times.

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Interesting, although I think the author's reasons to wear a mask are more stemmed in fear and panic the media has sewn into us for the past 15 months, in some cases warranted, in some not. I think many have accepted this as the norm in many instances, it's not supported scientifically if you're vaccinated, but it gives some a sense of calm and security at least for now. Hey, whatever floats your boat.


Yah, the vaccines continue to exceed expectations in the US. There are finally fewer than 10 cases in the Frederick Hospital. But just looking at the news from India and other countries, I would not blame anyone for being apprehensive. The pandemic is far from over. Some people might even continue to mask to prevent getting and spreading colds.


Mathematician does not equal scientist. There is no scientific reason to wear a mask if you are vaccinated. Data shows that you can not transmit the virus once vaccinated, which is precisely what the masks are for. Unless you are wearing an N95, masks are not useful in prevention of contracting a virus. So wear a mask if you want to, but realize that your reasons are not scientifically valid.


Mathematician is clearly closer to a scientist than whatever you are. Because masks other than N95 help the SPREAD of the virus (which was partly his aim). This is not rocket science; the countries where people wore masks early and often have a MUCH lower case load.


Seriously 😳, WHAT? Reader, isn’t math a vital tool in science? How could you put a man on the moon without the science of math, build a car, or builded a house. or perform surgery, X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and all the medical procedures not to mention creating N95 mask without math? How would you “Measure” a mathematical term, how would you validate N95 mask without math 😷? Tell that to the doctors and nurses and health care workers and patients that wear mask routinely for over a century to prevent Infections and being infected. The data (math) shows there was a tremendous fall in flu and colds over the same period. How would you determined that, without math? “ A pinch here, a little bit there“? Those are even measurements leading back to math.

So don’t wear a mask if you don’t want to. It’s your right to not know what you are talking about. At this point, that risk greatly falls on your lack of understanding math. But realize you are putting yourself and your family at a greater risk. Go for it. Drive that care through the tree.


Fully vaccinated people have gotten covid. Too soon to talk statistics. Hopefully victims breeze through it, hopefully those they encounter while contagious will also. It isn’t certain if the fully vaccinated unlucky infected can transmit or not.


Reader, wrong on all counts. Just look at the vaccinated Yankees that spread it to each other. Masks - not just N95s - reduce the chance for transmitting and receiving the virus.


I am glad to see I am not the only one! EVERYONE should wear a mask until over 75% of the population is vaccinated! Yes, the chances are low of getting or passing on the virus BUT, why take ANY CHANCE? BTW, my wife and I are both 2x Vac.


There's a CHANCE all sorts of things could happen to you once you step outside. A meteor MIGHT land on you. A mosquito infested with West Nile MIGHT bite you. You MIGHT get hit by lightning.

You best keep your mask on and stay indoors to avoid any CHANCE that something might happen.


The comment didn’t deserve this level of hostility imo


Whatever. I felt that it did. Life is full of CHANCE!


This from the person who said he would not shame people for wearing masks.


You are correct. I should not shame him for wearing a mask for any valid reason, but I could not let his rationale of CHANCE go without comment. He should keep wearing that mask as long as he feels the need. He should wear a belt and suspenders too, since there is a CHANCE that one may fail.

I guess I should rethink my position on not shaming people for wearing a mask.


I will wear my mask where it is required or requested, and also when someone nearby is mowing the lawn. It's been lovely not coughing and wheezing and not getting colds either.


It's true! I have had a better tree pollen season this year than I have for years! And no cold or flu, either.


This was the first year I wore a mask while repainting yard furniture. I held my breath as is my custom but gasped a couple times as also happens, sharply noticing I was then smelling paint and concerned about it. And not remembering such an aware moment in previous years. Maybe I just forget. Or maybe this year I did it a better way. Huh. I wonder how many colors my lungs are by now.


As I've stated elsewhere, I wear a dual cartridge respirator when spraying paint. Science is clear on what airborne VOCs from spray paint can do. I do not, however, feel the need to wear a mask after I joined the Vaccinated American Community. People who don't get unvaccinated and those who don't wear a mask when spraying paint garner my same level of sympathy. Little.


I certainly don't question the letter writer's rationale for continuing to wear a mask; I, too, am fully vaccinated but also prefer to err on the side of safety and caution as this are still living in largely uncharted territory. What I find curious, however, is the need to make this pronouncement public, which appears to be a perhaps holier-than-thou, sanctimonious jab at others. Has anyone questioned the writer's motives for wearing a mask that a letter is deemed needed? Personal feelings and decisions don't always need to be made public.


Spot on, Citizen. Virtue signaling like this is so prevalent it's just plain tedious. Wear a mask, don't wear a mask. It's of no interest to me and, I suspect, to almost everyone.


This is pretty rich; non-mask-wearing people have been "virtue signaling" for the last 15 months and now you worry about it??


Not worried about it, just tired of it. Pay attention.


veritas; that was as much to JustACitizen as you


Maybe he gets asked, “Aren’t you fully vaccinated yet” a lot. I’d rather be among the fully vaccinated wearing a mask than the not vaccinated without one because THEY ARE OUT THERE


Has anyone questioned people about their motives for wearing masks. Yes! Of course. Many actually claim it is virtue signaling.


Whiting should continue to wear his mask as long as he wants. There may be a point where he shouldn't wear it into liquor stores, stop-and-robs, or bank lobbies, but for now, keep it on.

As a member of the Vaccinated Community, I will not unless required by the particular occupancy.



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