People died at Woodstock, so it was not really a good thing. And there was LSD, a brain destroyer. We could have a festival in Frederick celebrating the true spiritual side of Woodstock. This would be a great opportunity to put Frederick on the national map. It wouldn’t have to be on the exact anniversary.

Admission would be free, but with donations accepted. It would be for all ages and all people. People could dress as hippies or in colorful cultural clothing. The music would be ’60s-era folk music plus ethnic music from around the world. We would celebrate peace and diversity. Perhaps we could even get some of the original singers like Joan Baez, plus Phil Donahue, who was fired for speaking out against war.

I would hope various religious groups would allow camping on their property, again with free-will donations. Camping is also free along the Appalachian Trail or in national parks.

I would hope to keep politics out of any speeches.

I could be held in Baker Park or the fairgrounds, etc.

I believe it is not too late to do this using the internet.

Bucky Herring


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Obadiah Plainsmen

If Country Joe & the Fish would come he could do his fish cheer, one two three what are we fighting for, don't ask me I don't give a dam* next stop is Iran.



Love Country Joe but not so sure about a war with Iran. But clever word play. And we can no longer sing: "Come on all you big strong men...." It is so,so politically in correct. Unless of course were Trumpettes. Then we can yell it loudly.


Imagine...all the people.


Yaaa, that time has passed.

Obadiah Plainsmen

Why can't it be held at its original site? It would be like "deja vu all over again".


Forget about Joan Baez, she would just put people to sleep. You could get John Sebastian. Jorma & Jack (Hot Tuna) from the Airplane still play, that would be worth seeing.


Welcome back, Welcome back Welcoome baack.


I think you are confusing Woodstock with the Welcome back, Mr. Kotter theme song.


Wasn't John Sebastion the artist of that song? I also believe his brother was Mr. Kotter. No???


Which was written and sung by John Sebastian


Never mind it was Gabe Kaplan as Mr. Kotter. No relation. I just tied the two together.


I’ve been a Hot Tuna fan since their inception and have seen them a few times, though I much prefer their electric sets over the acoustic ones.


Three young men died while attending Woodstock, two from drug overdoses and another–just 17 years old—was run over by a tractor collecting debris while he was asleep in a sleeping bag.

People would have a fit if Frederick tried to have a Woodstock style event. The noise, the traffic, drugs and drinking and then there's the imagined problems.


It might even be as bad as a hotel downtown.


"People died at Woodstock." Do you realize that during those few days the Woodstock crowd represented the 2nd or 3rd largest "city" in the State of New York? This seems like an incredibly low death toll when you consider that fact.


Go to the bandshell on Sunday evening. There is a Woodstock type band playing. That's all the Woodstock we need in this county.




What about Sha Na Na?


Well, I came upon a child of God

He was walking along the road

And I asked him, Tell me, where are you going

This he told me

Said, I'm going down to Yasgur's Farm

Gonna join in a rock and roll band

Got to get back to the land and set my soul free

We are stardust, we are golden

We are billion year old carbon

And we got to get ourselves back to the garden


If we were not ready then, how can we be ready now?

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