On March 13, three plainclothes police officers entered a private residence just before 1 a.m. and shot and killed 26-year-old Breonna Taylor. Ms. Taylor’s boyfriend believed they were being robbed, so he called the police to report a crime. He also used his registered handgun to shoot at the intruders, which were the police. The officers, being shot at, returned fire which resulted in the shooting and death of Ms. Taylor.

On Sept 23, the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said the grand jury found that the officers were “justified in returning deadly fire” because they were being fired upon. If someone shoots at you, you can return fire.

This case is contentious, because most people support the police, and the same people support the right of citizens to protect their home. The idea that the police exist to protect and serve does not align with this outcome, where a citizen that committed no crime was killed.

Since the shooting, there have been proposed revisions to police policy, like banning no-knock warrants. The obvious facts not being addressed are three officers, not in uniform, serving a search warrant at a private residence after midnight. While the officers had the legal right to be there, providing the warrant was legally obtained, did the officers place themselves in a position to be misidentified?

If you are home at 1 a.m., and you hear noises outside your front door, and people are trying to gain entry, what would be an appropriate response? If you had a video doorbell and you saw three men, not in any uniforms and all displaying firearms, trying to enter your residence, what would you do? Under these described circumstances, if one shoots and kills a person, who is later identified as a police officer, would they be charged with homicide?

Shannon Bohrer


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This is all very reminiscent of the incident a few years ago where the Frederick Sheriff's Dept. decided to arrest a 19-y.o. suspect (living with his mother!) around 4 AM. After deafening him with flash bangs, they announced they were police (!) and then shot him when he reached for his shotgun. He was white, but that's irrelevant.

The police knew where he worked (a gas station). I am still asking myself why they simply didn't drive up to the gas station at 11 AM and simply arrest him. It's as if the police have watched too many movies and they are in love with the idea of surprise attacks at dawn with overwhelming force. On a 19 y.o. living with his mother....


Why do police think that they need a no-knock warrant. All they have to do is surround the house and use a bullhorn to identify themselves and call everyone outside. It's partly the fault of the judge for issuing the warrant.


It's a sad state of affairs all the way around. But, the cops were there for a reason. If you go through some of Ms. Taylor's past, you'll find the answers. You reap what you sow!

PurplePickles aka L&M


What exactly did she "sow"? Please share ? So you're saying that the cops can just because of your past come to your residence in the middle of the night and start firing away just because of something in your past? Really last time I checked we aren't living in the movie Minority Report? What crime did Breonna actually commit that warranted her death?


No knock warrants should be reserved for situations where someone's life is suspected to be in danger. Although I'd like drug dealer, users, etc. get hit with serious penalties the possibility of losing evidence is not worth the potential mistakes as in this case. One shouldn't fault the people serving the warrant if they followed procedures, one should fault those who authorized the warrant and the timing of serving the warrant.

To those who legally own a firearm for defense, you had better be well trained in its use and have had sufficient time at the shooting range or else whether its the police or criminals busting in, you're just asking for a bad outcome from your standpoint. You had also better keep it properly secured especially if you don't live alone. Too many people are accidentally shot because a firearm was mishandled or not properly secured. Quite some time ago my uncle was shot in the chest (thankfully not fatally) by someone who allegedly held his .22 rifle out the window to clean it and it was loaded and went off.


Newly released body cam footage shows the boyfriend telling police Taylor was the one shooting police.


Newly released , “may Trump supporters are morons“.

Taylor, in her own home, invaded in the middle of the night, was the person who fired the first shot? So much for “stand your ground states“. Doesn’t seem to comply with 24/7 no knock warrants. Does it?


Watch the video.


Years ago when the church was being built 30' behind us and had no fence, I owned a big dog. It was pouring down rain, about midnight. I could see figures in the metal structure moving about. I was a former manager of residential and commercial property and I've seen some things. I wasn't having it, whatever "it" was. I took my dog and a flashlight and shouted at them from the border of my property. They shouted back they were police. I asked, "where's your uniform?" There was a pause. I don't remember the answer but I was done. As I turned away I saw one guy RUN and I thought, good. I called the police. The dispatcher assured me he had run to call her first and they were police. I heard rumors later about the "why," and it is now decades later. I have a dog small enough to pick up. I've since learned to handle various handguns. At any time I may buy, or I may not, or I may have already, or not. I remembered how i just turned away in silence that time, with that mantle of authority I never actually had here, and I have to say, I can kind of see how circumstances could end in real tragedy no one intends.

PurplePickles aka L&M

Under these described circumstances, if one shoots and kills a person, who is later identified as a police officer, would they be charged with homicide? NO because said police officer(s) was acting in a reckless and wanton manner. Basically put themselves knowingly in harms way.


Charges for shooting a police officer were dropped against Taylor's boyfriend, presumably because it is plausible that he thought he was defending himself from intruders.

PurplePickles aka L&M


And you don't think I know that? I was answering the letter writer's question, which I thought was a strange letter anyway because you would think by now everyone should know that the charges had been dropped against Taylor's boyfriend?


Purp, I really don't care whether you knew it or not. Just adding to the conversation.


Cops knowingly putting themselves in harms way is part of their job.


Couldn’t they have discharged the drug warrant in the morning? What was the immediate danger?


Serving the warrant in the middle of the night is the best time to catch criminals at home, usually asleep, and the most vulnerable to be taken into custody. It's been a common practice for as long as I can remember, aw.


There was none. All they had to do is wait.


How did this put them in harms way?


You are asking PurplePiclkes/Snowflake, right Dick? He was the one who brought the "harms way" thing up, you know.


Police announced themselves before entering the drug business of Taylor and her boyfriend. According to Kentucky's Attorney General, "Evidence shows that officers both knocked and announced their presence at the apartment. The officers' statements about their announcement are corroborated by an independent witness who was near in a proximity to Apartment 4. In other words, the warrant was not served as a no-knock warrant." Taylor's boyfriend knew they were police and chose to open fire.Taylor's boyfriend bullet hit a police officer and, at that time, police returned fire.


How did the people in the house know that the people outside the house were being truthful?


[thumbup]Lemmy, The police obviously did a terrible job, but they were in an awful situation. I think the point about them being plainclothes police, rather than in uniform may not be relevant, as from what I read, Taylors boyfriend did not even see them. He just shot toward the door after the police entered, hitting one of the police in the knee. I have not read a theory as to why Taylor was shot six times out of 20 shots, while her boyfriend - the shooter - was not shot at all. I assume they thought she was the shooter.


As Judge Judy would say, you don't know what someone else thinks. It could be they didn't hear the police announce themselves as police. Announcing you are the police could be a trick by criminals trying to gain entrance.


Exactly. I am curious why Lemmy believes anybody who knocks on his door.


I can honestly say that given the scenario presented, we at Bosco Manor would defend ourselves against intruders. Same as if a group of demonstrators broke down our gate and entered our property shouting that they were going to rape and pillage (as in St. Louis).



So with a no knock warrant, I could legally come into “Bosco Manor” and kill you. Cool. Why do think you’ll be raped😳?


Because you have the hots for bosco, aw! [lol][lol][lol]


Not the same incident, as I pointed out. The couple in St. Louis had their gate broken down and a BLM mob stand outside their home and tell them they were going to rape the wife and which rooms they would be moving into. When the homeowners confronted the mob with weapons, the homeowners were arrested and charged.


What QAnon news did you get this from. Man, you are reaching and making your argument look rather delusional.


Not the same events that were reported.

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