Diversity and inclusion are good, unless forced.

On Feb. 6, the social justice engineers on the Frederick Board of Aldermen, with little discussion or public input, unanimously approved spending $238,000 to retain Griffin & Strong, a nationally recognized civil rights law firm, to help prove there is discrimination against minorities in the city’s business procurement practices and policies.

The firm will then help draft remedial legislation that will likely give “preference” and “quota” advantages to minorities for the city’s business contracts. Several months ago the board approved spending $150,000 to hire a workplace discrimination consultant to demonstrate discrimination in the city’s employment practices. That expert is now putting together a plan to indoctrinate city employees in “diversity, equity, and inclusion” employment practices. This identity-conscious plan will also give minorities a preference in hiring and promotion. The rationale: “Social justice and equity demands that when hiring and promoting the city government must give weight to gender, race, and ethnic identity.”

Why would the mayor and board spend taxpayer money to hire experts to prove the city government discriminates against minorities? They briefly explained the Griffin & Strong contract fit their goal from the day they came into office to make the city government more “inclusive.” What the mayor and board did not reveal is that they ran into potential legal problems when they tried to force inclusiveness and diversity into city government.

Employment and procurement policies and practices that favor those with certain identity characteristics are illegal because they violate the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Since the 1980s the Supreme Court has made clear that the only exception to qualified and merit-based equal opportunity employment and business practices and policies is when there are compelling facts of past or existing discriminatory practices against minorities that make affirmative remedial action necessary, which must be limited in scope and duration. Now we know why the board approved $388,000 to hire advocates to find the evidence they need to justify minority preferences.

It is highly unlikely the current mayor and board are capable of using race- and identity-neutral devices to assure equal protection for all citizens in a society where one’s identity characteristics are irrelevant to opportunity and achievement. They are well on their way to thoroughly repudiating Martin Luther King’s colorblind ideal.

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Clearly the City of Frederick is showing its progressive ’wokeness’ by committing 388,000 of our dollars to independent and in-depth investigations of systemic and implicit racism in hiring and contracting processes and in inculcation of proper commitments to diversity and inclusivity on the part of every City employee. I expect the City of Frederick to follow up with a petition for an amendment to the US Declaration of Independence by addition of the words in parentheses:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, (except some we shall deem forever disadvantaged.) And while all persons are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, (the systemically ’disadvantaged’ shall have first claim to those rights…)

This should be followed by a commitment of the City of Frederick to oppose the 28th or Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution and to removal of all statues of Martin Luther King, who had a dream (strike dream, substitute nightmare) that government would give up favoring some over others.


Big money maker racism, yeah. Between lawsuits, NGO's, legislative lobbying. The PR for racism alone must be worth - what - how many millions? Then add in the brokered data, for "organizing". Tidy sum. Books, films, paid speaking engagements. Legislating tolerance. Organizing hatred. Well, in the dairy of this racism cash cow - try to remember, and it is proven true: Be careful what you hate - you always become what you hate. PS: These are the last three lines from a beautiful hymn: Hymn 151 "...If I love at all, I pray; If I have not loved before; Help me to begin to day." From "Prayers Suitable For The Times In Which We Live. - Evans & Cogswell Charleston South Carolina - 1861.


Two words: Implicit Bias. Look it up.



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...but when they're in office actually "doin' stuff," the haters come out. You wouldn't know about that I guess. Run for office.


Underlying this push by City politicians to favor ‘minorities’ is the insulting notion that somehow they are incapable of competing on their merits, that they are inferior. This is a new and nasty racism of the ‘woke’ left. It is wrong both factually and morally. Racial discrimination in hiring and contracting is wrong — both positive and negative discrimination. Race, sex and other categorizations should be irrelevant in judging people, as Martin Luther King said with such eloquence. The City doesn’t need expensive consultants studies to treat people equally. It just needs to ignore people’s irrelevant differences.


Bing! Finally someone gets it!


Peter, of course race sex and so on should be irrelevant. But all the numbers show that racial and sex bias exist. Until it no longer exists, there are good reasons to lean a bit the other way.


That’s the point ps, minorities are not, never have been, treated equally. Even when they are qualified. There is a bias in hiring in many places, haven’t you heard?


Please stop acting like racism doesn't exist here. It does in the Government, in the workforce hiring practice and in Frederick. And until we recognize this and want change it will always exist.


Just how can there be "remedial legislation" if there is no evidence that something needs to be remediated???


As I understand the City has found no evidence of discrimination against minorities in the city’s business procurement practices and policies. Bet the procurement division is not pleased that they are being investigated even there is no evidence. Fishing expedition.


When you start hiring and promoting people solely based on race you cause a chain reaction that reduces productivity and efficiency. As unqualified people begin to fill positions that they cannot perform the duties, other employees become disgruntled because they are forced to makeup for that supervisor/employees incompetence. The other skilled/qualified employees then become disgruntled because they are doing more work and are upset that they should be the one promoted because they are more qualified for the position. This causes the skilled workers to seek employment elsewhere.


I just mentioned this subject in a comment a couple days ago. Some Frederick County citizens aversion to “DIVERSITY”. “We don’t need no stinkin’ DIVERSITY”. Isn’t “WHITE” an identity characteristic Mr. Bridgford?? And Frederick County is a microcosm of America today. Until there is unforced equal opportunity for all, we will remain divided.


For once we agree! What ever happened to hiring the most qualified for the job? Some people complain that there isn’t a proportionate number of xyz hired or too many whites or not enough “alphabet” people. When did teaching or doing a job STOP being about just that? Everyone has the same opportunity to apply for anything. It’s the question of qualifications that should matter and not their skin color or personal affliction. These “studies” don’t do anything except waste taxpayer dollars and cause issues.


[thumbup]phy Everyone has a lens through which they view the world. Questioning it leads to a wider view.


DW are you saying that by doing this study-- the mayor is widening our view?


Where are all the Asians (race) and Indians from India (culture) in the county if you want diversity? They are grossly under represented compared to their percentage make up of the world's population. Can you truly have diversity without correcting that situation?


Government sanctioned anti-white racism. Pathetic. These ideals will self destruct in due course. But only after alot of money is wasted and alot of unnecessary damage is done.


But haven’t we been “indoctrinated” that there is no such thing as anti-white racism? Seems it’s only a one way street. Why create a issue where there is none?

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