During the past few years, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has provided the community an opportunity to share their concerns or bouquets regarding the 287(g) (immigrant detention) program at an open steering committee meeting in the spring of the year.

The sheriff has recently announced to inquiring taxpayers who have requested the date for the current year’s hearing that he is not going to hold such a meeting in 2019. His reasoning seems to lead one to conclude that he can no longer defend his participation in the 287(g) program.

This lack of transparency simply reinforces why the county executive and the council, who face community accountability nearly every day, need to exert their budgetary authority. This authority will provide oversight to the only county agency that refuses to face their taxpayers and to explain how Frederick County’s involvement with ICE justifies county dollars — dollars levied for county services, not for federal law enforcement.

The 287(g) program is coming up for renewal on June 30, and one might think the county’s elected representatives might wish to know if the community has questions and reservations, which may suggest renewal or not. Canceling his only public meeting leads one to think that the sheriff is simply unable to face his taxpayers to hear both the good and the bad.

Edward Burrell

Point of Rocks

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Trumpkins is a stone cold loser


Setting the record straight on a few things here. The Sheriff’s Office or the county do not get reimbursed for the costs of the 287(g) program, costs that are hidden in his budget, hidden from the County Executive, County Council and taxpayer. The sheriff has claimed a “profit” from the IGSA contract to house ICE detainees, a separate agreement. This claim has been questioned and has not been verified. As for the cancelation of the meeting, it is consistent with the lack transparency in FCSO operations under this sheriff.


you happen to be misinformed


jerseygrl42-actually, I and others are well informed regarding this. You may want to check the FCSO budget, the 287(g) agreement, and the IGSA contract for starters. You can get all of the above through a PIA request. Additionally the FNP has covered this relatively thoroughly. The information is available.


Don’t take jerseygrl too seriously. He/she thinks 95 year olds are of working age and are leeches on society if they don’t have jobs.

Comment deleted.

You are right that the Sheriff's offices says that, but there is no proof, except for what the Sheriff says. What we need is an outside audit.


The Federal government reimburses the FCSO for all costs associated with the program. In addition they have helped fund building and equipment upgrades to the jail. If you dont like it feel free to move to another county that falls in line with your political views.


So he is just another political hack milking the government teet for free stuff? That is your view? What upstanding values you have.


Not quite accurate twist


All costs? Please explain what you include and how you come up with that.


The Sheriff blames people from other Counties, however, almost all of his support last year came from groups from Montgomery. the same groups who appeared at the legislature this spring supporting fascist positions.


Speaking of the 287g, pretty sure the Santos lawsuit is concluded. FNP, please report


Again, just make a FOI request to the Sheriff's office.


She has been told this several times, she either really doesn't care or too lazy to do her own homework. It would take less time for the request then it does to make a post on here.


Shift, my comment is directed to the FNP, which is a new organization service the county of Frederixk MD. They are in the businesss of reporting activity and issues of our local governments.

I am truly sorry if my concerns / interests are offensive to u.


Once again, the sherif proves himself to unfit to hold the office. What’s he afraid of?

Comment deleted.

How many is that, Kelly? [blink]


the meeting was cancelled because folks are acting like idiots in the meetings. The sheriff is in a no win situation here..if he enforces order and discipline in a meeting like this he gets accused of being racists...if he doesn't hold the meetings due to safety issues he gets called a conspirator or worse. I have been to the last couple of 287g meetings and the behavior was deplorable and unsafe. If folks want transparency..act like civilized human beings.


He’s an adult, he can handle it. Civilized? You mean like constantly rousting innocents? That’s your idea of civilized. Seems like he is just afraid to face the very people that pay his salary.


Are you telling me that the Sheriff cannot handle a town meeting? That is sort of embarrassing I think.


Thanks, Ed. The Sheriff doesn't report to the CE. But the money for the Sheriff's office comes out of the County budget. My problem is the way the Sheriff reports the cost of 287 g to get get reimbursed from the federal government. I would like to see the County Executive have an outside auditor give the County a report that would be clear of any bias. As far as the 287 g is concerned, I don't have a problem with it, but I do have a problem with how it has gotten the County in trouble with lawsuits.


Dick D - the voice of reason.


Gary, I try, but usually you outdo me.

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