I write this to let you know I am in full support of Sheriff Jenkins and his office working with ICE to uphold and enforce the laws to keep us safe.

Gary Richard


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good to know you support the Sheriff. If his racist and bully personality gets into our county policy-making as he desires, you will see suffering like never before.


I write this to let you know I do not support Sheriff Jenkins’ office working with ICE they are not upholding and enforce the laws to keep us (Frederick) safe by jailing people from other jurisdictions.



but the esteemed sherf gets to go look a real tough guy on the border and grovel to bone spurs! doesn't that make it worth it? sarcasm.


I write this to share my support of Big Bird as our next sherf.


Exactly my point!!

But I am appreciative of the FNP approving these silly letters and allowing the writers to embarrass themselves.


The writers are expressing their personal opinions, how are they embarrassing themselves? Because their opinions differ from yours? You, who have admitted here, that you are all for illegal immigration?


And Bird Dog might make a great Sheriff.


snuffaluffagus Will also make a great sherf


No problem Gary, as long as Jenkins follows all of the laws and makes sure we are fully refunded from the federal government for the true costs of ICE.


wow. glad the paper saw fit to print this insightful and well-argued letter. it has definitely added something significant to the discourse, and is not at all like my 3 year old explaining that he doesn't want to take a bath because he doesn't want to take a bath


The operative question is do you support an audit? Why is the Sheriff so opposed to a financial audit? The audit has nothing to do with whether or not someone supports the Sheriff or his program participation. All of this is about a simple audit. Does this writer support a financial audit? Transparency? Accountability? Or is the sheriff to be exempt from accountability?


Why weren't the members of the previous County Board of Commissioners audited????!!!! They threw the citizens of Frederick County under the bus and we are now paying for it. Also, why isn't the Frederick City Alder(persons) audited for misuse of funds, fraudulent accusations, etc.?


right you are, Tech. Park (non) and incinerator just to name a c couple of egregious decisions by elected officials to feather the nests of "friends "


Russian bot.

Comment deleted.

So, does that mean that, with all the anti Trump garbage you write, you're a ghost writer for all the Trump haters?




"And" what? The man was simply expressing his support for the sheriff and the program. What do you want, a dissertation? By the way Kelly, how much of a settlement did Santos get? Inquiring minds want to know. [lol]




Is it significant that you gave this KR999 comment only 2 thumbs up while another received 3? Are you in agreement with both comments but less so with this one?


Are you serious public? Questioning the number of thumbs up someone gives? Do you count how many you give to any particular comment you agree with? Some people don't, you know.


KR, I don't think it unusual to ask for clarification when I don't understand something. I find it odd that you regard such a practice as worthy of remark.


My apologies public, it seems what is trivial to me is a concern of yours.


Apology accepted. It is good of you to realize that what is Important to you may be trivial to others.

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