As shocking as it was to watch President Trump instructing experts to “look into” the possibility of treating COVID-19 with disinfectant and/or UV light, it was only the latest example of his dangerous combination of ignorance and arrogance.

In an April 10 op-ed piece, Cal Thomas quotes from a GOP email portraying Joe Biden as the candidate prone to lying and committing errors. Their paltry list is mostly wrong, and quite laughable in the face of the tens of thousands of lies, errors, mangled pronunciations and made-up “statistics” spewed forth by Donald Trump.

Biden did get one thing wrong — their one accurate point — the WHO did not offer pre-made test kits to the U. S. Those were for poorer countries that don’t have the capability of quickly producing their own.

But focusing on this misstatement side-steps the larger issue. We could have hit the ground running utilizing their proven protocol, instead of developing an entirely different test and sending out untested kits that did not work. Trump disbanded the team in charge of coordinating an effective, immediate pandemic response, insisting the team could be reassembled “very, very, very quickly” (his words) in the event that it became necessary. Obviously not “quickly” enough — we needed them before a pandemic was upon us.

Biden accurately referred to the China travel ban as “xenophobic,” and therefore, useless. The strain of the coronavirus sweeping through the U. S. came from Europe. A virus does not care about national origin. That is why during the Ebola outbreak of 2014, Obama immediately began testing ALL incoming passengers, while at the same time training and equipping local efforts to contain the outbreak where it occurred — efforts so effective, only nine people coming to the U.S. tested positive. Two people died. Observe the difference true leadership makes, with a president who is willing to listen to experts from day one, and take immediate action. Obama not only protected the U.S. from Ebola, he helped protect most of the world from an outbreak that never became a pandemic.

This is not a “blame game.” Failure to learn from past mistakes means being doomed to repeat them. Donald Trump is incapable of learning from his past mistakes — he is incapable of admitting he has ever made any. It is my fervent prayer, however, that the rest of us can and will learn from our past mistake, and avoid repeating that mistake in November.

Catherine Hart

Mount Airy

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Trump is nuts. Totally nuts. He rage tweeted this morning blaming Joe Scarborough for the death of one of his staffers back in 2001. Of course that’s ridiculous and requires no further comment.

Trump licked a silver spoon all his life until he became president. He never had to face criticism before, and now that he’s getting his just deserts he’s coming of the rails on a crazy train (thanks Ozzie). It’s clear he’s not remotely a well-adjusted person. And to himself he’s always the smartest guy in the room when the reality is just the opposite. He simply can’t handle being asked tough questions that he knows he can’t answer - unless he lies like he did yesterday same as he ever does. So the big baby lost his cool his yesterday and stomped off stage because a couple women reporters under his thin skin. Women reporters especially burn him to his fat, mysoginist core. So of course he retreats to his Twitter hole and attached the world with his juvenile insults and boorish rants. His mental capacity is somewhere between that of 12-14 y/o juvenile delinquent. I pity the man.

Greg F

I have no pity...just disgust for that thing in the oval office and his cohort VP.


[thumbup]Matt. Just the fact that our president is obsessed with cable news is enough to earn him my disgust. It is like debating professional wrestlers.


One error: On the same day that Trump imposed the ban on travel from China, he also added countries to the "Muslim travel ban." Did Biden call the restrictions on travel from China xenophobic? No.

Jan. 31 US announced travel restrictions from China--to come into effect Feb. 2

Jan. 31 The same day, Trump added 6 more countries to his "Muslim travel ban": Burma, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania.

Jan. 31 Biden said, at a rally, Americans "need to have a president who they can trust what he says about it, that he is going to act rationally about it....This is no time for Donald Trump's record of hysteria and xenophobia--hysterical xenophobia--and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science." Biden was referring to Trump's record of xenophobia--exclude citizens of many countries from entry, "build the wall," comments about Mexicans, etc. etc. and the exclusion of citizens from 6 more countries. He was not referring to the ban on travel from China. In fact, a few days later his campaign issued a statement that said he supported it.




Another pile of hot steaming excrement served up by another CNN and MSNBC watcher.


No. Watch him for yourself. I watched his comments on using disinfectant. And I watched him lie about it the next day saying he was being sarcastic. No, he was not. Stop listening to any news source other than Trump himself. Or look at the actual data. How can it be that our country has less than 5% of the world's population and around 33% of the identified cases and deaths? It is failure of leadership. Plain and simple.

Greg F

There was zero sarcasm in his sanitizer statements. He was deadpan serious and really has no clue that isn't viable or just insane. He rambles..he doesn't think, then tries to weasel out by saying it is sarcasm or that he never said it. Bunk.


Some voters who just thought he was the fun choice are watching him now with an eye to substance and credibility. Whoops


xJacky1....where’s your list? You’re just another RRR(RadicalRightRepublican)/BTT(BullyTagTeam) member who has failed to come up with anything in Trump’s defense. Like what he has done to MAGA!!?? All TALK, no WALK!!

Greg F

Another typical trumpette denier. His voice is on tape clearly stating absolutely atrocious things, and he denies them from seconds to days later. There is no defense of the indefensible...and the indefensible is trump.


Yeah, but it's the truth and you know it. Otherwise you wouldn't be posting your vulgar hate comments here.


Now now Catherine, it's racist to point out the origins of this virus.

Greg F

Pointing out the origin isn't racist...but what trump is doing most certainly is, especially with his ugly comments to the Asian reporter last night before he beat a hasty exit to go cower back inside for a tweetstorm session.


For a man who tries to project a macho image he sure is afraid to face tough questions or powerful women...


Elderly Americans where whipped out in Mt Airy because the community failed to protect them.



Greg F

It is out there in plain sight why Trump wants to reopen everything. He benefits PERSONALLY from that so he stops the bleeding in his resorts, casinos, hotels, and golf courses and stocks. He wants to help his friends in oil stop their slide into negative pricing (after generations of gouging), and prop up his wealthy friends. That's about it. It's not about us and the economy, it's about him. It always is about him. Yet another racist rant slight against a reporter with a valid question last night too. His hood is showing.


But he's "just folks," say.... still too many. Once he's out of office he'll be welcome at dinner tables, bull roasts, county fairs etc. everywhere his talk tours went. It will be too clear who he thinks his friends are. Too late.


The president is about 75 and visibly declining daily, he’s beyond on the job training.

Greg F

It's his 3rd grade edumacation that makes him beyond the help of OTJ training.

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