As we contemplate the end of Roe v. Wade in the same month we celebrated Mother’s Day, we would do well to remember that the well-being of babies and children is directly tied to the well-being of their mothers.

As of 2014, according to a Guttenmacher Institute patient survey, a majority of women seeking abortions had at least one child, and three-quarters were low income. Before these women can be asked — or forced — to have another child, we need to ensure that resources are available to enable them to safely deliver and care for that child. This includes universal access to prenatal care as well as to a full year of postpartum care. Yet, despite the high US maternal mortality rate after 60 days from delivery, only 26 states have expanded Medicaid eligibility beyond two months postpartum, according to a Washington Post story that included Kaiser Family Foundation statistics.

Once their child is born, low-income mothers — nearly half of whom are single parents — need access to food stamps, without having to jump through hoops to show that they are working a sufficient number of hours. We also need to provide these mothers with affordable, quality child care if we are going to require them to work. And we need to guarantee their children access to pre-K programs to prepare them for success in school.

Yes, doing these things costs money. But if we value motherhood, we must also value mothers. And if we value life, we must ensure that every child gets the best possible start in life. That shouldn’t start — and certainly can’t end — with overturning Roe v. Wade.



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So lucid. Thank you, Margaret. Neither do I care how much others’ children cost. They can’t choose their parents, and they are no less the future of the world than children whose parents are better prepared.

NO NEED TO WORRY! The trigger laws in half the states instantly make abortion illegal and will start putting people in jail immediately. But all of those laws contain huge budgets for programs that provide comprehensive......

- Maternal health.

- Prenatal care.

- Neonatal care.

- Care for postpartum depression.

- Financial assistance to women to support the new baby.

- New “Safe Haven” and “Safe Surrender” laws where an unwanted baby can be dropped off at a hospital or a church, no questions asked.

- Massive budgets to make adoptions more available, and huge volunteer organizations of Christian Fundamentalists lining up to actually adopt a huge number of unwanted babies right into each of their families.

Oh, wait.............



Abortion. It's a woman's issue, they own their bodies and everything in them, let them alone make their own personal decisions. No preachers or politicians or males should have any standing to interfere in their wishes. Also, we should have a national referendum vote on all SCOTUS judges, let the people decide who they want to decide what their fate will be.

4 questions I'd like anti-choice people to answer...

You agree it should be up to the state to decide if you have the right to control your own body?

Do the people in your life agree with you, that it should be up to the state to decide if they have a right to control their own bodies?

You agree that you don't have the right to control your own matter what state you live in...?

Do the people in your life agree with you, that they don't have the right to control their own matter what state they live in....?


I could not control where I was conceived so yes, I’m thankful my unwed birthmom sought out somewhere to go hours before my birth as the only control she had over our predicament.


Not a joking matter to those of us relinquished to adoption after no known prenatal care.

Dwasserba...I apologize I attached serious questions to my satire, that you thought I was joking about anything's not a joking matter to those that have been relinquished by adoption to not know the person that cared.


[thumbup][thumbup] Privileged W. Woman.


Please watch as Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court next finds a Constitutional right to life that begins at conception. At that point, abortion and most forms of birth control will not be able to be legalized in any state.

This was never about “the precious babies”. After birth, Republicans and the Religious Right storm troopers wouldn’t spend five cents to give a child a glass of water.


Hypocritically for conservatives, the right-to-life ideology does not extend to the death penalty or home defense.


or war


Ms. Procario,

Well reasoned from one perspective but quite revealing from another perspective. You say." Once their child is born,” acknowledging fully that they are carrying a child and terminating a pregnancy is terminating that child’s life. Strong opponents call that murder.

Therein lays the great divide which is best settled among the voting citizens of their respective States instead of a blanket federal policy.


If they are born, and are viable they are a child.

Are sperm half a child?

Should the government be minoring and controlling that function as well?



Debating an opinion which is your right. But..

A paramount issue here, concerning Roe and other related opinions, is the role of the Supreme Court and if they overstepped their bounds on the Roe decision.

The Supreme Court evaluates laws based on their constitutionality. They are not the lawmakers. A constitutional right is granted by amendment. Equality in race and gender are constitutional rights. Abortion is not. The Supreme Court does not have the authority to declare something to be a constitutional right. Thus the 10th Amendment is the applicable standard.


Equality in gender is nowhere in the Constitution, js.


Hmmmm, during the confirmation hearings of Alito, Barrett, Gorsuch and “I like Beer” Kav, none of those supremes mentioned the constitutionality of Roe, instead saying it was established law.

Thanks for the dumbed down civics lesson.

Where did you get your law degree? Trump U?



Interesting point. The 14th Amendment guarantees all citizens equal rights to the privileges and immunities set forth in the constitution. The 19th amendment changes the Constitution to allow women to vote, the remaining structural impediment to equal rights for women. Since gender has become such a confusing issue lately I should have said women instead of gender.


If the 14th amendment provided gender equality, why was the 19th necessary? No, there is no gender equality in the Constitution.



FYI -Washington Post

“All nine of the justices declined during their confirmation hearings to opine on whether Roe v. Wade was properly decided,


Monitoring, not minoring


nelga, I find it strange that you have no problem with "murder" when a state's voters choose not to restrict abortion. It's like you don't actually care about abortion, per se.



I only presented the legal aspects not my opinion. Though it is enlightening to know you consider it murder


jsk; your authority on constitutional matters is in tatters


The legal aspects? Legal abortions are not murder as anyone who can look up the definition of murder knows.

JSK you fascinate me.....I am always looking for what defines looking at what what defines you...? I have one question for you JSK...and I know you won't answer my question....because you will be baffled...for quite awhile by question...even though the answer is clearly explained in the video..,,but you can try if want too answer my question...

What defines you?

One Question That Stimulates Empaths And Baffles Narcissists


PWW, If you figure him out, please tell us

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