In response to a March 5 letter to the editor “Where does it end? Illegal is illegal,” everything about it made me shudder.

The writer touts our being a “nation of laws” — with which I agree — but doesn’t decry those who are here legally and break our laws with impunity, advocate their violation, or excuse their commission (such as the current occupant of the White House). The writer self-righteously equates undocumented illegals with those who would stay in “her (the previous letter writer’s) house” and ask to be taken care of for free. These immigrants don’t do that. They’re not taking over anyone’s house; typically, they’re overstaying their visas and are living in housing with relatives or in their own housing for which they’re paying from the salaries they’re making from jobs that are essential to our economy.

The writer refers to “infringement of private property,” clearly implying this country belongs to “us,” not “them,” but it is not clear about what the negative impact of “them” is on “us.” That they don’t pay federal taxes? Really? Neither do the very rich “legal” Americans. However, all residents in and visitors to the U.S. pay at the very least sales tax, which helps fund the very services the writer enjoys.

How self-righteous it is to say “Coming to our country illegally is an affront to those who do,” as if this writer, undoubtedly the child or grandchild of an immigrant, has a special claim shared by all their relatives whom they are sure were “legal.” (Want to bet? My own mother wasn’t.) The writer says “I do have compassion,” but that “the 287(g) program is designed to get rid of criminals.” Would that include the children separated from their parents — the families put in detention centers?

And that horrid line about “girls that were recently raped by illegal immigrants” — not only is there absolutely no truth to the claim that undocumented workers commit more crimes, but that is a fear-mongering thing to say — as if somehow their being violated was worse because their attacker didn’t have citizenship papers on him.

I’m still shuddering.

Paulette Lee


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enough is enough the law is Illegal is Illegal period if they are here illegal they are breaking the law from the get go, stop protecting them and there is a way for them to become a respectable citizen follow the law and everyone get along fine these Democrats just want them here for voting rights, Nancy and her gang need to pack up and move out if this great country


We have always had illegal immigrants. In fact illegal immigration has gone down, not up and no fence will stop illegal immigration..



Many countries -- including some that are considered to be very progressive -- have secure borders: border patrol, fences/walls/barriers, electronic surveillance, etc.

The United States has had all of the above for decades. It's not as if the U.S./Mexican border was a gorgeous linear peace park until just recently.

Of course there is no barrier that will completely stop illegal border crossings -- just as there is no fence that will entirely eliminate trespassing on private property, or prevent people from entering military bases, etc. A fence is not meant to impenetrable under all circumstances. It is a 'deterrent', a physical indication of a secure perimeter, property line, or border.

The expression, "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" comes to mind. Just because a barrier can be breached does not mean we should not have one at all. The idea is to a) positively indicate where the border is, and b) slow down those intent on entering illegally -- giving border patrol enough time to respond.

It seems to me that what many people object to is the *imagery* of a barrier. I'll admit, I don't like it either. It's ugly. I would prefer to live in the world John Lennon describes in his song "Imagine", but that world does not exist -- not yet anyway.

In the meantime, in addition to reducing illegal immigration, there are plenty of good reasons to have a secure border:

* To reduce the number of would-be terrorists slipping into the country.

* To curtail the number of weapons crossing the border -- both conventional and those used for terrorism/mass destruction.

* To cut down on women, girls, and children being sold into the sex trade.

* To minimize the amount of drugs -- particularly opioids being smuggled into the country.


no wall will stop them. walls can be breached, even if electrified. Construction equipment will get them up and over.


The WALL forces them further down the line AND gives Border Patrol more time to get to the breech point.


The main concern with immigration (legal and illegal) is our increasing overpopulation. Race, religion, etc, are irrelevant. The same 11,000 scientists that warn us about climate change agree that the U.S. is at about DOUBLE its sustainable population. We should have no more than about 175,000,000 people. We need to slow, stop, and then reverse population growth.

All decent people want to help those in need, but we can help many more people by assisting them where they live -- with foreign aid, AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, and NGO's.

Since we only have a limited amount of money (actually we have none, the US is $23T in debt) we have a moral obligation to spend it in the most efficient way possible.

On a side note, contrary to the common claim that, "Americans won't do those jobs!" -- Americans have always been willing to do any job, if the pay was fair.

What people SHOULD say, if they are honest, is, "People who are here illegally -- and thus exploitable -- will work for less than Americans". That is true, but that does not justify:

* Breaking the law by hiring undocumented aliens.

* Increasing unemployment -- particularly among our most vulnerable groups of people: poor; working class; recent *legal* immigrants, etc.

The truth is, Big Business wants cheap labor, and many people are fine with getting work done cheaper -- as long as THEIR job is not threatened.

Society only works if we all play by the same rules. If a job needs to be done, it should be done by American citizens or legal U.S. residents who are paid a living wage.

It's bad enough that millions of good paying jobs have been shipped overseas. Now for jobs that cannot be relocated, we are bringing cheap, easily exploited labor here. That is clearly wrong and must stop. The claim that "Americans won't do these jobs" is false. What those who say that really mean is, "Americans will not do these jobs for dirt pay, they want a living wage and decent benefits -- and we're greedy and cheap".


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] mrnatural!


the "cheap labor" mentality is long a thing of the past. That was true in 1997.

Today, the immigrants (legal and illegal) know that if they do not do the work * then no one will.

I do not consider starting out with no experience at $17 to $18 per hour "cheap labor". As that's what the immigrants are demanding.


I like you.


The other letter writer was probably a restaurant owner. Decrying illegal immigration while hiring them for invisible positions like kitchen workers and dishwashers. You hear the same double talk from them about taxes and regulations. Remember, illegals are drawn here by the jobs they are offered.


1. The writer is entitled to their opinion as supported by the Constitution for freedom of speech. However, that right also is provided to folks who find that opinion to be flawed. When liberals find it okay to have open borders and to allow illegal immigrants in our country and to use our tax payer supported benefits... well that is just a stupid opinion to have especially when liberals wonder why things are not done for others in our country in time of crisis. 2. We do have a serious problem of illegal immigrants getting the opportunity to vote in our elections maybe not always as a big scheme to defraud but just by the way some states provide illegals with driver licenses allowing them to perjure themselves to fill out voting registration documentation as it states right on the form when completing the forms over at MVA... does MVA ever question them on their forms about citizenship.... think not! 3. If you want to so some compassion for the illegal immigrant that is trying to obey the laws of the land minus the one for illegally entering the country - great concept. Unfortunately some of them commit violent acts of crime against our citizens and even their own illegals in their communities. These illegal immigrants must be brought to justice and either put in prison or deported. 4. If having illegals just coming into our country is such a great idea I suggest the writer should give out their home address and leave the door unlock and the lights on with food available on the stove and in the refrigerator. Also give them clean sheets and towels and a proper room for sleeping and make sure you have the proper TV cable package and internet service for them too. Of course at your expense not theirs or mine.


The borders are not open as much as you want to think they are. They never have been. They are protected and guarded and until Agent Orange spokr up on and talked about walls and limiting things, crossings were down. Coming over illegally is and was a crime and there already were deportations...many under Obama...a liberal. When trump changed things, they spiked. Seems like a gop problem.


We do not want anymore illegally entering the country without going thru the proper process... and yes it was a crime during Obama and yes he deported them as well as put them in cages... he also allowed many of them to get legal status when they should not have any... especially our benefits. They spiked initially because of liberal socialists organizing caravans bringing them to our border, but that was stopped. Nice try open your home to them and give them everything they need at your expense not mine and other tax payers.




Your response is utterly laughable. Your little checklist is priceless. It is infantile and inaccurate, but that's ok, you really just want to lash out at black and brown people. Stop trying to pretend anymore, We know exactly what you are.


And we know exactly what you are dufer. An anti-American piece of …. that deserves a few illegals in your house, eating your food and taking YOUR timely healthcare.


Americans shudder that you still care more for illegal aliens than your own fellow citizens.


Do you care about these citizens? I don't.




Where did you get that information, I missed it

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Not enough drama


You can just see the Right To Speech here is in blessed denial. And we wonder why revolution is barking down the road. Sad. But at least the 2 people in the county offended at everything plus gravity...well at least their feelings are affirmed. Because thats what its all about. Cheers


You don’t have a right to speech on someone else’s private property. Surely you don’t think government should have the authority to tell the media what content is and isn’t allowed.


We can point out stories like this all over. Our prisons are also full of our own citizens.


Nonsense and delusional...


At least you are becoming more self aware of what you are duke. Congratulations! That's a start.


"Barking" - haha. Welcome to the kennel!


Holy censorship batman! Who is editing the comment section(s)? Even the innocuous comments - right and left - are deleted. Assuming this comment will be removed, I'll do you a favor and continue to cut and paste.

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And yet illegal immigrants can get medicaid (see: and they can get free education for their children and enroll in the FARMS program for their children etc. Let's not forget all of the cases where children are separated from their parents when either the children or parent leave their country and leave behind relative. Shouldn't they be sent back so that they are reunited since separating them is bad?

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lack of reality in this letter... more facts in a comic book...


Ms. Lee;

" Yes they may commit a crime but so do people who live here legally." I am sure statements like this, and similar ones, make sense to you but they certainly make others shutter. We are all familiar with the legal wrangling between police and prosecutors concerning the letter of the law. The rule of law is the absolute cornerstone of justice in our society. A judge would never entertain the argument that "others" do it also.

The comments will be typical. Sides are drawn. This has been a continuing problem for years. But this year "illegal" may throw our country into chaos. Do you really expect people to accept an election result that contains millions of fraudulent voters. Or better yet, why should they?


“Do you really expect people to accept an election result that contains millions of fraudulent voters.”

I suspect the number of people who would accept the former is approximately equal to the number who think the latter has any basis in reality. Why do you think this election will be so dramatically different from every previous election when it comes to fraudulent voting.

I’ll take your non-response as a concession that you can’t justify your argument.



Ordinarily I would not respond. But.. This issue goes directly to law and order. Voting by an American citizen is the absolute, sacrosanct, foundation of our Republic. Government by the people. Voter fraud has always been an issue but now more than ever the legitimacy of voters is becoming a major concern. California;s motor/voter law and it;s impending law suit is a prime example.


Why would you ordinarily not respond? You complain that there isn't enough discussion.

As to the substance, we have never had an election will millions of fraudulent votes. Nothing close to it. The opportunity to do has always been there. So, again, why would this year be so astoundingly different? The CA law isn't a sufficient reason.



From three’s link:

“ Critics claimed California would therefore register illegal immigrants to vote because the state also has a measure in place that allows noncitizens to obtain special driver’s licenses.

But California officials maintain that only eligible voters would be automatically registered. A spokeswoman for the state’s DMV told us in March that “undocumented Californians are not eligible to register to vote and [the] DMV has programming measures to prevent that from occurring.””

I’ll take jsk’s non-response as a concession that he has no refutation.

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