There are some letters to the editor like “The American split” by John Kaluza in the Dec. 9 News-Post that arrogantly spew emotional hatred about our country and President Trump. Then there is “The president and the wealth gap” from Robert Peters in the Dec. 23 News-Post. That letter is full of incorrect statements.

These types of letters ignore the progress in many areas of our country that are a result of the actions President Trump has taken. First, unemployment is now at 3.5 percent, as reported. That means many more working-class citizens are employed and get a paycheck they were not getting before. Many received welfare before. This gain for Americans includes African-Americans and Latinos, as reported. Second, the stock market is at record highs, as reported. This means almost everyone with a 401(k) is getting more funds for retirement. Many of those shareholders are working-class citizens. Third, the tax cut did put more money in most working-class citizens’ pockets, as reported.

Fourth, our foreign policy is now much stronger than it has been for a while. Our country has taken back better control of our relations with Europe, the Mediterranean countries and China. There is a lot more to do but tariffs are not our only foreign policy as Mr. Peters states.

Fifth, our farmers are not going bankrupt at a high rate as Mr. Peters states. President Trump set aside billions of dollars for the farmers, as reported, as he worked the trade deal with China. That deal with China includes the purchase of agricultural goods which, as reported, has already begun.

Sixth, anyone that supports many of the Democrats in Congress, and those running for president, is supporting the transformation of our country into a socialist country. I ask all those that support any part of socialism to please closely and truthfully examine what you are asking for because each of those changes to a socialist country will affect all Americans negatively.

William Bugg


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Liberal hatred...yes...we liberals hate how you conservatives discriminate and hate minorities and anyone not lily white, who cowrie to dictators over what our ancestors fought to be one nation that works with our allies vs berates them and pushes them away, and we hate how you dispose free press. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, buddy. Your monster in chief is the biggest hate monger there is. GFY.


Collins we have different opinions. I hate how liberals accuse the conservatives of doing the exact things the liberals are doing. You lie in the face of facts that are plain to see by everyone that has eyes. The fake news promotes those outrageous lies as truth. They've been doing this for the last three years with no end in sight. You do know that the last Pres spied on "the free press" right? All these lies are because the liberals chosen one LOST! "Cowrie"? The last poser in Chief cowered at the likes of Islamic terrorists and couldn't even say the word without his middle eastern BFF's getting offended. He even went on an apology tour and bowed to those same people. THAT is the definition of a coward. This country has been the punching bag and the loan department of the world for decades because of simpering leaders that didn't want to offend other world leaders. Not anymore Collins. None of you liberals have the right to not be offended. Meet you in DC on 7/4/2020 at high noon. I'm sure I'll have no problem picking you out in the crowd. Just make sure you wear your rainbow p**sy hat and your favorite "nasty woman" shirt. As far as the G F Y, you first.


What clueless regurgitated propaganda from faux news (or the state news channel).

Unemployment has very little to do with any of the few economic policies your dear leader has implemented, and the lower unemployment in his three years, which is relatively flat, is a function of low wage part time jobs being filled and relatively low labor participation.

As for the employment of African-Americans, that is a red herring because of the above and the increasing reliance in the economy of cheap labor. Not being racist here just reflecting the skills of the workforce, which is in a large part attributable to republican disdain for education and job training.

401(k)s LMAO - most of the workforce does not participate in 401(k)s or contribute to IRAs. As someone who is smart, unlike you Mr. Bugg, I have been glad about the boost but still is about the games corporations played as windfall from the tax bill. Most of the workforce has not gained because they are not in, contrary what has been fed to you from faux news and the like, and for the most part lost because of the tax bill. My higher taxes are a prime example of how most Americans have been screwed. But keep believing you delusions but don't come crying to me when you are outside the wall of the land of milk and honey.

As for more money in working class pockets? What sort of drugs are you on? All the benefits went to the super upper class. Oh, but you are all in on the propaganda machine faux news.

Foreign policy strength? Again, what drugs are you on? Your dear leader has made us a laughing stock across the world, and the actions in the past couple of days have reinforced that. Again, you are brainwashed by faux news. The Art of the Deal gets played like a fine violin by The Art of War.

Farmers not going bankrupt? What rock are you living under? The billions have not made up for the markets lost. Oh, BTW those billions that are supposedly from tariffs were paid for by Americans. Economics 101.

Then we get to the "socialist" bogeyman trigger word for uneducated fools. I am sure William that you are all good with your "socialist" Social Security and your "socialist" Medicare or your "socialist" VA Benefits, and your "socialist" police and your "socialist" fire department and your "socialist" education (which I think for you stopped sticking after third grade). It is obvious you don't know wth you are talking about.

When you get an actual education come on back and discuss things instead pushing your faux news propaganda because you're a good little brown shirt....oh sorry red hat.

If you are not going to be educated then please be known as a traitor to the Republic.


"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation." So tell me again how the GOP plans to have a "fair and honest" impeachment trial if they are unwilling to hear any witnesses or investigate any evidence.....


[thumbup] olefool


Com’on man! Get real. Inciting hatred is Trump’s ‘MO’. He only spews hatred. Read his tweets. He uses hatred to rev-up his base at rallies. No telling what hateful smears, slurs, falsehoods he’ll 🤮.


"Socialism" isn't the dirty word to younger voters that it is for older ones. That claim alone won't stem a Democratic tide.


Sorry Mr. Bugg, your ideas no longer have relevance in this mess your party has created. How about joining us to make Frederick better instead of worse.


Sorry yogi, but the more breathlessly you sanctimonious liberals cry "offense", the more likely your party is guilty of committing precisely that offense. So, your party's projection no longer has any relevance. She LOST! accept your 2016 loss and move on. Have a great day.


That was "breathless"? And oh, my. "She" who....


SHE may have lost the 2016 election, but the big losers are all the American people who have lost their beloved democracy and had their honor stolen by the lying, thieving, thug now holding that office. No matter your political affiliation, if you're an American, you're a loser now too. It's time for us all to ditch the projections and admit we've been scammed by Putin and his puppets.


In America, except in one instance, our leaders are elected by a majority of votes cast by American Citizens. The one exception is the Electoral College(EC) to elect the POTUS. The EC, along with the 3/5 Compromise, was a gimmick designed by James Madison to appease the 7 Southern “Slave States” to gain the 9 States required to Ratify the Constitution to be adopted by the 13 States that comprised the United States of America.....

The EC, along with the 3/5 Compromise, was a negotiated deal between James Madison and Alexander Hamilton and the 7 Southern “slave” States to preserve slavery as the Law of the Land in perpetuity a.k.a. forever. Madison and Hamilton were forced to agree with this convoluted way to give the 7 Southern “slave” States an advantage as a way to gain Representatives and elect the President in order to get the 9 of the 13 States in 1787 that were needed to ratify the new Constitution written by Madison that he and Hamilton so desperately wanted. It worked well. Slave owning Virginians were elected President 4 out of the first 5 Presidents and Virginians were elected President for 32 of the first 36 years of our great Nation. The EC never has had a thing to do with Big States/Small States, East Coast/West Coast/Middle America, Big Urban Centers/Rural America. The EC is a shameful remnant of the reality faced by James and Alexander in Colonial America. The EC should have been removed by the 14th Amendment along with the 3/5 Compromise but the Conservatives of the day realized it gave them an advantage in Electing the POTUS. But we know how bad the EC is when the only 2 times in modern History it has elected the POTUS, they are the two worst Presidents in History. By far.


And Republicans think we are concerned about Hillary because Hillary beat your cult hero and you still try to justify the election of an idiot.



Your first and second points are a result of Obama's initiatives.

Your third point is garbage: only the wealthiest among us have REALLY enjoyed a windfall.

Your fourth point: Our foreign policy is in tatters. Trump has ZERO idea of what the fawk he is doing. Career foreign policy experts are resigning over the Trump admin's actions, people that we desperately need to counter this man-child's tantrums. Russia is taking advantage of us. Just today, Russia has swooped in to offer air defense after the US attacks Iraq with threats of sanctions. I wonder why that is?

As for your point on farmers and socialism: it shows your ignorance. Trump levying tariffs on China which directly hurt our farmers (e.g., soybean exports), then turning around and providing those same farmers with millions of dollars IS SOCIALISM! But, since it's your guy, it's okay.




Forbes, Bloomberg UPI and other news agencies report that there were 24% more bankruptcies among farmers in 2018-19 than previous than the previous year. The tariffs on Chinese goods took a little while to have this effect. Look it up, Mr. Bugg. Care to retract your statement? I bet not.


I would add that the money he "set aside" bypassed Congress and is TAXPAYER money that was going somewhere other than to pay off the farmers. I am not anti-farmer but can't understand or condone the distortion of factual information.


It truly is amazing that William does not realize that handing out money to farmers (more than the auto bailout, which the republicans like William screamed about) is socialism.


Many of the farmers themselves see it as welfare and are not happy that Trump's trade war either makes them apply for government handouts or sell the farm. Also, these bailouts may not be there next year, so what will save them then?

Comment deleted.


Comment deleted.

prg; just asking for the record, you realize that this was THEIR money, correct?

Comment deleted.

Prg, I just got done telling Bunny that was their money - their assets that we froze (probably illegally). Are you and Bunny the same person?

Comment deleted.


Prg45fan: for the record, I did not report your comments. FNP also deleted my reply to the article you posted (don't know why, there were no bad words other than my use of the British slang word for one's behind - but it was directed at myself).

C'mon, FNP.


I got your post Henry_Avery and I'm not good at tests. I don't bother reporting posts anymore. We have a difference in opinion in what are facts and what are opinions. Who determines the truth? Too many people in the intersection between perceived fact and fiction leads to conflict. Do you disagree?


Oh my goodness.

Just one thing - before you embarrass yourself with another public letter, find out what “welfare” actually is and who receives it.


Well said, Sevenstones.


Lol, Bill Bugg calling liberals haters. Too funny! It's Trump calling everyone names at his hate rallies. It's Trump yelling lock her up as he gives you one of those smug looks. It's Trump that alienates all the U.S. allies. It's Trump that attacks the press. It's Trump that attacks the FBI and CIA taking Putin's word, instead of theirs. It's Trump that withheld money from Ukraine. It was Trump that lied aboutique Biden. It was Trump that created the Obama birther lie about Obama. It was Trump that locks up immigrants at the border and separates young children from their parents. It was Trump that ruined many farmers in the mid west with his China tariffs. It was Trump that is trying to start a war with Iran to get reelected. It was Trump that betrayed the Kurds. It was Trump that said Mexico would build the wall. And I have left a lot out.

Now you tell us how great the economy is. Yet, we can't get a decent minimum wage. And the billionaires and large corporations got a large tax cut that has caused a bigger deficit.

Yeah, Trump is great ' a great liar.


Wonder what "handle" Mr. Bugg posts under?



He might be confident and brave enough to post under his actual name. Unlike the people afraid to "publicly" express their opinions


prg45fan seems plenty feisty. Why do you think she/he is afraid?


You sure are concerned about real names, not the comments because you never seem to understand how wrong you are. Now the question, what would you do if you knew the real names? Come over an assault them?


Oh, I'm confident but see no reason to post using an actual name unless that is required for all. I'm smart enough to know that there are unhinged folks out there and really don't care to paint a target on myself.


Keep drinking the Kool-aid William.

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