When I think about the Frederick County Public Schools Board of Education election, I want a person who has an academic background and who is caring, compassionate and concerned about the whole child.

Lois Jarman has all of these characteristics and more. She is a teacher, formerly at FCPS and now at Shepherd University. Lois understands what students need in order to succeed academically, socially and emotionally. Lois is also smart. I don’t say that because she has advanced degrees, which she does, but because she knows how to think creatively.

One sees her abilities reflected in her current work on the FCPS board of education as she produces solutions to current challenges in education. From her days volunteering when her own children attended FCPS schools, to the work she has continued to do on her own for many organizations including the Frederick Women’s Giving Circle, the Frederick County Commission for Women, and the present Board of Education, she is clearly qualified to continue as a member of the board.

Lastly, I see Lois as a strong supporter of diversity, and Frederick has a diverse educational population that needs a person like her. In short, we need leadership from people who care about every student, and Lois is that person. Please vote for her for Board of Education on election day.

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I know a thing or two about Andrea Pilon Artman and David Bass and will be voting for them. Undecided about my third vote at the moment.


When I received my absentee ballot, since I had no info on the candidates I reviewed their web pages. Only three mentioned the importance of parents to a child’s education. I voted for these three. As a person who (by choice) never had children, the COVID experience has amazed me that school seems to have become a primary parent for many children. Schools feed children, provide mental health care, health care, etc. What happened to parents doing this for their own children? Why is tax payer money spent on raising children? Education should be reading, writing, and arithmetic, not feeding and supporting. Parents should do that! If a person does not have the money and/or skills to be a parent, do not have children.


Well. The fact is, not everyone is forward-thinking, and children (our future) should not be penalized for shortcomings they have no control over. My birthmother could not provide. I was placed for adoption. That is forward-thinking. I was married 25 years before we became parents through adoption, which was not initially forward thinking on our part more than most people. We did not choose it. We did not not-choose it. At first we were not actively pursuing it as literally everyone we knew became parents. I had time to read horror parent stories, like driving your kids to a lake and jumping out. Time to feel angry and question who was in charge of assigning children to parents. There was a time I'd have put exclamation points after that. Adopting from china was a rigamarole of multiple fingerprintings and paperwork and interviews then travel after delays and uncertainties, and that made me think carefully all along the way. Now we are both over 65 and our daughter is working on her Masters from home. This is unexpected. She is not enthusiastic, but i actually needed more time separating and realize it now, with her household moved back in and pretty much everywhere. Walking around it all. Put away what we could, but we plan on needing it all again. Her car in the driveway. She will be working in a MD school system as a school psychologist one day. That is the plan in hiatus sort of, now. Your post reminds me of the time we were childless so long, people thought we chose it. No one asked anymore. Some with kids told us we were wise. Some claimed to envy us. We did not engage on tjis topic with anyone but professionals. We did not know how the story would come out. Or how it "should" come out. It felt out of our hands. You feel in control. There was a time we thought we were so good at self control when others failed. We never claimed to be "trying" as others do either. We had the experience intended for us to learn what we needed to appreciate the family we are. There are plenty of things we may never know about , so can do nothing about. But we know enough to do something when we can, how we can. So we do.


I agree, but can we let children starve when parents cannot afford to feed them. I think not, although it does bother me that people do not care for their children when they can.


LAR1, You might bear in mind that children don’t get to choose their parents. Don’t punish a child for the actions of the parent. That’s the sort of shmegegge the god of the bible Is known for. Be better than that.


You made a good choice,LAR1.


Isn't she the one who almost killed a kid because she crashed into them while texting? Right after she tried to ban texting in schools?


Yep, not understanding how someone can support her after almost killing a child by not following the law, and has a "do as I say not as I do attitude."


At some point she and her supporters will realize she disqualified herself - maybe not until November.


Yep, one and the same. Too cool for the room.


My wife and I already voted for Lois. This LTE is a week late.


Who are the others you voted for and why? I really don't know anything about any of the others yet. I can't vote for Jarman due to she almost killed a child, so I don't think she should be overseeing them. We might agree on one of the others though.


I don't even remember now. My wife liked her and as I told Gabe below, I missed the story about the accident. There were four injured in the accident. The driver of the Honda she hit was a 18 year old. But there was an older person that was still critical. Doesn't say anything about the 18 year old.


All for doing something she claimed people shouldn't be doing. OK, I am not going to debate that as it's water under the bridge if you already voted. Now, who else did you pick, if you don't mind and why? Or does your wife make all your decision? (yes 2nd question is just a jab buddy)


By the way, Lois is the Director of International Affairs at Shepherd University.


Why Dick, name recognition? She disqualified herself from ever holding another public position after she hypocritically texted while driving, causing a crash that nearly killed a kid. And she says she cares about kids? BS.


I know she cares about kids and has dedicated her life's work to them. Her former students rightly adore her, but as I said, she should know by now that she disqualified herself.


I didn't even know about that, Gabe. But I have read a lot of good about her. A tragic accident to be sure. Still, although she made a bad mistake, what makes you say she does not care about children. She violated the law, but I sincerely doubt she did so with any intention to harm someone - although the results justify criticism. A violation of law and she was charged, but it is not hypocritical. Poor judgement, yes.



"... A violation of law and she was charged, but it is not hypocritical."

I don't understand how anybody who blatantly does what they charge others not to do (regardless of outcome) is *not* hypocritical. Hypocrisy is exactly that, "the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform."

My opinion: we have enough hypocrites in politics, we need to prune their numbers whenever possible.


bk, the accident was bad, but Lois has done a lot of good for the County and children.


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