At church this week, we heard the encounter Jesus had with a scribe who asked, “which is the first of all the commandments.” Jesus replied the first is …” you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Regardless of your belief system — or lack of one — the second commandment applies to all of us. Today, too many have lost sight of the second commandment as radicals (and unfortunately politicians) on both sides of the political spectrum unfairly vilify each other (e.g., some of the Virginia election ads) and those who do not fully support their agendas.

This has led to an inability to have civil discourse because both sides refuse to listen to anything that is not consistent with their agendas, as they attempt to impose them on the public.

We are beginning to see pushback from the sensible public on some of these agenda items. I hope that both political parties will recognize that the radical approaches pushed by their extremists need to be scaled back to move forward on the good ideas contained in each other’s agendas, for example, childcare tax credits for needy single parents, immigration reform, better education opportunities for children in failing schools, etc.

Harry Carnes

New Market

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Several points. Do not speak for Jesus is a valid one. His words are clearly written. Within these comments it is suggested Jesus would be a liberal or as one prominent Democrat said recently "woke." His words, the Word of God suggest otherwise. God hates divorce from Malachi and reaffirmed by Jesus. Marriage is between a man and women. Adultery is a sin against God. Abortion and homosexuality may not have been directly addressed by Jesus but they are by his disciples in the Didache- The teaching of the Twelve Apostles. It would be hard to classify him as "woke" by his testimony.

Another assertion is that people are nice throughout the world without Christianity.

t can't help think of Afghanistan, or the nations in Africa or Japan pre WW2, or the Native American Tribes that warred with each other or the caste system in India or Pearl Buck's China. As a by product of social living certainly people learned the advantage of being friendly to a neighbor but "loving thy enemy" A Christian Commandment would not be natural.


What a bizarre response to a reasonable, decent letter.


“His words are clearly written.”

Actually, they aren’t. All we have are — at best — second hand reports. Possibly even farther removed or even invented. We simply don’t know.

If he’d come today he could have reached a whole nation. Israel in 4 CE had no mass communication.


People have been doing "the right thing" without Christianity for much of human history, and across much of the world today. And people who claim they are Christians have gone against nearly every bit of Christ's teachings for as long as Christianity has existed. Nice try, jsk.


To be fair, lots of people have also done the wrong thing with christianity. I haven't seen much of a correlation between religion and behavior. I have seen good and bad behavior from both camps.


Even if you can't love your neighbor, you don't have to act like a boor and rip up his lawn, cut him off on the interstate, or spit in his face. It's called courtesy. THAT's what we're missing.





Since your letter has not generated many comments I will throw some wood on the fire.

First. Progressively(catch that) less Americans are governed by Christian belief. So why love or be civil to someone with diametrically opposing views. Illogical

Second. Asking someone to do this is borderline "love your enemy". A remarkable , revolutionary social concept that changed the world bot makes less sense in our progressively changing world. Where is the reward in that?

Third I caution you sir. Letters like yours that openly proclaim the teachings of Jesus Christ are becoming more frowned upon. I think a teacher in our public school system would be nervous if it was presented in a classroom setting. You know it is frowned upon to even say Merry Christmas because it includes the name of Christ.

Fourth But be brave for you and I still believe in John 3:18.


You can’t be a true Christian and a Trumper. Jesus Christ would be a Liberal Democrat supporting Joe Biden. And I guess you’ve never heard the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Only since June 15, 2015 has the Hate and Rage and blatant Racism destroying our Country reared its ugly head.


Jesus would not support Joe Biden. Jesus would have supported Bernie Sanders in the last election cycle, and the one before that as well. Apart from a few outliers like Bernie and AOC, the current Democratic party is not as liberal as Faux News proclaims it to be.


A person can't be a true Christian and a Trump supporter, fido? Is that a fact? Who the hell are you to decide how someone perceives their Christianity to be? Your holier-than-thou attitude is exactly what is wrong with you and your fellow "progressive" far left extremists. And that is nothing short of absolutely disgusting.


When a person like you does the exact opposite of everything Christianity teaches you it’s pretty obvious that you are a hypocrite. Actually bnick467 is correct, JesusChrist was a Progressive and I know folks of your ilk aren’t Progessives. Actually, I disagree mightily with the Progressives in the Democratic Party. They are hurting President Biden as much as the Republibans. I am a Moderate and support most of Biden’s Agenda. I am somewhere between Biden and Manchin on the larger Bill.


Fido, you don't have a clue as to my interpretation of Christianity, and you don't have a clue as to what I do outside of what I've mentioned here in this forum, so go spew your garbage to someone who might be stupid enough to believe it.

And FYI, in the commentary "Republicans can finally feel good about an election," I gave you my "civil retort on the subject" which you said you would look forward to. Now I'm looking forward to see how you're going to deflect from defending Biden in your reply. We'll see who the hypocrite is.


And, by the way, fido, I could say that no true, patriotic American would support Biden and his illegal and unconstitutional policies and practices. So your kind of thinking is a two way street. Think about that for awhile.


I’ve already replied to your reply.


What illegal and unConstitutional Policies Mr. Reid? Please be specific. And when I said “a person like you” I wasn’t talking specifically about Christianity. I was talking about Republibans lying, Racist, hateful, dishonest behavior that has done great damage to our Republic and to our Democracy. America wasn’t like this before Trump, it had made great strides toward including all Citizens in the American Dream. Trump has reversed those gains.


I wasn’t speaking for Jesus, I was describing his teachings which are very much like the Progressive Agenda. I am not against the Progressive Agenda, I am against their demands to cure Americas ills with one Bill.


I think Jesus might frown on speaking for Him. Voting is private.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Dwasserba.



One thing that has startled me is meeting atheists and agnostics who do the “Christian” thing without any accompanying belief in a delayed reward at all.


If you are startled, you might wish to reconsider your assumptions.


The radicals on both sides choose the candidates,The centrists and independents don't vote in large numbers in the primaries, therefore we are usually picking the least radical candidate in the general election, but a radical just the same. Change the 2 party lock on our system! Let the independents vote in the primaries.


I think the most important thing regarding radical candidates is to pick people that are decent people with appropriate experience. It would also be terrific if we stop listening to people on both the left and the right who make their livings by dividing people.


"Decent people with appropriate experience..." Well, you've probably just eliminated 50% or more of the pool of politicians.


...most notably our last president.


How about a "No Party System" where the voters can use ranked-choice voting in the primary to narrow it down to the top two candidates for the general election? While we're at it, prohibit the RNC and DNC from contributing to the campaigns of the candidates, so that the richest have no more power in our elections than any other citizen. We claimed our independence from Great Britain on the grounds that "All men are created equal", yet our current political system still creates a class divide where the richest make the rules.


[thumbup]bnick Wow. I’d vote for you


Bnick - Brilliant. Absolutely a fantastic idea. One question, have you figured out how to get the special interest groups to authorize their politicians to actually implement this? Sarcasm notwithstanding, I love your plan. Now you have 2 votes!


Kang and Kronos: "You have to vote for one of us, it's a two party system!" Citizen in the audience: "I'll vote for a third party" Kang and Kronos: "Go ahead, throw your vote away!' From the Simpsons Tree House of Horrors!!

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