Many families have that one precocious child, often called a wunderkind, who meticulously dismantles things like old radios and TVs, but who never figures how to put them back together, or even reconfigure. Never, ever.

For four lost years, our country has let Trump dismantle nearly every law and fire nearly every human that has kept our lands, government, and people safe. The most egregious act may have been tossing a pandemic game plan, complete with staff (a true gift from the former administration) so that when the pandemic did come, we were up the creek. More than 180,000 of our brothers and sisters have perished, and still we are floundering. The person who dismantled what would have helped us avoid these sorrows cannot seem to repair it, cannot coordinate a national plan, and has his minions publicly talk about Covid-19 in the past tense.

“He has kept his word,” may be the most fallacious claim, followed closely by, “Before Covid, he gave us the longest economic expansion in history, and he’ll do it again.” I have yet to hear which word it is that he has kept. Bits and pieces of several are on the table, where they remain.

The economy? No. A far longer, stabler economic expansion came under Obama and BIden. Trump’s economy is smoke and mirrors for us regular folk. We get a “tax break,” yet a trillion dollars to make up the shortfall is added to our already devastating debt. Who pays? Every taxpayer receiving a break from Trump is paying now.

“We are a nation of laws” is a particularly duplicitous propaganda point used by this administration, which skirts the law, ethics, morality, and truth every day. Every day. That is the truth. Please let it sink in.

Those who will vote for Trump mock Biden for his self-description as a “transition President.” “Transition to what?” they complain. To smoothing the way for the upcoming leaders of our country by halting the current disruption and near-complete dismantling of our country’s reputation, health, even ability to function. By evening our keel. He’s done it before and will do it again.

I doubt that those who cast their vote for Trump understand that the rest of us—the majority—already have moved on. Even if somehow the man is again elected, he’s already in the rear window. 20th century mindsets just don’t cut it anymore. Let them rest.

Sheryl Massaro


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Greg F

Basket of deplorables is too kind for trump supporters. Accomplices to treason and subversion is more apt. Racists...and willfully ignorant is appropriate. Pig ignorant...appropriate. An utter disgrace to anyone who has fought and died for this nation is what they are.


Thanks to this writer I got a good belly laugh this morning. Joe's basement is full of people like this writer who refuse to believe that he will ruin the economy if elected. You may want to get ready because President Trump will be re-elected. Maybe those who promised to move if Trump won four years ago will actually do it this time.

Greg F

You refuse to believe trump isn’t a pathetic criminal and likely are willfully and gleefully hoping he succeeds in ruining this nation. Even former FBI puts him as a direct threat...and he fired the representative for even speaking up about it, like a dictator does to quiet anyone.


Baloney. I’m not getting ready for anything but moving on no matter who wins, you silly person. Biden helped save our economy when he and O were elected. Steady economic expansion -a trajectory the current president has taken advantage of. Not my opinion - it’s there for all to see in black and white. FYI, I don’t even venture into my own basement, much less Biden’s.


America cannot afford another four years of Donald Trump!


Everything in this LTE is obvious, yet many still don't see it or aren't bothered by it. What is really scary is that Trump has gotten rid of many who kept him from doing stupid things. Who will be there to keep him from compromising the election - as he almost did when he told people to vote by mail and in person. Who is going to stop him from hitting the nuclear button when he is in one of his reality breaks? This recent thing where Atlantic Magazine has quotes from multiple former Trump insiders that Trump said that Americans who died in wars are losers. He denies it, but we all know its true and consistent with what he has said about John McCain and other veterans. Now he is trying to withdraw federal funds that goes to cities that have Democratic majorities. He has talked at rallies about being president for 16 years. And he still won't release his taxes or even tell you truthfully where his father was born. What gives?


In actuality, the majority of this country was never a fan of Trump. He lost the 2016 election by 3,000,000 votes.


Yes. He won because of those who disliked Hillary more.


Of course they disliked Hillary. Who deletes emails?

Greg F

Trump and his entire family...


Laughable premise to this opinion piece! Turn off CNNmsnbcNYTWaPo and take your news from some diverse sources, not just election propaganda. You lost last time due to your ignorance and attitude.


You mean like Faux News? [lol][lol]


No, Berryman means Youtube and his Facebook friends, his knowlege then enhanced by visiting his various conspiracy-theory sites. And lets not forget his "radio" tuned to Rush Limbaugh, Trump's very own Medal of Fredom honoree for keeping alive hatred and mysogeny on America's airwaves. Berryman, the very best example of the most egregious of Trump's "achievments: his insideous undermining of the press, just as he's been undermining the process of our elections......both having begun back in 2015. Trump is dangerous and sick and must be removed. Trump best illustrates what can happen to a young democracy in only a few short years, with the corrupt, malicious, and ignorant "leadership" of a malignant narrcissist with secrets to hide and a family business to keep from another bankruptcy.


You could be right. Many are humbled. Go Biden


hopefully you democrat losers will stop your temper tantrums and let Trump get down to business without you trying to block everything he tries to get done when we vote him back in


Is reader 1954 an actual human being, or just another Russian bot posting inane, irrelevant comments here??? Or could they be one and the same.....



I wonder that about a few commenters, if they are actual humans because there is no way an actual human can be that inane. I think before someone posts they should prove they aren’t a bot with a captcha box


I wish the FNP comment forum had a way to ignore a poster, like the WAPO does. I can tolerate some of these people on both sides of the fence, but there are several I would easily hit the button to ignore their lewd, hateful, name calling comments towards other posters on this forum.


Hey Reader; were you saying the same thing about Republicans blocking everything by Obama? Just checking. Because, of course, this is exactly how our government works in case you hadn't learned that.




While you're at it, be sure to deny he ever uses the word "loser"...would never...ever...and say it forcefully

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