It was with some dismay that I read your article regarding the city of Frederick’s intention to install gated access to the Frederick City Watershed. It is beyond me who might consider this a good idea. This area is a gem, a resource that almost no other city has. It is used extensively by all manner of outdoorsy types: hikers, bikers, horsemen, hunters, fishers, birders and just plain nature lovers. Sometimes I just like to take a drive through there to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The article said this restricted entry is to combat illegal trash dumping. Really? If a neighborhood has a speeding problem, is the answer to close the street or restrict access to daytime use only? Of course not.

This action is similar to the Frederick city leadership fiasco regarding the city logo. The citizens of Frederick were excluded from the process and the same is true here. This sets up a pattern of disenfranchising the citizens. Come on, Mr. Mayor. Fix this and the process.

Robert Cox


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Maybe they will just close it at night?


That may work for some of the year three, but hunters arrive hours before dawn to get to their spot and set up. The gates would need to be opened by 3 am to accommodate them.


People who read the FNP may remember more isues with the watershead than dumping. Dumping is a serious issue. I also rememver those making heir personal trails and racing paths along waterways. I may miss on the details, but it is worth the time to see what the Alders want to do and their thinking on the issue.

Bob Van Deusen

The City of Frederick watershed is a favorite recreation spot of mine. I am a sportsman and enjoy hunting and fishing. Both of which can be done in the watershed. If the access is limited it will severely impact my privilege to use that public property. With todays technology with instant camera pictures being sent to the owner of that camera I am sure the city could identify the few people who are either dumping or mudding up in the watershed. Do not punish the many good citizens of Frederick and surrounding areas for a few bad actors. Let technology provide for the answer and not chains and gates.

Bob Van Deusen


In 2014 a U Md College Park group studied the watershed and recommended better management but there was no suggestion of keeping the public out. The City has their report here


He should have stayed an alderman.


We need to restrict the board of aldermen. Other then Russell they are all garbage.


Garbage? And us voters do select them? What does that say about us? On the contrary, I rather like the Alders.


Well said


Seems to be a lot of unilateral actions being taken by the elected officials of this city lately. Restricted entry? Restricted to who? Does this mean we can expect fences and gates at other city locations that supposedly have trash issues? Parks, ball fields, walking paths?


The issue is dumping.


Right, and so logically you work these tracks (1) prevention by providing trash bins and signs indicating their location (2) deterrence by catching some of the dumpers (3) clean-up using volunteeers or contract staff. Maybe this is unfair, but... Isn't a wall or a fence is a rather heavyhanded Trumpian approach?

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