The county is going to audit the sheriff’s office concerning how much money is spent on the 287(g) program, which keeps lawbreaking illegals off our streets. It is a great first step. The county should also audit how much it cost the taxpayers to house, feed, give medical treatment, provide translators at our schools and government offices, etc., to illegals.

Bill Butler


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Hey Bill - you otta read up on a subject before you write about it.


While, I don't disagree with you, Bill, it is obvious that you don't understand the reason and need of this specific audit.


Good audits keep honest Sheriffs honest. And until we find problems, we can presume honesty.


The work of a finance department is to supervise and advise departments on fiscal conventions and to keep management advised on when policies are not being followed. It is pretty evident that the County Finance staff is very weak and cannot be counted on to properly advise the Executive, or she does not expect to be advised. Jan needs to toughen up the Finance.


Bill, you hit the nail on the head but unfortunately too many of our officials aren't interested in exposing these costs which have been exposed by numerous studies and in addition to the dollars expended, these illegal aliens commit tens of thousands of felony crimes including more than 2,000 murders annually....but the left says its immoral not to allow them to stay...


You used to say 4,000 murders per year. What happened? Did illegal immigrants become twice as law-abiding as before?


Potatoes and oranges, same-same


Which agency handles that?


Good question. Well Bill? Answer please.


I don't work for the county, but Audits are normally part of the Finance Dept.


Au yes, the “house, feed, give medical treatment, provide translators at our schools and government offices, etc., to illegals” Finance Dept. is at the end of hall on the 13th floor of Winchester Hall.


Shouldn't need translators. Learn the English language. End of story.




riki you have never lived in a foreign country, have you. How many languages besides English do you speak fluently?


shifty, Not a one. What does that have to do with it. Had I lived in another country I would make the attempt to LEARN the language of the country that I lived in. That is just common sense. Then again common sense is not that common anymore due to people like yourself. They are obviously refusing to do so at the cost of the taxpayers How is that ok? Oh that's right, you are one of those that would welcome everyone worldwide at the expense of everything that makes America, America. Just another disgusting bleeding heart liberal. I speak Hillbilly and Redneck fairly fluent. Does that count?


My Mother, oldest of 10 kids, grew up on a Blue Ridge Mountain top in Virginia where her Father managed an apple orchard for 7or 8 months of the year. In the winter he made whiskey, and drank it year ‘round. She could tell some great snake stories and play guitar and yodel. And speak Hillbilly, as did the whole family. Where did you learn?


Our county/country could save so much money if illegals were not hired to work. Many come to our area for employment. We need to fine those who hire illegals.


[lol] missed that one did you blue?


Phydo- In a small valley just East of Mount Dunlop and just North of the Mason-Dixon line. Replace your word Mountain with Summit and you got it.



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