While I agree with most of Mr. Topchik’s comments (“A Gun Owner Speaks” Sept. 1, 2019), I do sense that the positions are too technical and not logically presented. They are also out of sequence. Primarily, we need to change the gun culture.

First of all, before we barge into the nitty gritty, the gun control folks need to win the battle on social media platforms. The NRA (not mentioned in the column) seems to have the upper hand on Google, Facebook, etc. Online, the NRA agenda routinely comes up in dealing with any inquiry around gun violence. The NRA is the default website every time. The gun control advocates simply do not have as much presence on the social media platforms as the NRA....

Secondly, the gun control advocates need to forcefully AFFIRM their viewpoints with the legislature, governors, and the White House about the need to support some of the measures cited in Topchik’s column. ... Perhaps by a resolution committed to producing a bill/law with the necessary technical language that can be negotiated. The first step is for the politicians to identify themselves with some level of pending gun control measures.

Convince them that these measures are supported by most of the American people. This time, their semi-permanent jobs are on the line.

Jerry Miller


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Let's change the culture where too many people think it's ok to kill someone else (regardless of the weapon). The exceptions are capital punishment and defense of life and liberty.


I worked hard and saved my money for that in-dash mp3 player- anyone who thinks they are gonna take it will pay with their life. Sucker cost me $142!


perfect example.


Gabe - really? blowing some one away over a 142$ piece of crap is worth taking a life? what about turn the other cheek or letting the fool take it and saying it's simply not worth it? seems like an uneven application of the eye for an eye mentality. just saying.


Sam, that was sarcasm towards clearrunoff's example. I am agreeing with MD1756 that people need to stop being violent at the drop of a hat. A car stereo certainly is not worth blowing someone away. That is what a phonecall to the police is for. The only time it is justified is if you are threatened with deadly force, or if someone breaks into your home.


more violence is always a good answer. sarcasm.


and that mentality is part of the problem, clean. hopefully you write in jest.


There's an urban myth from the 1980s when people put "No Radio" signs in their cars. The myth is that someone broke into such a car and wrote "Get one" on the sign.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] md1756.


so, it's not ok to think to kill someone unless it;s state sanctioned or the will of mob rule or vigilantism? how holy are thee? who decides those exceptions? you? lol. sad


If anything is sad, it is your reply. In your first case, the laws dictate what the crimes are and what are the possible outcomes (I didn't write the laws or the penalties). In the second case, the right to "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is recognized in the declaration of independence (I simply support that concept). Why should you kill someone if it is not one of two those cases? You certainly provide no examples. The only case I can think of is assisted suicide but it is not legal in many states so until then you better not assist someone's suicide. Would you kill someone just because they walked on your grass? Now if they break into your house in the middle of the night that is something different, and the government will decide if any killing was justified as may be claimed. I never endorsed mob rule or vigilantism and I don't know how you could have even construed that from my previous comment except to deliberately misinterpret what I wrote. Shooting someone when your life is in immediate danger is one thing. To track someone down and kill them later should be left up to law enforcement, a judge and jury. Think all you want, but acting on it is completely different.

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