OK, Frederick County, with the balloon-launch emergency having been successfully solved, get ready for the County Council to use every means possible to invade our lives, homes, businesses and personal transportation devices with regulations, taxes and policing in order to pursue their politically driven climate change “emergency.” (See “Fitzwater, Hagen working on climate change resolution,” published in the Jan. 7 News-Post.)

The fact that they already have declared an “emergency” makes it clear that the fix is in and there is no intention to do anything other than regulate, tax and police. I predict the ad hoc “Climate Change Emergency Working Group” report, due a year from now, will be replete with “incentives” (translation: social engineering) to encourage county residents to fall in line with the council’s clearly announced political agenda.

Here is what we can expect to see: 1. Taxpayer-funded charging stations for use by those who can afford to buy expensive electric vehicles that are unaffordable for the common resident. 2. A significant county tax on gasoline. 3. Farmers will be specially taxed and regulated if they have animals, with flatulence being a major environmental threat. 4. Mandatory home-energy consumption audits with homeowners given a timetable to meet legislated energy-saving targets. 5. Grass cutting will be restricted to once per month. 6. The council will pass a resolution to declare Carroll Creek Linear Park a wetland in order to preserve the murky, algae-covered, waste-littered water as an oxygen source for the county, which unlike balloons, will somehow stay within county boundaries.

I suggest that if the County Council wants to experience a real environmental emergency, they travel to Taiwan, China, India and many other countries around the world. Places where the air is so blue and opaque that residents wear surgical masks and the water is unfit to drink. Frederick County is not experiencing a climate change emergency. Not even close. An emergency is a heart attack, a house fire, a car accident, an attack on a military base or a terrorist attack on 100-story buildings. The commissioners just want to legislate feel-good measures at the expense of the taxpayers. Measures that will do absolutely nothing to affect the climate anywhere on the globe — especially the places where the air is blue. They have predetermined the outcome but won’t admit it. So, they have done what bureaucrats and politicians do — appoint a puppet committee, hide behind the predetermine recommendations they wanted, and then trumpet the result as the will of the people.

Robert Hosier

Mount Airy

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Does the writer have any basis for what he "expects"? Or does he just make it up to be a nuisance?


Here's a list of easy and simple solutions to climate change:

1. Children and adults alike need to remember trash belongs in a trash receptacle.

2. Smokers must stop dumping their vehicle ashtrays into parking lots! Totally irresponsible and disgusting.

3. Vehicle windows are not there to throw trash, cigarettes, etc. out of. Cigarettes can cause brush fires and other dangerous situations.

4. Most Frederick County businesses have not been compensating employees a living wage for 50 years. Not to mention no sick leave or insurance benefits. That's why so many vehicles travel I-270 and I-70 south or east. Count the cost!!

5. Developers have been allowed to build on property, with homes as close as possible and without regard to THEIR effect on infrastructure, schools, etc. This should NEVER have been allowed and MUST STOP NOW!

6. Some drivers can plan doing errands better. Plan the shortest route between stops and try to run errands NOT during rush hour, school releases, etc. This alone would make a huge difference in vehicle pollution.

7. Vehicle owners need to keep their vehicles maintained properly and in a timely fashion.

I'm certain there are many more ideas that can be easily and simply instituted besides raising taxes and forcing legislation onto people. We are all not irresponsible. A lot of good common sense goes a LONG way.


Mr. Hosier,

Not surprising but I think most of these commenters entirely missed your main point. It is not an emergency. Is it a concern. Yes! Absolutely! Some have condemned you for your theoretical projections of might occur via social engineering yet their "emergency" is based on theoretical, often hyperbolic projections. Cool realistic heads will be the best solution to the warming. Not politically driven, rash social engineering.incentives.

Md1756 pointed out ,per capita, the US is the leading culprit in this global mess. Duh!! We are spoiled rotten brats. The level of CO2 has risen dramatically since 1950. What is the average size of a house,now compared to 1950? How many cars were in a family in 1950? How many miles does the average family drive now compared to 1950? How many homes and businesses were kept at a uniform 68 to 72 degrees in 1950? How many single item packages,bought ,and, many times returned, were delivered to your house via air and truck in the 1950's?

You want to teach your children about our real impact on the environment let them sit outside the transfer station on a busy day and count the number of tractor trailers that haul our trash away to some mystical, magical, environmentally pure dumping grounds. Or take them to a roadside seat along 270 for 5 hrs in the morning and let them try to count the cars, Then estimate the number of gallons of gas each consume.and multiply that times 20 lbs to get a perspective of the CO2 output. And do not forget to multiply that times 2 for the evening. And this is just one of a thousand busy morning thoroughfares.

Yes we have problems but I am not sure putting a tax on having children that MD1756 .continually espouses is the preferred "social engineering" solution. For me, my kids and grand kids are the greatest gift in life. And yes, I want them to be as spoiled as I am. And I hope they work hard to help spoil other children throughout the world. But that is only going to happen by the tired and true American way: realism and innovation. Not stifling, often misdirected, social engineering.

Alice Jones

If you do not think Australia is an emergency that is mostly caused by coal, then you are beyond help.

Alice Jones

More bloviation from jk


I consider the definition of an emergency to be the scale of the problem considered in light of the effort and pace at which any solution has to occur. So yes, this will take a long-term, hard-core effort to reverse. Just because you do not see the problem as an emergency because the effects aren't felt tomorrow, does not change the fact that we have to act in a big way and soon. As an analogy, let's say that we figured out a 10-mile wide asteroid was going to hit earth in 40 years. That would be an emergency, wouldn't you think?


You don't want to be taxed even the same amount as I am because you have children. Why should I be taxed more than you are because I don't have children? If you don't want rash politically driven social engineering policies let's eliminate the rash deductions for dependents. Let's go to user fees. Those who have children use the public school systems and should pay for it those who don't won't pay for it. No social engineering there. I don't pay for consumer goods I don't but, so I shouldn't pay for schools I don't need since I have no children to educate. You are selective in the social engineering you support. You are also selective in you're definition of an emergency since you probably live at a high enough elevation to not go under with the rising sea levels. I am certainly not going to pay to move the many millions of people who will be impacted by rising sea levels because I've already started to do my part to solve the problem. Let those who have done nothing pay the costs when the time comes.


Flat income tax, no deductions. Taxes should be low and have a broad base. NZ is a good example. Make more, pay more. Make less, pay less. Other taxes are this way, why not income tax?

Ellen Lerner

I have been thinking hard on Mr. Hosier's letter and the comments that followed. Let me be clear: I know that climate change is happening. For me, there is clear and strong scientific evidence that it is human caused. So when I read Mr. Hosier's words and compare them to the preceding letter from Carol Alhom, coupled with the imprint of the Kuala mother and child in a fiery hell I was left confused. Here is what I see: I see fear of change in Mr. Hosier's words. This is a perfectly normal human condition that can only be dealt with if there is honesty in acknowledging that fear - on both sides of any issue (I have fear too). Fear of too many changes, too fast. When we address one another in a one dimensional/one topic manner, all we do is argue, convincing no one. Presenting scientific evidence cannot stand if it is forced to within inches of anyone's noses. So what purpose is served by addressing only the one topic? Nothing really.... no one is convinced, everyone stays in their corner. Perhaps if we were to see in one another the multiple facets of each. Do we all have families? Children? pets? What do we want for them? What do we want our legacy to be? Do we share of a love of music, or some other vehicle by which we can connect. To begin to see one another not as "the other", but as people with shared humanity should be the start of any conversation. Do I agree with Mr. Hosier's feelings? Actually,I do, in part -- like him, I fear for our future. Where I part from him is in what it we each fear. I do not fear electric charging stations, incentives, or anything he mentions. I fear for drought, floods, fires - I fear for our children. I disagree with him that Frederick is not experiencing climate change. When I look Frederick's weather today, everything is fine - it's a lovely day. When I look at the long term history, I become a proponent of action, as fast as can be had.


Agree with everything you say, except the temperature today and the next week are significantly above the historic average. Not a good thing as far as phenology is class concerned. Thanks for your opinion.


"Measures that will do absolutely nothing to affect the climate anywhere on the globe — especially the places where the air is blue." Oh, my. Yes. Beijing in July. Climbing ancient tower stairs, higher and higher into the barely-overhead fog, to visit the stalls of merch at the top and look out the glassless windows to see...how amazing that fog is from high up. Wow. You can barely make out anything. No good camera angles for sure. Wow. These merchants breathe this all day and I'm already gasping. Lemmeoutahere. Yike those steep stairs are worse going down and I feel faint. Beijing comes home with you in your lungs. You don't want it.


I hope the writer is not the product of the Maryland public school system. If so, I think the Kirwan commission could double their proposed expenditures to add over $8 billion a year for schools and we might have the same problem. The letter has some many errors and improper comparisons I don't think it is worth the ink it took to print it (or the electrons to show it electronically).

First as someone else already pointed out, what is wrong with cleaning up after oneself?
Second, the comparison to other countries ignores the fact that we once had rivers that caught fire, smog that limited visibility, etc, but through regulation we have improved although we have much further to go.
Third if you're going to compare us to other countries try doing it on a per capita basis. For example it is estimated that China's current population is over 1.4 billion people (almost 18.5% of the world population), India's current population is nearing 1.4 billion people (17.7% of the world's population), Taiwan over 23.8 million people (0.3% of the world population). Almost 61% of China's population, 35% of India's and 79% of Taiwan's population are urban. The U.S. has roughly 330 million people (4.25% of the world's population) with nearly 83% being urban. Now look at CO2 emissions and the U.S. emits 15.5 metric tons (tonnes) per capita, China emits less than 7.4 tonnes per capita, India roughly 1.9 tonnes per capita and Taiwan 11.7 tonnes per capita. For total amounts, China emits over 29% of the world's CO2 emissions (again China has 18% of the world's population), the U.S. emits 14% (while only having 4.25% of the world's population), India emits over 7% and Taiwan nearly 0.8%. So you can see that we have a long way to go regardless of the conditions in other countries. CO2 is not the only pollutant of concern coming from fossil fuel sources. Coal fired power plants are major sources of mercury emissions and the coal ash residue is not sufficiently regulated. According to a report by the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) "...Power plants also generate over 100 million tons of coal ash and waste sludge every year, enough to fill a line of boxcars from the U.S. to Australia. Much of that waste is dumped, untreated, into unlined pits and ponds that can leak chemicals into groundwater. Several big ash ponds, have collapsed in recent years spilling millions of gallons of sludge into public waterways.... Coal ash, a byproduct from the combustion of coal, is one of the largest industrial waste streams in the U.S. and contains toxic metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. Most of this ash is dumped, untreated, into unlined landfills and ponds, and can often leak toxins into the groundwater and streams. EPA has determined that over 150 of these coal ash sites have or may have polluted groundwater or surface waters at levels threatening human health and the environment...."
Forth, climate change cannot be addressed in only parts of the planet, but must be addressed planet wide. It would be irresponsible to do nothing because one doesn't believe other countries are not doing enough.
Fifth, for supposedly being the most intelligent species on the planet we are having the most adverse impact on it (climate change, species extinction, habitat destruction, etc.).
Lastly we all can and should take steps to reduce out adverse impact on the planet, and those actions can actually be good long term investments. I've installed geothermal and solar, increased my insulation and so most months out of the year my electric bill is $6.03/month (two fees for being hooked to the grid) and my home energy use carbon footprint is +/- zero (I have a HERS score of minus 11 which theoretically is carbon negative). So in retirement I don't have to worry about large utility bills and the lowest rate of return on my investment is over 3.5% (essentially risk free). I wish more people would choose to reduce their carbon (and other pollutant) footprint before having children and adding to the problem. With no children, I'm certainly not adding to the problem of the growing human population.

Your assertion that Frederick will only have measures that "will do absolutely nothing to affect the climate anywhere on the globe" is completely baseless. If this letter is the best you can do, you can't be taken seriously. I wish there were minimum requirements (besides age and citizenship) before people are allowed to vote. It's a wonder sometimes that this republic survives.

Boyce Rensberger

How dare you inject facts into this discussion.


Yeah, now he will try to reason with us too. OMG!


No climate emergency, eh? Sorry, but scientific fact and actual events demonstrate that you’re dead wrong.

I’m tired of idealogues projecting their political prejudices into a scientific mattter. Take your ignorance into a support group, and stop harrasing serious people trying solve problems that affect you as much as everyone else. Thank goodness you’re in a global minority that keeps getting smaller.

Boyce Rensberger

Hosier's powers of clairvoyance are remarkable. Let's put him on the committee. He's got some good ideas, although some of them are lacking in their grasp of the law, ecology, economics and automotive engineering.


It is a very busy sky over Frederick and we should pay attention to what is let to float into it. Balloons can cause problems for aircraft. It is not unreasonable to want to limit their use.

Alice Jones

Same with drones


Whether you like it or not, electric cars are coming.  Charging stations are needed and it is better to have a coordinated effort  than not.  The County cannot pass a gas tax and it wouldn't work, so rest easy.  Taxing farmers for animals and cutting grass, likewise. What they do to Carroll Creek, who knows.

Home energy consumption should be done, it saves money and energy.  We had a blower test done a few years ago.  The result was over 2700 for air exchange.  As a result we put seven inches of foam on the underside of our roof, five inches on the sides of the space above the second floor,all windows and doors sealed with foam,  foam to seal where the concrete blocks connect to the floor rafters, four inch of battings along the cellar walls.  The result was 1,500 air  exchange, as low as you want to go.  The cost was $6,000 with the power company giving back 50% up to $4,000.  Now our electric bills are usually lower than the most  efficient neighbors with the equivalent size home.  It is more efficient and saves money.


[thumbup][thumbup] excellent work! I took advantage of the same program, ever since my electric bill barely ever cracks $50/mo in a household of 5 but as my family will tell you I'm a real tyrant about energy waste. Pretty sure when my kids move out they're going to go wild with it and when they see their bills will follow my ways hahaha


While the concept of climate change has been damaged by it being marketed by corporate plutocrat henchmen like Al Gore and carrying the carbon credit tax with it, reducing pollution and cleaning up our messes is never a bad idea. Dismissing any discussion to that effect is irresponsible and anyone who strays from the idea of sustainability due to their politics needs to re evaluate their priorities. Taking action to reduce pollution is something we can all personally do to make our world better unlike whatever our opinion on national policy might be where our opinion is individually meaningless.


👍👍👍 thump!


Repeated "hundred year storms" does indicate some degree of emergency. Also feel free to ask the residents of Ellicott City how they feel about climate. Air pollution is not the same thing as warming oceans...


Wow, just wow. So much hyperbole. The task force hasn't even met yet, and with this LTE writer's omniscience, he already knows the output of this team's work. Amazing! As an encore, he will successfully pick both the MegaMillion and Powerball lotteries this weekend. Granted, the name could be better. However, the writer clearly has not heard the phrase "Think globally, act locally". None of his "predictions" are proposed, nor would they in all likelihood. However, the team may be able to suggest something that is within their control. I have been to the countries he mentions, and yes, that's true. Shall we wait until we are in that same predicament before we begin planning to do something? I think not.


I don’t know about Robert but most people would try to take advantage of precautions to prevent a pending emergency rather than after the fact. It’s no point in buying a smoke detector after the house burns down. 🤦‍♂️

Health research shows you can greatly lower the risk of a heart attack by avoiding smoking, controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, getting regular medical checkups, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight... Common sense suggest it’s better to reduce risk now then when it’s to late. You think 🤔?


The writer manages to find a balance between unfunny and ill-informed. Well done?



I would not be so quick to dismiss the writer's points. This is one of the more reasonable letters I have seen. He is from the side of the fence that has seen the oft times counter productive results of popular "social engineering"

But I disagree with him. The fix is not in. There is an election coming up in a couple of years. Just as in the past we have made significant progress in stewardship of our environment. It is always a back and forth tug and pull. Personally I would love to see less fertile farmland being developed with its corresponding severe consequences on climate change. But that ain't going to happen. The climate change resolution and study group is basically just a political campaign ad.


And I disagree with you, Jim. We now save $100 a month on our electric bills. Stick with what you know and you will do better.




I am trying to figure out what he knows.


jsk; how many children do you have? I'm asking because you want to halt development so I am wondering about your contribution to it.



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