I am puzzled and a little disturbed by the commentary on a recent traffic stop in which Councilman Kai Hagen stopped to see if the person who was pulled over was OK. Nothing else happened except that he pulled over and asked if everything was OK.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins has used the fact that Councilman Hagen did something that we would normally consider an act of kindness and support to call him a racist and demand his resignation. Perhaps Councilman Hagen didn’t fully understand the risks involved in stopping — I doubt that many of us would — but his heart was certainly in the right place. How did trying to be a good neighbor become something to be vilified for?

The fact is that although Sheriff Jenkins has used this incident to call Kai Hagen a racist, his own public words and actions have made it very clear that he, personally, has issues with people of color that are reflected in the management of his department. The sheriff’s office has a history of overly aggressive policing regarding persons of color even as far back as 2013.

Just within the last several years, we the taxpayers, have had to pay two different settlements, to Roxana Santos and Sara Medrano, totaling $625,000 because Jenkins’ officers stopped, harassed and/or arrested innocent people as part of pattern of racially discriminatory policing in Maryland.

Kai Hagen knows this and knows that the sheriff’s office has a history of aggressive policing of people of color. So, his stopping to ensure that everything was alright when he saw a person of color pulled over at night was a socially concerned thing to do.

It is not OK to vilify that. It is also not OK to hold Sheriff Jenkins up as a model for policing, given his record, nor does he have any moral ground to stand on in berating Kai Hagen. Jenkins’ mismanagement and overly aggressive policing of people of color is the root cause of this problem and it has become a very expensive problem for the residents of Frederick County.

Cecilia Plante


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Its actually quite simple , Hagen is NOT an officer of the law and therefore has no business involving himself in a police stop...don't quite understand why the writer can't understand that


"Just within the last several years, we the taxpayers, have had to pay two different settlements, to Roxana Santos and Sara Medrano, totaling $625,000 because Jenkins’ officers stopped, harassed and/or arrested innocent people"

Are you just as upset when the taxpayers have to fork over money for illiterate minority applicants who can't pass a police entrance exam? If there are any exams which minorities can't pass (because they aren't held to the same high academic/scholastic standards as whites & Asians) the *test* itself is automatically deemed 'Racist!!' & pocs can 'earn' a HUGE payout for their complete failure.

(This is all thanks to "disparate impact law" Griggs vs. Duke Power, 1972)

Here's a recent $2,000,000. taxpayer payout in neighboring Baltimore Co.:



Do you think a & a, that never being given opportunity for a decent education for 150 years after slavery where it was illegal to educate a slave has had something to do with the education gap? Whites kept Blacks from being educated and now blame them for not being educated.


No Phy, it was Baltimore City teachers, just last year, (given one of the of highest budgets per student in the entire nation) who gave up on the kids completely & have turned them loose when they completely *flunked* out. And it's the parents of these kids that did not hold the teachers accountable, or decide to home school their kids to make certain they would be able to pass basic skills tests. By handing them a high school diploma when they failed to learn to read, employers will now be sued when they try to avoid hiring these illiterate kids because "They have a diploma, don't they?!"

People come to America poor, with no resources, (not even speaking English) every single day & succeed.


My son and daughter-in-law are in their 13th year of running a K-5 Charter School in Baltimore City. They have lived in Baltimore City for thirty years. They know the problems of inner-city schools and are trying to help change the dynamic. But it’s you that is fighting their effort to do that just like people like you have been doing for 400 years. Like I said earlier, Systemic Racism has caused the Black condition and then blames them for their faults. Move to West Virginia where their schools join the schools of the other Red States as the worst school systems in the Nation. And take the rest of your chums with you. Peace.✌️


Are you saying the police hire illiterate minority applicants? And that’s why we have to pay out all these settlements? Or are you misrepresenting the data again and did you actually understand the data you posted? Because I don’t think you understand what you just posted but I think I do?

And yes I am aware that police departments do not hire the brightest people but aren’t those usually polite white people and not minorities ? And if they can’t pass a test then why were they hired? I’m not clear on that logic can you explain? I mean that explains a lot about police departments doesn’t it?


And that was Trump’s Dept of Justice!


Art challenging someone’s intelligence?😂


Unabashed balderdash, pure poppycock. ,


Well written letter. Perhaps the FNP will learn that defending someone like Jenkins, hurts their credibility. Think, FNP. read this letter and think

yogib..it is well written letter and on point....but you and I both know the FNP is easily played and yes is a Jenkins supporter...well some of the FNP staff is for sure. The editorial was a dead giveaway about how some of the FNP staff feels about sheriff Jenkins. Though I am not sure the person that wrote the editorial is an actual FNP employee...but more like a silent partner with the last name that starts with an R.


Trumpkins should have stopped while he was ahead.....He should not have ran for this current term. He’s not made himself out as the most incompetent sheriff in frederick county history. He’s now shown and proven himself as a bully. Sometimes you have to stop while the gettin’s good. Oh well, too late now.


Sheriff Chuck Jenkins has not done anything to be a bully. He is the most loved and popular sheriff in Frederick County history. Why, because he has worked to uphold the law in Frederick County, and keep it as crime free as is possible within his power. He has the utmost respect and love for ALL people including those of color. He has never uttered a single word that could in any way be interpreted as otherwise. He has many friends and supporters”of color” because they personally know him, unlike all you liberal “talkers” and whiners who know nothing of the man. He has won every election by a landslide and will continue to do so as long as he decides he wants to continue in his role as Sheriff here.


1. You obviously do not work within FCSO. There are deputies that have stories about Trumpkins bullying certain subordinates.

2. Trumpkins is a bully.


All hearsay. His deputies are trained to look for illegal aliens and that's what they freakin' did - especially when they run from seeing a police car. Yet, they got chastised for doing their job and the tax payers footed the bill for illegals. Man, if that isn't upside down, i don't know what is.


Jerry; you apparently do not understand how the law works. Too bad, but not surprising.


They did not get chastised for doing their jobs; they got chastised for breaking the law.


And the story about the “alien” hiding from deputy, also changed. In the beginning the fcso was reporting one thing. Then, as soon as they got hit with a suit - the story changed.

Google is free for anyone, wanting to research what I’m talking about.


Most loved, most hated, and most political.





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