My name is Owen Gluscevich. I do not like bad words. They make me sad and mad. I hear them at restaurants and stores. I was 7 years old on Jan. 10, and I go to Yellow Springs Elementary School. I know that I am just a little boy and I cannot control what other people say. However, people should be considerate of others and stop saying bad words forever.



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I don't like bad words either and I am much older than any 10 year old. Good letter, Owen.



Even when you are a big, strong adult, you won't be able to control what other people say. Nor should you want to live in a country where you could.

Thanks for writing your letter.

Your adoring public


You are right, but Owen was merely stating how he felt, no censure intended, unless you consider his feelings being important, which I do.


I understood the first three words. Not so much after that.




Nice letter Owen. The world is becoming an increasingly difficult place to live in. You sound like a sincere, well-adjusted young man. Keep holding to your principals as they will serve you well.


Maybe now that adults hear how unacceptable bad words are in public from a 7 year old, some will take notice.

I was in a restaurant the other evening and was infuriated that I had to sit and listen to a large group of 20 somethings use 'F' over and over...and not in their indoor voices either.

Good luck with your efforts, Owen, I wish you success and I hope many heed your plea.


I remember I would have been horrified if an adult heard me say a bad word - people just don't have respect for others anymore :-( As a parent, I decided to stop using such language b/what would I be teaching my kids.

Luke Cage

$%#@in'-A, Owen!




Luke you sound like a real sensitive individual. Is Luke Cage your real name or maybe you should be in a cage.

Luke Cage

Really! I agree 100% with him. People need to consider their audience and those around them when speaking.

Of course, on the other hand, it's all just words and they only carry the weight and meanings that we ascribe to them.


It used to be common practice for parents to teach children not to swear. I'm with Owen, swearing is vulgar behavior in general, swearing in public is just plain rude.


Good Luck Owen.... I will strive to live up to your ideal, no more cuss words in public.

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