This is a copy of a letter I sent to the members of the Frederick County Board of Education regarding our schools pulled funding for teachers:

Members of the board,

I am writing this email because I am unable to attend the school board meeting this evening due to previous engagements with my children. We, as a group of concerned Myersville Elementary School parents, were informed that we could expect class sizes of 32-plus students for third and fourth grade next year. This in incomprehensible to me. Our current third-grade students (one of whom is my daughter) are just now getting caught up from experiencing large class sizes in second grade. My daughter had a learning disability that went undiagnosed for an entire grade because the teacher had 30 other children to look after. My daughter is not alone in falling behind. I have heard from a number of other parents that their children have experienced a harder year this year than ever before. A class of this size is not fair to either the teachers (who are scared of voicing any opposition for fear of losing their jobs) or the students.

At our school’s parent meeting, we were told that these numbers were totally fine by Mr. Raff. We were also told, however, that they would pull specialists in to the classroom to reduce the class size. Why? Because that is simply too many students to teach effectively. What then happens to the students who were seeing these specialists for the help they needed in much smaller groups? They lose their time getting necessary extra help.

This year I have seen (I volunteer at the school and am a Girl Scout leader) a dramatic increase in bullying at the school. My own daughter and many of my Girl Scouts have reported upsetting instances that I believe are directly linked to the groups formed during the too-large classes of last year.

I don’t want to see children fail. I have the utmost faith that the teaching staff at Myersville will do the best they can for our students. I hope that the people who hold my own children’s and other people’s children’s futures within their power don’t want to see them fail either. That is you. I hope that you can look beyond ratios and see that these students need to be shown that they are more than just a number and a test score. Please give our teachers a chance to reach them by ensuring we have enough teachers to go around.

Chara Embrey

Concerned parent and

Myersville Elementary School PTA president

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From recent articles in the FNP it seems that the BoE is fine with letting elementary school classes go beyond 30 students. I am still waiting for them to say anything to the contrary... Crickets?


You can help ensure there are enough teachers to go round by you and all other parents not taking the income tax deductions and credits you get for having children and asking the state spend that additional revenue on education. That way you can pay the same amount to educate your children as I do.


Are you serious? Let me ask again, are you serious?

State tax deductions and credits are specifically in the tax code to defray the cost of raising children. Parents in MD pay a 6% sales tax on everything not related to food costs. Clothing. Household supplies. Larger homes and vehicles. School supplies. Recreational and sporting activities. Pets.
Medical needs. Gas for driving all around. Daycare costs. Phones and phone plans and electronic devices. Utilities. I could go on and on.

I assume you are single or elderly. Since you do not contibute economically as much to society, you do not encumber all of the point-of-sale taxes families and parents with children do.

The state does not take individual requests for allocating deductions and credits not claimed.

Once you have enlightened yourself on the tax code, let's talk again. Let me ask a third time, are you serious? If so, got adopt a nice big dog, have fun paying all of the sales taxes on its food and needs, and make a new friend!


You may benefit from some economics classes since much of what your wrote is misleading/incorrect or irrelevant especially when it concerns taxing one party to pay for the choice (not need) of another party). You make assumptions that are not necessarily true and leave other factors out altogether. Given same incomes, the only difference is how much people spend/invest/save. Investments that generate income and even capital gains are taxed much higher than the 6% sales tax you mention. Are you serious? Even if you have a larger house, it's likely not 2 to 5 times more expensive than a single family home occupied by a single person. Are you serious? You assume single people have no pets. Are you serious? Families buying more food means they are actually paying less tax (in states that don't tax food). People with children will likely not have as large health care costs (nursing home, transportation to Dr appointments etc.) since their children may help them out as they age. People with families are not as likely to reduce their adverse impact on the environment since they are spending their income on all of those items you mention that are supposedly helping the economy (while destrying the planet by driving SUVs all around). Are you serious? And I could go on and on. The thrust of your argument is that having larger families is greater for society as a whole, but look at what adverse effects a growing human population (7.8 billion and growing) is having on this planet and other species. Once you've enlightened yourself and realize that I don't suggest that none of my taxes go towards educating children I don't have (right now roughly 50% of my state and local taxes pay for education), and realize that I am only asking parents to pay the same amount (although in reality they should pay more because of the harm of a growing human population), and realize that I'd rather have more of my taxes go towards protecting human health, the environment and other species (I've already installed solar and geothermal making my home energy use carbon neutral/carbon negative), and would rather support other charities instead of 50% of my taxes going to education, then we can talk again.


Having children is a choice. I chose not to have children for a number of reasons. I'm not saying I shouldn't pay to help educate children but I should not have to pay more than parents do for something that contributes to environmental harm we are doing to the planet and wiping out other species that inhabit this planet with us. So let me ask you, are you serious that those who don't have children should be taxed more to support those who chose have children ( a want not a need) so that we can help fund the destruction our species is causing? Let the parents pay their fair fair for their choice to have children. To do otherwise would be selfish of them.


HappySeller, by asking the state I mean lobby the legislature to change the state tax laws. That should have been obvious as far as directing where to spend the additional revenue, of course nothing requires you to claim all of your dependents so you can pay extra taxes at any time, but again that should have been obvious..


See recent state of MD study:

Average elementary class size in MD overall about 1:22. In Frederick County, 5% of elementary school class sizes 31 students or greater. One of highest percentages in the state.

I sure hope Myersville Elementary School gets some help if the figures reported by the state of MD are correct and the potential class sizes in 3rd and 4th grade are expected to be over 30, as the writer suggests. We pay to much in local taxes in this county to allow such disconcerting techer to student ratios in an elementary school.

Learning in kindergarten and through 5th grade often considered the most important to an individual's lifelong academic and professional success. According to some of my friends, Myersville Elementary School has not had a new full-time teacher in years, just cutbacks.

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