Seldom have I read a more bizarre collection of comments than those from Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer concerning the State of the Union speech. There is nothing “surreal” about taking credit for improving the standing of the United States in the eyes of the world, while at the same time galvanizing the world to take action against the threat of ISIL and bringing down the world’s most notorious terrorist, all without costing thousands of American lives. We have seen the stark contrast between President Obama’s approach and President Bush’s approach. The previous administration cost us thousands of lives and left us financially spent, facing greater and far more vicious enemies, and generally hated by the rest of the world. Regarding the comment concerning Osama bin Laden’s demise, “Really? … that’s all you’ve got?”, I just shake my head in disbelief. Can you imagine how Krauthammer would have shouted it from the mountaintops had Bush been able to accomplish that feat in his eight years in office?

Krauthammer goes on to disparage surveys as a way of gauging public opinion and influence, and likens that to a Miss Universe contest. Huh? First of all, no surveys are involved in the Miss Universe contest. Second of all, I think most people would agree that the most direct way to find out what people think is to ask them. Duh. I guess if the surveys don’t say what you want to hear, you respond by bad-mouthing surveys. The world may see our “enemies on the march” (what else would you expect from ISIL?), but they certainly don’t see our allies “adrift” (whatever that even means). The pictures of our sailors kneeling with their hands behind their heads was most certainly not the first time we have seen such images of Americans taken hostage by hostile forces, but it is the first time in my memory that Americans so taken were released, unharmed, within a few hours. I guess our improved standing in the world and greater emphasis on diplomacy instead of war has its benefits.

As a cancer survivor, I was particularly offended by Krauthammer’s bizarre characterization of the effort to cure cancer as “hackneyed,” “cliche” and “facsimile of vision.” The truth is that we have made great strides in the fight against cancer, more promising treatment is in the works, and continuing this effort requires an investment of resources. I am convinced that if we had been willing to sufficiently commit ourselves financially to this effort instead of wasting billions of dollars on failed Bush war efforts, we would have already been able to say we had cured cancer, and could turn new efforts to other deadly diseases.

Krauthammer’s most stunningly bizarre comment was when he characterized Obama as “a man … who gave us the most divisive, partisan, tendentious presidency since Nixon.” What a total crock. Anyone who hasn’t been living in a tree for the last seven years is well aware of who has caused the divisiveness and extreme partisanship, and we certainly know it wasn’t the president. The most extreme Republicans aren’t willing to admit it, but they all know it. When we hear members of Congress blatantly admitting that they deliberately opposed anything Obama suggested or favored, even if it was a Republican idea in the first place, with the express purpose of making his presidency fail, it is quite obvious who is to blame for the fact that we still aren’t working together, despite the president’s gargantuan efforts in that direction. We are also quite well aware that the president’s executive actions taken to address issues that Congress repeatedly and embarrassingly refused to address were taken as a last resort, after Congress made it abundantly clear that they intended to do nothing. Furthermore, his executive actions were not outside his authority, despite the petty efforts to block them, and are similar in nature and scope to actions taken by previous administrations.

I would like to believe the majority of Americans are not fooled by such outlandish, bizarre statements.

Catherine Hart

writes from Mount Airy.

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Remember that the Washington Post belongs to another billionaire, Jeff Bezos. Even though he has always been mean and arrogant and unfair, he could be showing off for his boss.

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Correction: 10 Trillion? It was 831 Billion. Are all of your other comments, off by a factor of over 10 times?


Is it not time for the FNP to find a more sensible and fair conservative? I would like to find one that is not so mean that he cannot think straight.

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10 Trillion? It was 831 Billion.
Are all of your other comments of by a factor of over 10 times?

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Obama listened to the intelligence and took a risk. Bush fired the UN inspector and did not listen to him or the previous UN inspector that was an x marine and republican. Bush ended up with egg on his face and no WMDs...

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They got an Iran agreement partly because of fracking and Saudi Arabia production bringing down oil prices to put pressure on Russia and Iran. The arrogant Bush could not put together so many countries cooperating in sanctions or in Iraq. Check the foreign papers and websites for the lack of respect of the current GOP.


It is about time that somebody put this charlatan Krauthammer in his place, well done Catherine…

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Sad that a person of Jewish decent has become such a Fascist! But of course we already have Netanyahu!


It's not a soilders job to critique wars it's his or her job to execute the mission but I will add when I read that 22 veterans are committing suicide in America and that no Benghazi committee has ever been convened to address this epidemic I realize that the America People don't really care about its military members as much as it does its it's political partisanship.


Amen to the Fredvet...


Yes sadly true Fredvet.


Thanks. See for hope on healing PTSD. Also, trace lithium in drinking water reduces suicides for everyone and better mental health.


Where was the Benghazi committee for the 13 Benghazi of Bush? Some people are fair minded and some cannot help their meanness. The joke is that meanness comes from judgments of others and recovery comes from self forgiveness. I know, not the way the world thinks...


Excellent letter in every respect! I would just point out that it wasn't just billions of dollars and thousands of lives that the Bush/Cheney regime wasted. Most respected analysts agree that the financial cost of Iraq War II was at least $3T and likely upwards of $6T, when all costs are figured in (interest on the debt, medical care for wounded vets, etc.) Of course, as we all know, the Bush gang kept the war "off-budget", thus making more definitive cost estimates more difficult to attain.

The war also cost, by Iraqi estimates, more than a million Iraqis--compared with the 50,000 Saddam killed, which the Bush junta used as one of its excuses for the further mass murder of innocents.

Lastly, of course, are the long-range effects of the destruction of Iraqi society and the destabilization of the entire region, which has resulted in the rise of ISIL. Thanks for nothing, Dubya!


And not to be forgotten, Cheney's profits made on this war.


Thanks for facts. Then the 1T for drugs unpaid for. Then the "hydrogen hoax" freedom car to avoid continuing the Clinton program that had 70mpg cars. Google hydrogen hoax. The avoiding the PBS warnings on housing financial problems. It was difficult to watch the string of stupid thinking.

Rick Blatchford

Well, I tried to stick with Catherine in an attempt to appreciate her views - with great difficulty, I might add. She completely destroyed all her prior arguments by denying the divisiveness of Obama. Catherine, just one question. Who was it to advised his followers to "get in the faces" of anyone who disagrees with him? A complete lack of civility - that! That is only the most blatant example. I can fill pages with more. If you can't see that... Well, you just can't see. [sad]


Speaking of lack of credibility; here's the old man who won't fess up to his errors


Tell me Rick, who was it that said we should oppose anything the president wants to do BEFORE he was even sworn in. A lack civility huh - who was it that yelled out "liar" on national TV to the person ELECTED to the highest office in the nation? Try to spin it Rickie but it doesn't work.


Exactly hayduke.


They poisoned the well of working together. Stupid politics from the too stupid party that has lost its soul.


Some factual references to getting in faces, please, or an apology.

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