Love Donald Trump, like Trump, hate Trump or just don’t care about Trump, the one thing he has done with this campaign is get people to examine and talk about the political process.

I am a firm believer in one vote, one person. I do not like the electoral process. OK, get ready for it, because now come the folks to explain how much better the process is due to the electoral vote. I do not believe that to be true.

A true representation of what the American people want is one vote, one person, or the popular vote. But when you have politicians running the process or coming up with the process or having a say in the process, it is no longer reflective of the populace.

Trump has people thinking about the process; he has people (Americans) questioning the process. When the questions get too strong or too close to the point, the Republican National Committee chairman and others come out of the woodwork to bash Trump and others who want a truly fair election.

The Republican Party has been against Trump from the start. He is not a politician. He is paying for his campaign. He owes no one. They also point to the fact that he has contributed to Democratic campaigns and those running for office. Well, here is a mind-blowing fact, even though I am a registered Republican, I have in the past voted Democratic. The career politicians cannot stand this. They hate it when we cross lines. If Trump gets into the White House he owes no one for the accomplishment but himself and the American people who voted him in there.

But oops, the American people will not put him in there. The Electoral College will or will not. I am not saying that I feel Trump is presidential, but he is plain in his language and his thoughts (diplomacy is not his best trait), and he reflects a lot of the frustration American people feel. Proof of that is in how many states he has won. The RNC and the Republican Party are getting scared. Trump is doing well with the American people because the Republican Party has yet to come up with a viable candidate. Ted Cruz is someone they will settle for because he is a career politician, even though many of his colleagues can’t stand him and his record is poor. As for John Kasich, I’m not really sure why he is still in the running with the numbers he has. But then again, he is a career politician and maybe he is hoping for that vice president spot.

The political process and those in it have become a joke. Trump may have become part of it himself, but he did not cause it. What Trump did is bring attention to it and have people questioning it. So say what you want about Trump. Is he presidential or not? Who knows? But what I do know is that I am tired of career politicians. By putting them in office we get more of the same. Maybe it’s time to try someone who is not a career-oriented politician and who owes no one for the job. Maybe the majority of the American people feel the same way.

Charles E. Hubbard


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People should not vote party, but become educated on the issues facing our country.


Now we have two politicians conspiring together against Trump. Do not get me wrong - this is not an endorsement for anyone, but has it occurred to all that the will of the people is being taken away? The person with the most votes whoever it is should be the nominee. Our rights are being trampled on and it looks like the votes don't count. Why don't we just vote for Putin, the way things are going nothing would surprise me anymore.


Did you feel the same way when Bush got in the second time around?


The delegates set the rules. If you don't like them, vote for different delegates. If you don't like your party, pick another one.


Charlie, your LTE is mixed up, you lump in primaries with the general election, they are different. In the primaries there are two political parties that represent the majority of us. And there are more political parties, if you care to look. All of them are organized by ideologies and they all think they have the right to set their parties agenda. The problem Republicans are having is their party has been hi jacked by two radicals, with some main stream candidates that have been sidelined.

Trump is no conservative, never was a Republican until recently and does not represent the ideas of main stream Republicans. Instead, he focuses on what will get the most press coverage and incite his radical followers, which is about 35% of the Republican party. The only reason he is close to getting a majority of the Republican delegates is due to the unique way of dividing up delegates. Just looking at the votes he is getting, 35% of the Republicans, it does not come close to a majority. So, what is your complaint? The only thing unfair is how Trump has taken advantage of the Republican party rules.

Cruz represents the evangelicals of the Republican party and they apparently are fewer than the Trump radicals. Kasich, a pleasant man with moderate views is rejected by a party taken over by extremists. So, there is a real dilemma and most likely a brokerage convention. What happens there remains to be seen.

Remember. the party sets the rules, by the delegates at the convention. So, they can change or modify any rule. It is up to them, not us. It is their party.

On the Democrat side most do not want a Socialist, so we will most likely get a long time politician who has proven ability. The Benghazi and e-mail baggage is just a lot of Republican politicians making issues out happenings. When it comes to Benghazi Hillary has never been proven of doing anything wrong, in spite of all the Republican committees looking at it. The e-mails were not that big of an issue, they were never hacked, by all reports and it was the same that the Republican administrations did before Hillary.

Meet your new President, Madam Clinton.


Good synopsis, Dick [thumbup]


Are you interested in becoming her intern DD?


She can do far better than me and I am sure she has got all the good people she needs. I do support her, although I can find better candidates too.


You should read Thomas Frank's two most recent books "What's Wrong with Kansas" and "Listen Liberals." (Mr. Frank is a self-described Liberal from Bethesda and a REALLY smart guy.) He's been arguing that the GOP has been moving toward populism for the past 20 years or so while the Democrats have become the party of the intellectual, information/technology and financial elites- the 1% if you will. I know that will shock many of you but look who is getting the Wall Street, Silicon Valley money these past few election cycles - it was not Mr. McCain and it certainly is not Mr. Trump. Hillary, she of the 250k wall street speaking fee is far more of a traditional (at least as many of the usual suspects here would define it) Republican (free trader, neo-con) and the Koch Brothers (don't hear about them much anymore do you?) have decided to sit this one out. The key for the GOP is reaching out to minorities (they already have 50% of women- you know, the married ones) which is clearly beyond Trumps abilities or intentions. He can't or won't do it but a younger, less self-obsessed future nominee will.

I'm hoping Trump will not receive the nomination on the first ballot and Gov. Kasich will prevail. As you know, he has consistently defeated Mrs. Clinton in poll after poll for months now. The only Republican to do so. If that happens, I suppose things may return to usual. If not, a real party realignment the likes we have not seen since the mid-60s is going to happen. It should be interesting either way.


Bernie is the only candidate who stands for Democracy! Trump is a Aryan Sociopath Salesman! He appeals to the worst elements of this country!


your comments about Trump are spot-on and I do wish Kasich would have resonated with the voters who understandably are angry after 7+ years of the JV hope and change nonsense...but he did exactly what his backers wanted him to do, take down our democracy


Obama is the result of 8 years of W. You still love W and the Bush family knowing their connection with the Saudis and the Saudis connection to 9/11? Stick your head back in the sand rip van jersey and pretend its the year 2000.


[thumbup] DeDeuce


Liar. You can't stand that President Obama made progress and did good things so you constantly lie.


Sure - presidents should be elected essentially by New York and California. It will certainly make the candidates' lives easier as they will no longer need to even visit about forty of the states. Iowa and New Hampshire, I'm looking at you. You may resume your status as unimportant, underpopulated states.

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