In the Dec. 3 edition of the News-Post, you show a photo of a new Board of Education member being sworn in. Five individuals in the photo — no masks.

Immediately below is a photo with the caption that Frederick County had a new high in terms of pandemic cases.

Please be responsible and publish photos, like the swearing in, only if those individuals wear their masks.

Laurie Draper


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I think the paper is right in posting photos of events as they existed. In the case of masks, perhaps the FNP could add a comment or editorial note to the effect of "Note that some persons in this photograph are not wearing masks which is contrary to the CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 precautions"

This would be a reminder to everyone what the correct preventative protocol is.


County rescue chief Tom Coe an embarrassment. Speaking to the public 4.5 feet away from Eyler and Coe not wearing a face covering. Like Eyler wants coe’s germs.

Comment deleted.

One should practice what they preach CD....


Hay - she's been reported for trolling and harrassing. so sad that people are hateful


As a matter of fact hay, I at least have enough of a life that I don't find it necessary to hide behind my computer and continuously post ignorant and redundant comments under a fake name about local officials. Plumbum, on the other hand..... well, we all know what kind of "life" she has. By the way, Pb, how's that "reporting for trolling and harassing" working out for ya, hon?


Seems like a good compromise would be to put a watermark with the date on pictures so that we know when the picture was taken. This would give us the ability to put pressure on individuals along with context.


Common journalistic standards dictate that photo captions properly state the date of the photo or provide contextual commentary that makes the date of the photo clear to the reader. If an older photo is being used, then this should be indicated by the text "File Photo."


I think you all are missing the point. Not every article has pictures. The author is not saying to lie, but to choose to highlight those doing the right thing and ignore those who are not. If you want your picture in the FNP while you are being sworn in, then wear a mask.


NO, NO, NO, NO and NO again. Let this remain a NEWSpaper which reports the world as it is, not as someone would like it to be. Also I favor mask-wearing inside where diverse people are breathing one another air as a reasonable measure to try to limit the spread of covid-19, don't let's kid ourselves it's a cure-all. This virus seems to find a way to spread almost regardless of what measures we take. We aren't completely powerless to stop it, but nearly powerless.


Peter; how is it that many other countries seem to possess a power we lack? I see pictures in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, S. Korea; their lives are nearly back to normal.



Exactly. Let's not confuse power and political will.


Shiftless, as an island nation that has extremely strict travel restrictions, even before the pandemic, New Zealand is a special case. They totally shut off all travel into the country, and had strict quarantine measures so the disease never really caught hold there. Australia is similar. Many Asian countries are very authoritarian. For example, in Taiwan, a man broke quarantine for 6 seconds, and was fined $3,500. Our Federal government does not have that authority as per the 10th Amendment, leaving it up to the states. Can you imagine Maryland issuing such edicts and fines?



What makes this island so special? Did planes stop flying? This virus started over in another country and ended up here.

So what do you think would be better? In this specific case taking draconian measures to save lives or... 300K deaths which we are going to break the seal on shortly?


@NMP 08:32

What makes NZ so special? NZ has always had a strict biosecurity policy. When CoViD-19 first started, Jacinda Ardern stopped all incoming flights to NZ (the only way to get there is by boat or plane), so yes, airplanes stopped flying there, and ships were quarantined onboard. Since the virus never got a good foothold in NZ, and coupled with strict national quarantine procedures, New Zealand is relatively free of the disease.

As far as what would be better, of course a complete shutdown of the country with no exceptions would be ideal. Removing potential victims would cause the CoViD fire to burn itself out (R less than 1). However, it cannot be done legally in the US. That power is reserved for the States because of the 10th Amendment.



So NZ did was able to contain the virus because they already have precautions themselves and used their geography to their advantage along with extra measures.

A complete shutdown would be possible with a federally coordinated response. All that would have to happen is each of the 50 states would have to agree to implement the procedures driven and coordinated through the federal government. I'm not saying that the federal government has to enforce, but the federal government would be an ideal coordination point.


So what you are saying, Gabe, is that Trump's vaunted "travel ban" was in fact no such thing and was largely ineffectual. I guess I agree. But South Korea isn't a dictatorship and they are successful. So basically we are just screw ups in this country and our freedoms will result in hundreds of thousands dead unnecessarily. Cool. Exceptionalism at work.


That is exactly why DJT pulled back on quarantining the greater NYC region when the outbreak first began shiftless if you read the link to the NPR story above. He had no legal authority to do so. If you also recall, Florida tried to shut its doors to New Yorkers in the beginning of the pandemic, and Andrew Cuomo threatened to file suit against any state that tries to ban New Yorkers. However, DJT did have the authority to ban travel from certain foreign countries, which he did. No, South Korea (nor many other Asian countries) is not a dictatorship, but their society and social norms are far different than ours. When the government says stay in, they do. Those that fail to heed face serious penalties too. I traveled to Asia often on business before CoViD. You should visit sometime. Americans have a stubborn streak, and don’t like to be told what to do. As for the hundreds of thousands dead, if folks followed the four simple rules, 1) avoid crowds, 2) keep apart, 3)wash hands, and 4)wear a mask, maybe the death toll wouldn’t be so high. You can’t get infected unless you make yourself available to be infected. A fire burns out without fuel, and Americans are dry tinder. For example, was it really absolutely necessary for folks to travel for Thanksgiving? Throw another log on the CoViD fire. The Yule Log is next for Christmas. The virus respects no economic status, race, religion, or political party.


It is established that masks reduce the spread of the virus. Nobody with sense said masks work 100%, but right now they are the best tool in the tool box. The FNP should continue to print what they see, but, as others suggested, they should make clear when protocol violations are present in their pictures.


Photos, like words, published by a news publication should reflect fact not fiction. Only publishing photos of people wearing masks would create an intentionally false narrative.


A valid point about truth in journalism, Trellis, however during the pandemic it's a case of "Monkey See, Monkey Do" and when elected officials are caught not following the rules, the groundlings think "Why should I bother"? It's just as bad if the paper publishes a photo of somebody in a boat without a PFD. Monkey See, Monkey Do.


Greg F

What do you know of fact, Bonzo? You and your party and favorite potus still think Trump won, along with most of your party representatives who remain silently complicit...with trump driving the misinformation wagon with Rudy whipping the horses.




Last night I dreampt that I and a friend were seeking work and no one would even talk to us. Then we got hungry and could see open seats in restaurants but it was like we were invisible. My husband came to get us and said we couldn't get into his car without masks and we were both like, "Ohhhhh!" New twist on a "frustration" dream. Safe to say I'm traumatized?!


Good point Laurie.



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