In response to Mr. Larry Bradshaw’s Oct. 11 letter about PA drivers needing to slow down on U.S. 15: I agree ALL drivers need to slow down, as well as just plain pay attention and DRIVE, and not just on 15!

Mr. Bradshaw, the legal speed limit IS posted, but I do think more signs are needed, especially on 15, as well as more enforcement.

In Pennsylvania, the limit of 65 mph is posted as you enter the state. In Maryland, it’s 55 mph, also posted just across the line from PA, until south of Frederick past Md. 85. Therefore, Mr. Bradshaw is also driving too fast on 15 at his admitted 65 mph. Again, more signs on 15 please!

South of Frederick the limit goes back up to 65 (posted) until you reach Montgomery County, where it returns to (posted) 55.

On I-70, the limit east and west of the city is 70, while through the city limits, it’s 65, which I believe is way too fast, given the number of exits/merges, tourists unfamiliar with the area and sometimes confusing signage for those folks.

Case in point: U.S. 340 east onto Interstate 70 west and 15 north. This is a major commuter as well as tourist approach, on a curve, with a single sign indicating drivers are approaching a solid lane divider at the exit; many people miss (or ignore?) that sign, and those coming off Ballenger and Jefferson Pikes can’t see it at all as it’s above their heads while they’re merging into traffic.

There are over 1,000 new homes out that way, with lots of new residents who don’t know the area. Compounding the problem, an exit sign overhead on 340 has the arrow for 15 north pointing straight down, which on the curved approach makes it look like the I-70 exit is the far right and the 15 exit is the next to right lane, while in reality it’s the same far right lane.

Another sign at the exit points 15 north drivers straight ahead, so again they don’t think they’re supposed to get over. This results in multiple daily last-minute lane changes. If you think I’m exaggerating, you don’t drive there. Potential fixes: Get rid of the straight-ahead sign; overhead, paint over the straight-down arrow to 15 north with an arrow angled to the right to point to the exit lane; add another sign on the approach showing the solid divider and a couple of additional signs on the approach saying, “U.S. 15 north and I-70 keep right after next exit” Signs will need to word it that way because “right-lane only” or “keep right” will make drivers get over too soon where there is the exit onto 351/180 (Ballenger Creek and Jefferson Pikes) which will make the problem worse instead of better.

Now, how about those blinky things on everybody’s cars?

Leatrice Urbanowicz


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I have always obeyed the law and respected the speed limits until Maryland State Police advised me that they would not pull anyone over for doing 65mph and only if they were weaving in and out of traffic which I see everyday and night I wish Maryland Law Makers and the Maryland State Police would make up their mind and post the correct speed limit and enforce it maybe heavier fines be the answer maybe help pay for our roads for most don't realize that is a PA driver gets pulled over that the points does not effect their insurance or driving record all they have to do is pay the fine and laugh at Maryland. I was told is was because they are a common law state and the points do not transfer so that is why I see so many drivers from PA breaking our laws and safety

It is just as much the locals that speed on these roads thinking they know the road and traveling every day! The truth is the whole area has very difficult, short hazardous conditions in navigating this growing area. The planning commission should and take more reactive action Circle after circle is not the answer. curbs after curbs blocking entrances after entrances is not the answer. Maybe meet with Virginia planners and look at there concepts? Just thoughts? So So Much Better.


As to the OP's description and complaints about the signage on Rt 340 East (US 15N) into Frederick, I say this... Unabashed Balderdash, ...Pure Poppycock. NONE of her description is accurate. Thus, her complaints unfounded. And you do not have to drive there to see it. Just get on Google Maps, and follow 340 in. Start at the Jefferson Technology Parkway exit. The signage from there, on in, could not be more clear or properly placed. There are MULTIPLE signs, CLEARLY and CORRECTLY showing what lanes and exits lie ahead, and what Lane one need to be in so as to not "miss the exit". Maybe she needs glasses. Or needs to slow down herself.


This is a long winded article. Why not just say that we aren't currently enforcing the speed limit and it should be raised? Not enforcing the speed limit just causes more bad driving because some obey the law and many don't, causing cars to cut in and out.


Somebody's paying attention. That makes one.


Just to point out, US15 does not go into Montgomery county. I believe the author is thinking of 270?


Um...did she say that it did ?


Yes, she did: "Therefore, Mr. Bradshaw is also driving too fast on 15 at his admitted 65 mph. Again, more signs on 15 please! South of Frederick the limit goes back up to 65 (posted) until you reach Montgomery County, where it returns to (posted) 55."


I guess if you read more into it than what was actually said.


Studies done years ago showed that less collisions occur when highways/interstates have higher speed limits. The study also showed that those collisions resulted in a higher chance of fatalities. The problem is that there is growing traffic congestion on both 15 and 70 than in previous years. Why? Over-development and the fact that people live in PA (and other surrounding states), but work in Maryland for higher paying jobs. Make 15, 270 and 70 toll roads ... all lanes ... then maybe you'll see a decrease in traffic congestion. Who wants to pay to go to work?


Speeding is rampant everywhere. Even in my residential subdivision, where there are children on the sidewalks and the posted speed is 25, people are doing 40-50. While driving on I-70 a couple weeks ago, I did the 65 limit and 15 cars passed me like lightning within the first minute. People do not obey any law they can get away with not obeying. Obeying the law is for suckers these days. Only if someone gets hurt does anyone complain, and that doesn't make anybody change their ways.


The speed limit on most of I70 is 70mph and traffic travels 80+ in the fast lane. Not a lot of lane changing.


No, it actually is all the Pennsylvania drovers fault. Maryland drivers set the standard nationwide for proper on the road behavior. Once the Maryland lawmakers start requiring turn signals to be installed in vehicles sold in MD rather than offered as an option, we will raise the bar yet again.


Turn signals have been standard equipment for 50 years or more???




Regardless of what the signs indicate, you should drive 77 on 15. Speed limit signs are just decorations provided for entertainment.


Better yet, I will just stay off 15. I do not need it.

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