On May 6, someone went to great lengths to climb up to my second story downtown Frederick apartment on East Fourth Street in Frederick City and stole my Trump-Pence 2020 Make America Great Again flag. I would greatly appreciate the return of this great flag.

In the meantime, I have ordered a new one and will continue to wave these flags proudly. In my opinion, President Donald J. Trump is the absolute best president this country has ever had — and is certain to be re-elected no matter how many flags are stolen from my flagpole.

Elaine McCulloh Kessinger


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Grease the flagpole. Just kidding. that would bring you down to their level. Just curious if it would be within the law to shoot someone stealing a flag on your property? Probably not. Install a camera maybe. Take care lady and try to behave.


I would think that it would depend on the value of the flag vs. a human life. I have been trying for years to find that break point, where the economic loss justifies on-the-spot execution to prevent loss of dollars. Is it a car stereo? A car? $100? $1000? $10,000? This should be written down somewhere so folks can make the appropriate decision when the time comes. personally, I think it should be OK and encouraged to kill someone for stealing the change off the floor of your car. Toady they are stealing change, tomorrow they may steal the car.


Electrify your new metal flag pole Elaine. Light the [censored] up!




The cost of that "great" flag will go up up up unless someone explains how tariffs work to Trump.


sounds like an investigation the good sherf should lead. maybe he can roust some innocents as a bonus.


someone must be using it as tp at a dons john repository.


you go girl. fly your freak flag.


Left wing cockroaches are allow to post here today.


english please, senorita.


Cockroaches will outlive us all.


Chill Elaine, you should be grateful someone was just taking out your trash.


Yes Elaine, be grateful someone stole from you. geesh.


Right on Elaine! Don't let the bastards grind you down. MAGA 2020!


Any woman who supports Trump should be ashamed of herself.


[thumbup] lorilu3!


Well bless your little heart, sugar!


rikkitikki got a new moniker, cheetobenito???? Who'd a thunk.....


Not by a longshot, olefool!

Jim Hartley

I can't do better than that! Absolutely perfect!

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