In response to your June 13 Political Notes column, “Support for bills that make LGBTQ discrimination illegal”: Every one of us, at some time in our lives, has been the victim of discrimination and hate speech. I am called all manner of horrible things because I’m unabashedly conservative. My fears of discrimination are no less important than Ms. Barrett’s.

Because people think they know my beliefs based on the twisting of my political affiliation, I’ve been called a herpes and a danger to society by Lois Jarman while a candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates. She was then rewarded by being appointed to the Board of Education.

The County Council is busy wasting time for protections that already exist. Why? My guess is they need to keep the public in a constant state of outrage. “How dare we not protect the LGBT community!” Fact is, we already do.

We can’t have a calm voting populace; what will get them to the polls in 2020? So the County Council creates an emotion-stirring problem that does not exist. Shall we wager on this kind of poking the bear continuing through 2020?

State law already protects the LGBT community against discrimination in housing and employment thanks to the 2014 Fairness for All Marylanders Act. Miles Ward of the county’s Human Relations Department as much as said the protections already exist. He inferred the reason for these bills is to restate what already exists in state law.

These aren’t bills born of necessity. These bills are born of the need to fuel outrage for 2020. I support the state law. I don’t support this outrage campaign.

Cindy Rose


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Cindy, just go away. Frederick county has shown time and time again that we don't want you or agree with you.


It's to "support". Generally a benign gesture.




I can't figure out what the 2020 election has to do with county government. FredCo elections for County Exec and County Council were in 2018 and the next one is in 2022. I'm guessing MD will go blue in the presidential election in 2020 regardless of what the FredCo government does or doesn't do. The outcome of the local CDs will depend on what happens in the gerrymandering case.


A "hepes"??? In what context?


Sorry for spelling error.


We are against some of your beliefs - not against your genetics or who you are. We also are tired of your attempts to undo the progress we have made.



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