The Frederick News-Post reports on the recent county attorney opinion as arguing that the county executive has no authority to sign off on the sheriff’s contract with ICE on the infamous 287(g) activities, even though the activities are funded by the county and even though activities under the law can and have led to millions of dollars in lawsuits against the county.

But is this opinion valid? You do not have to understand the nuances of the law to evaluate the quality of this opinion — just read it! There is no citation of state law, no citation of judicial precedent, and not even a citation of the state constitution to support the opinion. The only citation is the mythical Robin Hood and the sheriff of Nottingham. Believe it or not!

This is not an opinion — it is a mere assertion. Moreover, it is a visible reminder of the poor quality of work we have seen before from our county attorney. Surely there are attorneys that know their way around the law who could do this job.

This opinion should be tossed, and the current county attorney along with it. Frederick County can do better.

John Menke


I have good news for Rick Blatchford: He only needs to open his eyes.

The reports I read show a president who has tried to use (and abuse) his office and taxpayers’ money to help himself get re-elected by illegal means.

The Republicans clearly have no reasonable defense of his actions and have fallen to thuggish attacks on the “process.” The closed hearings are needed to prevent cross talk between witnesses; otherwise, you could not have a fair process. They are not closed to Republicans per se, only to nonmembers of the committees conducting the hearings.

The Republicans complain about wanting a fair process, yet all their actions would destroy the possibility of a fair process.

Maybe they see that a fair process will produce a result they won’t like. So. Rick, I think we will have an answer and you can give it up.

Robert Charles Ladner


The performance of the members of Congress who attempted to gain access to the closed congressional impeachment hearings bordered on mob rule. What were they thinking?

Those members of Congress have constitutional powers to be the legislators of the United States, the country’s highest lawmaking body.

Their performance was childish and an embarrassment to Congress and the country: it also spoke volumes on their ignorance of or indifference to constitutional law regarding impeachment. The primary reason that the special counsel’s report on Russian election interference did not indict the president based on the findings of the report was that ”the Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to accuse a sitting President of a wrongdoing.”

The constitutional law on impeachment is clear and unambiguous, and while some may debate it, the law stands as written. Article II Section 4 states that actions where the president, vice president and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office or impeached for and conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Article I Section 2 states: “The House of Representatives shall chuse [sic) their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”

Article I Section 3 states: “The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments.” As such, the Constitution is the law of the land for crimes committed by the president rather than defer to existing civil or criminal United States law for such actions.

Without any further statements on the specific process; the sole power of impeachment granted to the House of Representatives and the sole power to try impeachment granted to the Senate and some additional wording on punishment limitations are the only constitutional guidelines on impeachment. As such, drawing up charges, depositions, admissibility of evidence, trial, etc., are all confined within the Congress, the nation’s highest lawmaking body, which precludes direct involvement with existing U.S. civil or criminal law. We elected those members of Congress and expect them to conduct themselves with civility and respect to their fellow members of Congress who are following the constitutional law on impeachment.

Harvey Burnsteel


As of this moment there is a plan to widen Interstate 370 and Interstate 270 between Shady Grove and the Beltway. Plans to widen I-270 from Shady Grove to Frederick would come later. This could mean eight lanes of traffic merging into two lanes at Clarksburg. We, the commuters of these interstate highways, are already experiencing enough traffic congestion at these points.

We need transit alternatives that would provide all-day, two-way train service as well as all-day weekend service. This could be accomplished by adding a third MARC track from Frederick to Brunswick or by building a monorail next to the interstates. The state Department of Transportation is refusing to plan for all-day rail service. However, Montgomery County planners are starting a study next July that will include all of these transportation alternatives.

Trains Not Tolls, a Frederick County citizens advocacy group, is currently asking for all-day and weekend train service instead of toll lanes on I-270. A Trains Not Tolls petition was presented to a joint meeting of the city of Frederick Board of Aldermen and the Frederick County Council on Oct. 16. The Trains Not Tolls petition, with 698 signatures, requests that Frederick County join with Montgomery County Planning Department in their current study of transportation needs that will start in July 2020.

We are convinced that an unbiased study will show that trains are a better solution than toll lanes. But let’s get the facts and let everyone judge for themselves. We urge the County Council to join with Montgomery County in their I-270 study. To see the petition, go to

Shoshanna Staffone

Trains Not Tolls member


A recent letter writer to The Frederick News-Post described the Democrats as the party of hate. Clearly that is someone who is listening to only one side of the political story.

Neither party is made up of one type of person, and there are certainly plenty of haters on both sides. Your own Republican president recently called all Republicans who don’t support him “human scum.” Someone who differs with him is human scum?

Now, that is hate and unbecoming of the leader of this great nation. Clearly Mr. Trump puts himself above the party and the country, and that is sad indeed.

Steve Hough


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The 287(g) Program in place now is just ICE getting the FCSO to do their job for them for free. It does not effect the safety of citizens in Frederick County one way or the other. The FCSO Law Enforcement Bureau, the Frederick PD, and the MSP do a great job of keeping us safe. Anyone arrested in FC, legal or illegal, who has committed a crime goes to trial in a local Court first and serves their sentence in a local jail or State Prison before they are detained for ICE to go before a Federal Immigration Court to learn their fate, which may not be Deportation.




A good time to be unaffiliated.


Don't like the legal opinion - take it to the courts and let them decide. Problem for those against Jenkins and his cooperation with ICE; they most likely would lose in court and that would then set a precedent going forward for other counties in MD... and that is the last thing the democrats want regarding this matter. So they continue to complain and say the opinion is wrong and tainted.... have some guts Jan and take it to court and see what happens... let the chips fall... one way or another, but at least it will end the debate of who can sign contracts or not!




The point isn't about the program itself, it is essentially a governing question about who has what authority to sign up the County for obligations.


Again if you do not like who is signing the agreement then challenge it court or be quiet and go back to work Jan and Council. County Council and Jan are afraid to go to court and challenge it... or they would have done it by now.


They may agree; I don't know. Or may just not want to spend taxpayer money challenging it in court. Or they may still be considering options (which would be prudent). This is, after all, why we have a county attorney.



Comment deleted.

Yes Santos won a settlement for violation of her rights, however she is still a criminal for being here illegally and still needs to address the outstanding warrant... but I am sure you will give her support and a place to stay if needed.



” take it to the courts and let them decide. Problem for those against Jenkins and his cooperation with ICE; they most likely would lose in court and that would then set a precedent going forward for other counties in MD... and that is the last thing the democrats want regarding this matter. ”


And that’s exactly what illegal immigrant Roxana Santos did, as reported in the FNP, she TOOK IT TO COURT. And the court sided in her favor.

FNP - stop deleting my posts. My posts are in response to comments, and my responses derive from YOUR news stories.


They sided with her on the fact that her 4th Amendment was violated... they did not rule on her outstanding warrant and her status as being illegal in the country... that is still pending along with deportation... and yes sad how your comments are like others deleted without explanation.


Exactly. Had it not been for Trumpkins participation in 287 the county would never have been sued and forced to cut an illegal immigrant a Check. Cool of you to help me get the point across.


Kelly jelly Alzan


Go ahead and demean the opinion just because you don’t agree with it. Sounds like somebody did get his way.



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