With all the brouhaha over President Trump’s July Fourth military display, and recent Democratic party debates where all two dozen candidates want to significantly raise taxes, one of Ronald Reagan’s most prominent quotes comes to mind, “Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15th.”

Ed Zanowicz


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Nice tax quote from Reagan. Here is one from another trickle down president.“You always wanted to show losses for tax purposes....almost all real estate developers did - and often re-negotiate with banks, it was sport.” Remember if you can that he bragged about claiming losses to avoid paying taxes, defaulting on loans, and making billions of dollars, and how he would use that knowledge to fix our tax laws. Instead, he lowered taxes for the wealthy and increased spending. Also true to form, he said he would release his tax returns if he was elected and failed to do so. I recently read that 90% of Republicans are happy with him. Really?


So, the answer is to cut taxes for the billionaires and large corporations, creating a deficit that will cause all of us to pay more taxes later? Spare us all, Ed.


And that's because Democrats honor the law and file and pay their taxes on time. Not so much for the Republicans...


Reagan was also responsible for reclassifying ketchup as a vegetable in school lunchrooms, and the closure of multiple facilities housing those people with mental health issues to “save money”. They were released to the streets, and it saved nothing because it just transferred them (eventually) into the jails and prisons. The taxpayers still pay, the money has just been transferred to a different place.


I'm one of the millions of middle and lower class Americans that have been waiting 38 years now for all of that money that Reagan promised would "trickle down" to us in his grand scheme to help his fellow millionaires become billionaires. How's that plan working out for the U.S.?


Well, maybe we can return to Reagan's high inflation rates and the good old days of the ever expanding " trickle up" economics...


Maybe instead of waiting for it to fall in your lap, you should go out & seek it. I graduated when Carter was President, and you couldn't get a job (yes, it was worse than the Bush/Obama years). I always tried to take advantage of 401K plans, put small amounts in mutual funds, and for many years made extra money as a football referee locally where I made money and had fun too. Now approaching retirement a few years off, I'm not extremely wealthy, but am situated OK pending any health issues/bills. The plan worked fine for me, and many others.


You missed the point - that the much touted trickle down economics do not work.. Please don't assume that because someone posts something critical of an economic policy that the are " waiting for it to fall in your lap."


HD2[thumbup] Bluline speaks like his motto is, "Why should I worry about others when I am doing fine?"

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