My 70-year-old wife was just refused a vaccination by the staff at Frederick Community College vaccination facility. They told her that she was not old enough, and said that even though she had an appointment, the fact that I shared an email with her made her ineligible.

Apparently, Frederick County cares more about artificial rules it self-created than the welfare of its citizens. The place was empty at the time, so there was no one being deprived of the opportunity.

According to the criteria posted by the state, Maryland is currently giving shots to anyone over 65, and to education staff, including K-12 teachers, support staff and day care providers.

Not only is my wife five years over the state's own criteria posted on its website, she is also a pre-school teacher. Clearly, Frederick County cares nothing for state guidelines. One has to wonder how much vaccine is being wasted by an uncaring bureaucracy?

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You are better off without a "vaccine"!

New Analysis: Pfizer Vaccine Killed ‘About 40 Times More Elderly Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed’ By Patrick Delaney 3/2/2021


Well, thanks for trying kill more of them. Aren't you proud?


This stuff is wrong. It is based on a misunderstanding of the statistics by one commentator Haim Yativ in Israel. His biggest mistake is that he conflates cumulative totals with daily events. Here is one refutation: I'm sure you can find other discussion of this if you search, although probably a lot of it is only accessible to hebrew speakers.


Hayduke Footnote 43


That simply refers to this being updated in 2017 before they could possibly have issued any updates or guidelines for Covid. Doesn’t work bro!


Gabriel: AstraZenica's c19 vaccine was approved for use in some 50 countries as of a month ago, but not by the CDC.... it will be, eventually in CDC indefensibly slow time. Johnson & Johnson's 'Janssen' (groan) vaccine only just now approved here as been in use in S Africa and Britain for weeks.


Hayduke: You ask: Was this the CDC's statements? Yes it was. And their stance that stay-at-home orders and business lockdowns were ineffectual and infeasible was the accepted wisdom of public health officials pre-covid-19.


No, I don't believe this was the CDC's statement. Show me where they are the source.


Maybe Mr. DeArmon can help you Mr. Utley!


The whole implementation of the vaccine is confusing. Early on I registered both my wife and myself on the county health system. After not getting any reply for weeks, I registered my wife, who is a school teacher, to other distribution streams ( pharmacies and vaccination sites outside of the county). Yes, my wife was also denied the vaccination at FCC, they still hadn’t reached her level. Two days ago I got a text that we’re in the system for the Frederick County Health stream at Montevue. Yesterday, I was able to register both my wife and myself at the convention center in Baltimore. Moments later, my wife got an appointment at the county Heath site. Now she has 2 appointments at different sites. This is quite confusing.


Hayduke, you ask my qualifications to make these statements. I can read. That's my qualification. What qualification do you think is needed to follow the doings of the CDC?


There were different plans for different bugs depending on how contagious and how severe the disease is. Even in the 1918 flu people wore masks. Masks have been used at hospitals even before then because risk in hospitals is known to be greater and it has been known even then that masks reduced risk. Availability of masks and proper use of masks are other factors that went into recommendations about general mask wearing. You think if Ebola ever came to the US that everyone wouldn't have wanted masks?


Hayduke: CDC "protocols" for pandemic respiratory diseases like covid-19 said the wearing of masks was ineffectual. And they said lockdowns' costs made them infeasible. All the 'protocols' went out the window when it was politically inconvenient to adhere to them.


And did they not modify the mask protocols as they learned more about the virus? Show me where they said lockdowns were not feasible? Come on man, you know that as with any type of pandemic guidelines and protocols change. Lame.


Hayduke: The CDC's last "Community mitigation guidelines" for a pandemic prior to covid-19's outbreak were published 21 April 21, 2017 and are characterized in Wikipedia this way: "The 2017 guidelines listed steps which could take place, up to voluntary home isolation of sick people, and voluntary home quarantine of their contacts for up to three days. There was no discussion or planning for closing businesses or ordering people to stay home..." see


Was this the CDC's statements?


The Covid 19 wasn’t recognized until December of 2019. How could you publish an out break that you never knew, identified or named a cold as the covid-19 outbreak on April 21, 2017 ? We now know the named COVID-19 goes deeper than past colds, it’s not in the flu family and viruses is more lethal then past coronaviruses, the common cold, it affects other vital organs. Like past plagues we learn from our mistakes.


Patience is required.

The Washington Post

The Health 202

Your health policy appointment.

Presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Paige Winfield Cunningham By Paige Winfield Cunningham

with Alexandra Ellerbeck

About half of American seniors still need a coronavirus vaccine shot.

But there’s still a way to go in vaccinating seniors, a group that accounts for 81 percent of all coronavirus deaths in the United States.

About half of seniors have yet to receive a single shot of a coronavirus vaccine.

The still-unvaccinated population includes 36 percent of people over age 75 and 54 percent of people ages 65 to 75, according to data shared yesterday by President Biden’s coronavirus task force.


My experience with Frederick Health was just the opposite. I got the email ( which had a disclaimer to not share with others to avoid appointment issues ) , responded and set up a date for my first shot. Very smooth and efficient.


How old are you, Hayduke?


If you asking am I in the eligible catergory, the answer is yes. I did not "jump" the line.


Sorry seven, meant to add in the 1C group.


Sorry, maybe this wasn't clear. My experience with thru the services associated with the hospital, not the health department.


At one point, the government told us that you can't get Covid from children. They've since modified that statement to the risk of getting the virus from children is very low. Despite that they are now putting educators at the front of the line for the vaccine which doesn't make scientific sense (it may make political sense). It shouldn't be hard for educators to socially distance and minimize contact times with other adults while at school. Well, I guess the new logic is that the elderly are just a drain on Social Security and Medicare and are past their useful lives so it's ok to ignore the science and follow the politics instead?


Come on MD. Really?


Hayduke2, you do realize they are ignoring the science when they prioritize teachers now over the elderly especially if the elderly have underlying health issues. They are far from getting all of the elderly vaccinated and until they do, teachers should wait their turn in line like the rest of us. If it is unsafe, then they can just continue with the virtual learning for the rest of the school year, and if necessary, I'd make the school year continue through the summer (and watch the parents complain about that).


Omg SO SORRY and so tired of the serendipity!


I got my two Pfizer shots without more than the normal hassles of dealing with a government bureaucracy. I was lucky I guess because I hear lots of stories of others being messed around like this. The root of the problem here is the Center for Disease Control's obstructionism in stalling on emergency use of ready vaccines. J&J and Oxford/Astrazenica have had effective safe vaccines available for months. By limiting us to Pfizer and Moderna the CDC has ensured there's a huge shortage of vaccine -- way too few doses available relative to the demand for vaccination.


Peter - did JandJ not follow protocols and get their EU use approval. Is not Astrazenica currently in Phase 3 working toward EU certification? If so, why try to blame the CDC for following protocol and providing a SAFE vaccine???


Hayduke2: because "following (CDC) protocol" is destructive idiocy. Vaccinations are the only way out of this covid pandemic mess. CDC "protocols" mean weeks and weeks' delay in vaccinations, citizen frustration of the kind you're reading about here, unnecessary disease and death, excuses for teachers staying home, and ineffectual lockdowns. It's long past time to lockdown the CDC!


Peter - please let me know your qualifications to make this statement. Otherwise, it is just your opinion without factual support, right?


And before you ask, I rely on the professionals in the CDC and medical community to use their professional expertise to make sure that vaccines are safe, effective and have few to no side effects. Hence, the process and protocols in place - which, BTW, have been expedited to produce these vaccines.


When exactly was the Astrizenica vaccine approved for use elsewhere ? You claim the CDC set up roadblocks but everything I could find refers to approval in the last 2-3 weeks for it overseas. How is this the CDC's issue?


Peter, it is not nonsense. It is how J&J designed their clinical trials, with multiple cohorts around the world, including South Africa (where the most concerning variant originated). All drugs, including vaccines, must be proven safe and effective before FDA will approve an EUA, and CDC will approve before distribution. Once the clinical trial is completed, the data must be analyzed, a report completed, and regulatory submissions be done. Once at the regulators offices, the data are evaluated by multiple groups in their areas of expertise, and a meeting of experts held. I attend such meetings often. Then and only then will an EUA be authorized. The speed at which these vaccines were developed, put through phase I, II, and III clinical trials, manufactured, and then approved is absolutely astounding and unprecedented. Work that took years earlier was performed in months.


Sure you mean the CDC and not the FDA?


Do not waste your time with the Frederick Health Dept which has done a horrible job all the way through.

Get online and search for appointments at drug stores and grocery stores. I’m under 70 and lucked into an appointment in Washington County. Frederick Health Dept wouldn't give me the time of day. Waste of time.


According to the Frederick County website, Frederick is vaccinating group 1C, which includes anyone 65 and older. That is disgraceful if they really disqualified her because she doesn't have her own email address. My parents belong to an HMO in, which I don't like, but one good thing about it is the HMO (which is in another county) got the vaccine and phoned all their elderly members who don't use the internet and made sure they got vaccine appointments. (They ran out of doses the day my parents showed up for their appointment and had to reschedule, but that is another story.)


I'm 74 and technically eligible for quite a while now. The fact is that until people in the higher-up groups are fully vaccinated they won't move down to the younger ages.


This makes sense if the sharing of the link overbooked the clinic. Otherwise, it needs explained.


Oh, I see what you mean. You sign up on the county website to be notified when they have an opening, and the county may have sent an email to the husband's email address that was intended for one of them to get an appointment, rather than both of them.


What if they use the same email address? We have some friends in Florida who use the same email account.

( Was this too long of an essay or does it meet your standards? If not, I guess you can report it [lol])


Many of my over 65 friends have said they too were refused a vaccine. Here in Washington County those 65 and older are getting their vaccinations.


I got my vaccine appointment in Washington Co. (Meritus/MyChart) with a wait of only a few days and they contacted me! They had numerous other appointments available that I could've chosen from. I did this when some mid-sixties co-workers told me they'd already gotten both of their vaccinations from there. I've been on the Health Dept. list here in Frederick Co. for at least a month and haven't heard a word from them.

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