I am writing in response to those who choose not to get vaccinated. I understand and support free choice, but we live in a society that is in and of itself an organism.

What one chooses to do can impact another. I propose that those who choose not to be vaccinated be held accountable by having to sign a medical release form.

In this form, it would clarify that this person will not access health care should they contract the COVID virus or any of its variants. By doing this, they would not drain our collective resources in medical care and overwork those medical professionals who put their lives on the line everyday.

Marilyn Uchino


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Geez, seems like I really stirred the pot! I never said I was for or against the covid vaccine. I didn't realize several commentators had the ability to know my position on such a wide range of topics. So many unfounded assumptions! BTW, I have a job and and quite capable of supporting myself.


With freedom comes responsibility. And compassion. And a strong sense of humility.


You do not have the freedom to run through four way intersections in your car. That is why we have stoplights. To protect ALL drivers. Same story with seatbelts, which are required by law.

With all the vaccines readily and easily available, if a person claims their freedom or constitutional rights are being infringed upon by getting a vaccine, he/she is a coward.

And lacking in empathy. And selfish. And a stain on our locality, state and great nation. By refusing, children under age 12 everywhere in the US are threatened by your ignorance and downright stupidity. Those willfully refusing to get vaccinated are not only un-American, but a curse to freedom-loving US citizens everywhere.


Your rights? It’s called being a Public Nuisance and Endangering the Public.

You don’t have the right to pour as much alcohol as you want into your body and then drive a car. Telling other people to just wear their seat belts and drive defensively doesn’t make it OK.

If it were something like cancer or a broken bone, then I would say “sure, it’s your right not to put the chemo drugs in your body or wear a cast. Good luck with that.”

But you have no right to endanger the public by becoming a walking Petrie dish of future Covid variants.

I hope that clears things up for the terminally bewildered like Rockfish.


This country will never reunite unless all about Me becomes all about We. Without US we are just states.

Think you’re a patriot? Get the vaccine, if not for you, than for your community; for your country.


, One main obstacle in fighting the Covid virus, the Delta variant and the emerging variants such as Lambda is politics.

Vaccination rates are a prime example. It is often framed in terms of Red vs Blue. And then the next quasi-logical assertion is laying fault for the spread in Red/Blue terms Prime example is States that Biden won have higher Vaccination rates. As if a large number of States were not split down the middle. This helps mask mistakes like the border or deflects attention from other areas of concern.

This must stop. By all appearances this battle is far from over. One only need read the latest scientific assessments and view the rapidly changing dynamics. We need a non political task force where politics is minimized.

As far as vaccination rates multiple factors are involved. Identification requirements or required affidavits certainly lower the number of the millions of non documented residents getting vaccinated. In the very, very Blue State of California as in other States it is the young who also lower the rates. For example a recent California study of young folks showed :"Among the 5,082 respondents, 83 percent reported that they had not been vaccinated, 10 percent said they definitely will not get the vaccine, and 14 percent said they probably will not." The study appears July 14, 2021, in the Journal of Adolescent Health.


Gee whiz, jsk; who do you think started making this all about politics?? Does the number "45" ring a bell?? He and his enablers politicized this from the get go because narcissists cannot admit that anything is their problem or their fault. We are paying for that still.


Mr. Kline, Allow me to congratulate you for accurately conveying the findings of a survey. I hope this is the start of a new trend.


This is about being called upon to serve your country during crisis - and all you have to do is risk is maybe a couple days of mild discomfort. Geesh, what a bunch of snowflakes we have. And these are people who consider themselves the real patriots. They are PINOs.

to sense

Psycho Warfare


AC Barrett's ruling on the mandatory vaccine policy of Indiana University. It opens the floodgates for requiring the vaccine almost anywhere. That should force some young to get vaccinated.



How do feel about her ruling? ‘Favor’ or ‘Oppose’?


Why don’t they add the COVID-19 vaccination to the list of required vaccinations for kids to go to school?


Until the pediatric clinic trials are completed, none of the vaccines may be administered to kids under 12.


I was thinking, “this lady’s pretty tough,” until my next thought was, I’m ok with them being treated if they also agree to be sterilized. Whoa. What’s happening 😱


Anyone not believing that vaccination saves lives should not believe doctors and ventilators will save their lives either.


Here is one argument to the contrary. More of these people are out there with similar points. Be advised it's disturbing to rational thought.



Last time I checked, this is a free country where a person can make their own choices. Does the writer support requiring people get a flu shot?


Rockfish: Last time I checked, this is a free country where a person can make their own choices. Does Rockfish agree that all women have the right to termi9nate pregnancies without interference from preachers and politicians? Just asking....


You can make your own choices, but you should have to take responsibility for your choices. You don't want the shot? Great! But if you get sick, die at home. Don't go to the hospital and take an ICU bed from someone else in the community; don't take medicine and equipment from other members of the community; don't subject our nurses and doctors to the trauma of having to watch idiot after idiot die. You had an opportunity to avoid this and you chose not to; don't go back on that choice once you start to feel the consequences of it.

Florida's ICUs are overrun, and they're overrun by the unvaccinated. If there's a car accident, there's no ICU beds for those people because they're full of people who chose to be there.

The anti-vax crowd likes to talk a lot about personal freedoms and individual responsibility, but don't seem to ever put the two together.


Also the anti-vax crowd are the same ones that talk about being self sufficient not needing anything from the government ...wanting to secede and yet they are ones that aren't getting vaccine and expecting us to take care of them..irony at it's finest.

We don't need the government to tell us what to do but......hey the government better take care of us.


@Polite W. Woman aka N.W. aka P.P. aka L&M

They say this unironically as they drive on public roads to cash their unemployment check.




The Mississippi Governor is asking for Federal help as we speak


People should be required to get Flu shots every year, it would keep the population healthy right? Make being a crowd a little less risky right? Maybe even keep you from dying a preventable death right?

...I am stunned that people don't get their flu shots every year? let me see a shot in the arm or the flu..the flu can kill you or make you very sick and I don't want the possibility of either thing to happen to me so the choice is simple for me. I never realized it was such a complicated decision for so many people..then came Covid and the odds of dying went up astronomically. I have a what you call a strong will to survive. I can't help it if you don't ......have that strong will to survive.

Dying from Covid sounds like a horrible way to die, being put a on a ventilator sounds like a horrible thing to put yourself through, saying goodbye to love ones via Facetime is an awful way to go, at least for the ones you leave behind, expecting someone to care for you because you refused to get a vaccine that could keep you out the hospital is a mighty selfish thing to ask of someone. Me I wanted to prevent all of the above. Shame on you Rockfish for putting so many lives at risk..

And if you survive Covid, Covid can leave you with long term health conditions..

I wanted to lower my risk of dying and from getting long term health problems so I was selfish and got the vaccine. Also my selfishness makes me wear a mask all the time because I don't want to infect other people, because I could not live with myself if I caused another person's death nor do I want to make someone else put their life at risk to care for me. Rockfish your reckless behavior's are going to get you killed. You have the all tools to survive...and yet you seem like you would prefer to die?

Also since I have this strong will to survive I will do what it takes to survive...and if it means making people like you my enemy Rockfish then so be it..I do not want to be around anyone that doesn't have the will to survive..


Unfortunately there are people who don’t realize they are simply being manipulated and the risks are real. Trump has been vaccinated. The Pope has been vaccinated. What are the objections that aren’t canceled out by some complying personification or other of them?


Rockfish is mistaken. Why is public safety now a political issue? I hope he or she, understands it’s a public health safety concern not a party issue. I doubt he or she - would run through a traffic light.🤷‍♂️ Think 🤔?


If this is a free country than should I be allowed to kill whomever I want? The vaccine for Covid is much more effective than the vaccine for the flu (the medical field doesn't have to guess which strain will be prevalent). The lethality of Covid is much greater than the flu. For example see an August 2020 article from GoodRx: https://www.goodrx.com/blog/flu-vs-coronavirus-mortality-and-death-rates-by-year/

"According to this dashboard, the case fatality ratio of COVID-19 in the US is 3.1%. The case fatality rate for influenza will obviously change year to year. But news reports and the World Health Organization often estimate it at around 0.1%."

Society makes up laws that benefit the greater good over personal liberty at times. There are other vaccinations that are required before children can go to public schools. Are you against those too? Have all the freedom you want in your own house, but do not go out in public and kill others off because you don't want a highly effective vaccine (much more effective than vaccinations for the flu).


I do. It was probably always as annoying to health personnel to have unvaccinated people in the ICU with flu. My mother in law was visiting her husband in the hospital. No one could get in who wasn’t visiting family in a serious state. He was in a coma so she qualified. The hospital was reconstructing its entrance so visitors had to pass through the ER area during a flu crisis. Full of posted warnings. She was 89 and vaccination resistant and she got flu. She was quickly in the ICU. While she was there, Dad died. She improved. We were allowed to take her out just the day of his funeral if we brought her back after. Pretty sure it was a miserable time made even worse, and she was in the hospital quite a while after. A slew of lives were re-arranged, such uncertainty, such stress, could not have been imagined. So remove one variable. Get.the.shot.



Your rights to swing your fists wildly end at my body.

If you don't want to vaccinate because of freedom, then since you are being logical, you should refuse any and all treatment if you get sick.

But, we know you won't because the stupids that won't vaccinate for freedom will go to the emergency room and beg to be saved with their last COVID breath.


Rock, there are thousands of Laws and Rules and Regulations that limit your choices that would be detrimental to yourself and others. Think man, THINK!


Rockfish, as I said I do believe in free choice . However, we are in a health crisis not since the Black Plague. Extreme times warrant extreme measures. We are so fortunate to have been given a tool( vaccination) to fight this terrible virus. The short answer is No I don’t see requiring people to get a flu shot but Covid is beyond comparison in morbidity and mortality.

Greg F

Don’t take the vaccine, pay for your increased insurance and hospital bills on your own or get cancelled would be better. You have no freedoms when you enter a private business unvaccinated as you are a direct threat to safety to all. Same with a workplace as you are a health threat to all employees. You are a threat to children and adults or able to get the vaccine. Want that freedom, then find a place far from the rest of society.


Marilyn, now apply that thought to all risky behaviors segments of our society partake in to understand how ludicrous it is.


I'll betcha that the same people who don't wear seat belts, booze it up nights and weekends, smoke or dip tobacco and drive 85 MPH down route 15 are the same ones who want to sue somebody when they get hurt doing those things. More than likely, those who claim "personal choice" and won't wear masks or get vaxxed are the same ones who want to deny a woman's choice to terminate pregnancy's. QAnon comes to mind. Are you one of those people piddle?

Greg F

Many risky behaviors are not direct threats to others. Like your lack of common sense, piddle…it isn’t likely to hurt anyone other than you or those stupid enough to listen to you.




This is a risky behavior that puts other people at risk, so there is some merit to the LTE. However, it is my opinion that doctors should mostly treat everyone without regard to what they have done. They should try to treat the drunk driver as well as the victim of the drunk driver.


When you live in a society you have a responsibility to others in that society. Those who choose to not vaccinate should isolate as much as possible and always wear masks in public.

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