Responding to contributor Dan DeArmon’s somewhat disjointed Thursday column detailing Frederick’s “walkability” and downtown dispensation toward accommodating dogs, I was shocked and saddened to learn that our diamond-in-the-rough university, Hood, has twice requested to no avail that the city provide a light-protected crosswalk on Seventh Street.

Considering the 2018 pedestrian casualty and the patently obvious risk mitigation a crosswalk would provide, it strikes one as inexcusable that the city has yet to accommodate. There was no reason given for Frederick’s failure to accommodate; regardless of its basis, it is nonetheless an affront to that young woman’s family as well as to a citizen’s general understanding that Mayor O’Connor and other administrators are committed to safety.

Justin L. Smith


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The 2018 pedestrian fatal had nothing to do with crosswalk accessibility.


There is a cross walk at Fairview and 7th and at the hospital and 7th. Both have lights and are less than a block from where they want to put this one. This one will just be in the middle of the street of a 4 lane road. Go to where the light is and be safe. I didn't realize this was an issue, but I'm writing my letter now to let the mayor and aldermen know that I'm against this.


Drivers are so "distracted" that very few of us are safe on or near the roads. We might as well spend what we can to give some safety where people go.


So you think we should have a light and crosswalk every 10 feet? Like I said there are two within a block. But I guess we could put a light on every block to make it safer, I would think college kids could handle a one block walk to the cross walk but maybe you are right and these snowflakes need another light at Magnolia.


Why the name-calling? Is it the students or the school administration that's making the request? Whether it's needed or not you're being the juvenile here with your attitude.


Try to be reasonable. We have better conversations that way.


Crosswalks are good, if used appropriately. The one on Broad Street is a good example of bad use. It's in the middle of the street and the people that live there park their cars so they block one lane. Sooner or later it's going to cause an accident. The Town should have used better judgement or restrict street parking.


There are already Five Lights within a half a mile distance on West 7th Street.


There are already 3 light protected crosswalks on 7th Street near Hood College. They are at the corner of Fairview Avenue and West 7th Street and FMH at the 2 entrances. Where does Hood College want another one to be installed? Magnolia Ave? Why? I would think intelligent college students should be able to walk one block either way to safely cross the street.


The same could be said about the people on Broad Street, in Middletown. And forcing cars into the opposite lane, by parking on the streets doesn't help.


Fortunately, no one is saying that about the people of Middletown.

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