A few days ago, on Nov. 4, you gave a lot of space to an article from the PETA/vegan people that pushed their agenda of eating a diet without meat, eggs and cheese.

If they want to eat salads and veggies, that's fine with me, but please stop telling the dedicated carnivores like me what to eat — or what not to eat.

A friend of mine once said that a vegan diet is like living a life of penance.

Now excuse me while I finish my cheeseburger.

Robert A. Miller


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I wish folks would quit telling me to go to church under threat of eternal damnation. Unfortunately, the folks telling me to go to church or face eternal damnation and torture by fire hold a lot more power and influence in this nation than the whacky PETA folks. Maybe everyone should look to their own house and not worry so much about other folks souls or diet. Naaaaah ....


This is the time for our Nation to make some decisions on food and how we want to live in the future. We have the means to have a very healthy and even an efficient diet. The USA has many acres of grass lands that are not good for farming. In the west, this grass can even cure i the range and never need sot be cut, bailed and stored. It is really "cow country." That is an asset. However, some of the intensive feed lots are bordering on cruel treatment of animals and use grain when it is better suited for people to eat. We can not eat grass and beef is a way to use grass. But as long as we have people going hungry, we should save the grains for them. I would move to more humaine treatment of our livestock and still have grass fed livestock as part of our food chain until we learn to eat grass. Even then, I am not sure I want a grass burger.


relying on free range cattle is not going to come anywhere near meeting the current demands for beef, so you're advocating (whether you know it or not) for a more plant-based diet. also, even if the land is unsuitable for crops, it could be suitable for forestation, which will need to be a massive part of reversing the damage of climate change


I could go for more forest, if the rain will allow it. But we do have lots of grass to use and right now, only one way to use it. I am open to other suggestions.


allowing the re-population of the naturally occurring animals would be way more helpful than just plopping livestock on the land. the more we can let the ecosystem go back to pre-human interference, the better, sometimes in ways you don't even foresee. for example re-populating the wolves in one of the national parks (Yellowstone i think) meant that grazing animals had to migrate more than they had without a predator, and ended up eating up brush along the way making forest fires less likely


You guys need to try the new Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers. They are game changers. You can get patties and "ground beef" versions at Giant, Wegmans, Common Market, and probably other grocery stores. Some stores have them in their vegey burger section, and other stores have them in the beef section. Their nutritional content is about the same as real beef and their shelf lives are longer. Lots of restaurants, including BK, serve them. I imagine fake meat will continue to improve and eventually leave real meat in the dust, Which will come first, the fake chicken or the fake egg?




the answer is clearly the fake chicken. egg is one of the things that i've yet to find a serviceable substitute for. i've heard good things about "just egg" but have yet to see it available around here


I read the article on the possible benefits, both personally and globally, to be gained by following a vegan diet. Rather than taking away a feeling of "being dictated to", or believing that this particular life choice creates "obsession" which infringes on the choices of others, I felt it was a reminder and a challenge to raise our awareness about the possible benefits of not eating animal products. It gave readers a chance to thoughtfully consider the raising and butchering of animals as we decide what to eat. I wish I had the dedication and commitment to pursue such a diet, but I don't. Yet, it hardly ever leaves my mind, as I purchase and prepare pork or chicken, to recall the articles I've read on the processing these animals endure as they find their way to our dinner plates. I find veganism and vegitarianism to be a respectful and thoughtful approach to living on the planet, for those who follow it. No need to feel threatened, dictated to, challenged, or otherwise put out, FNP readers who happened to have read the article. Truly no one's coming for your bacon cheeseburgers, or your chicken McNuggets, and there's no need to feel personally threatened by the dietary choices of those whose opinions are different from yours.


They don't want our cheeseburgers, just our carriage rides, right?


[thumbup]Mrs M Veganism and vegetarianism do take thought, since there are considerations like protein to take into account. Many people are "flexatarians" now - from not "preferring" animal products but willing to eat them, to setting certain meatless day(s) of the week. Vegans/vegetarians are often the slimmest of people. Look at Bill Clinton, who used to regularly jog for a burger...in fact, some photos, I'm tempted to say, "Bill, eat a burger!" [ohmy] I'm no fan of PETA chasing down animals bred for the work they do and sending them on vacations, but informing people about the benefits of an alternative diet is not invasive. Animals bred for food often have short, bad lives. It's a fact. How that affects your eating habits is a choice, but know there are alternatives.


it's really not that hard to get all the protein you need from plants. and if you're coming from a carnivore diet, you're likely relying pretty heavily on fake meats anyway, which all have comparable protein to meat. now fake meats are obviously not as healthy as just eating unprocessed legumes and veggies, but coming from meat it's a wash.


Couldn’t agree more, the obsession by those left of center to tell everybody how to live their lives is ridiculous.


They are bad, but really no worse than those on the right telling women what to do with their bodies, or preaching to them about morals. Seems to me to be the same thing.


Exactly right. Who wants freedom? [thumbup][thumbup]


Your comment applies more to the right than the left bunnylou, you know I'm right, don't you?


No I don’t. It seems what the dems don’t ban they want to make mandatory.


Many believe that. But it is not true.




Telling people how to live their lives; like inserting a bunch of requirements that are not medically necessary, interfering between a woman and their doctor, telling two people they cannot get married, telling people what they can smoke and what they cannot. You mean that kind of thing?

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