Thank you, Frederick County!

The vast amount of bipartisan support and votes has been truly humbling.

The voters’ message was clear: Stop the over-testing, restore local control and parents’ rights. Restore joy to learning and teaching. It’s time to get politicians and bureaucrats out of education.

I am not campaigning on rhetoric and talking points to win votes. I will always be honest and transparent. Together, we can restore the joy-filled elementary classrooms and challenge all our students with meaningful math, language arts, science and social studies, while offering a full body of enrichment classes.

We cannot test any of our students, especially our special needs, underprivileged and English language learners into success. We need targeted learning and assessments by the teachers who see and know them.

We can only do this with the majority of Frederick County behind us. Our Board of Education needs to know we want our schools back and we won’t settle for anything less.

We have a long summer ahead of us and there is much work to be done.

To me, people are not “stakeholders.” They are my neighbors, my friends and my community. Education is local and personal.

They matter.

See you on the campaign trail and please remember: Early voting starts Oct. 27 and ends Nov. 3, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The general election is on Nov. 8.

Cindy Rose


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VERY DANGEROUS!!! Cindy is very closely tied to the Blaine/Kirby/Billy wing of the local GOP. The Frederick County GOP establishment central committee is all in with their support for her in a NON-partisan race. They already have their other muckraker minion Cusimano on the BOE. Watch out. Cidy is out of the same cloth as the nutty book banners you fine in Texas or Kentucky. She will bring a very toxic very right leaning partisan agenda to the BOE. STAY CLEAR!!


Nice letter.


Here are the results, Cindy was second.
Joy Schaefer 21,438
Cindy Rose 18,429
Michael Bunitsky 18,068
Ken Kerr 16,975
Shirley McDonald 14,871
Lois Jarman 12,002
Bengali and Mason were cut for the general election.


Among conservatives, Cindy's biggest liability is she has more education than Chuck Jenkins.


Looks like there wasn't much positive to say about Cindy. [lol]


Every rose has its thorn.


So true. Seems like we are always changing the system, making our teachers learn the new sytem, then complaining about it and changing it again, but that is life.




Seems as though the LTE writer and candidate hit a sweet spot -- and if the State can't seem to justify testing -- well, it looks like Cindy is on her way

Funny how the testing methods and the tests are no longer considered a valid indicator of future success -- looks like higher ed got it wrong, again


Qless- testing is NOT what folks in higher education ( I assume you mean public schools because higher education, college, is a bit of misnomer ) wanted or advocated for. This comes from those outside ( read politicians and local leaders ) who feel the need to butt into the educational process and was really cranked up with the No Child Left Behind nonsense. Leave education to those involved and it will do very well, thank you.


@hayfever seem like those who can't, teach, and those who can't teach try to test through a bureaucracy
so . . . we tried it your way, and you have a sustained failure and a useless testing process . . . move along now, nothing to see here . . .


Try teaching Qball - you wouldn't last a week.....


"Sustained failure" - really? Come on man!


And NCLB signed into law by Q's very own GWB. Ouch!


If you are the admissions person at a University that has 1000 freshman slots and 5000 applicants, how do you decide with 1000 to take if there is no testing at all?


If you are the owner or HR recruiter at a real company (and not a gov't bureaucracy) that has 10 job openings and 5000 applicants, how do you decide with 10 to take if there is no testing at all?
Answer: job interview! c'mon, testing has its place in many vocations, certifications, etc -- but we are talking about the most worthless form of State bureaucracy and the overuse of standard test


But in a job application there is often some experience that can help understand from a resume. If you have a kid from some town in Arkansas and another kid from some town in Michigan; can you compare their GPA? That's basically most of what you have to go on.


"See you on the campaign trail",lol! Why not go on the Oregon Trail?


Just because you won in the primary certainly doesn't mean you will win the election. Remember Cindy, only Republicans voted for you in the primary, come November the Democrats, the unaffiliated and the informed Republicans may well speak against you with their vote. I know I will.


She will win the election.

No one has any clue what the position is that she is running for. And that's how she will win.

Just the Clerk of the Circuit Court - no one except lawyers know that a clerk of the circuit court is.


KellyAlzan, OK, we heard it here first.


My wife and I too.


"The school system couldn't be badder."
says Cindy, who couldn't sound madder
her results weren't sublime
in her personal climb
so she'll knock out the rungs on the ladder.




A vote for Cindy is a vote for someone who will distract from the issues that our school board should be focusing on. Testing is a state and federal issue. The Frederick BOE should be focused on it's huge budget and how best to spend it. Cindy's stated objectives are to focus on testing and firing our very busy school superintendent. She has no credentials other than being a parent.


Her credential is she is a republican. And that's all one needs in Frederick county, just ask Chuck Jenkins....


Sadly, correct but she may just capture the "anger" vote thanks to a push by WFMD and the likes. I certainly have no intention of voting for someone who pushes a personal agenda, is divisive, and foists her personal views about what is acceptable to be in a textbook.


I also draw the line on book burning.


Totally agree with you.

But we saw how Kirbie was elected. And Billie. And Jenkins.


Here, here!! Well said, and in such few words. Sublime!

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