The Frederick News-Post recently reported the posting of racial-hatred graffiti at Whittier Elementary School, and the condemnation of those acts by the school’s principal. The Frederick County NAACP strongly condemns the reprehensible racial hate-based graffiti placed at the educational institution. We support the statement issued by the principal of Whittier that such conduct will not be countenanced by this community.

However, we are aware that bigotry and racial hatred is borne of ignorance. It is the lack of knowledge and appreciation of the victimized targeted group that engenders myopic bigotry. In that regard, our educational institutions can do more than simply condemn. We can implement an educational curriculum that includes and recognizes the experience and journeys of populations that have not been meaningfully included.

Our organization asserts the importance of a diverse, multicultural curriculum that reflects the journey and experiences of all components of the society, and in particular, those groups/ethnicities that have been marginalized and inadequately included. The curriculum should embrace the history, culture, literature, art, etc. of all ethnicities. A detailed review of our education curriculum and proper modification is a systematic and institutional way to address the existential social pathology of racial hatred.

Of necessity, such review and restructuring would include the re-casting of implicit and direct white supremacy — engage in actual truth-telling. Curriculum modification, along with other inclusive actions such as the elimination of disproportionate school-to-prison suspensions, a diverse faculty, and equitable curriculum access, are proactive steps our school system can take in connection with this important equity and social justice matter.

In that the school system is one of society’s primary socialization tools, that system should step to the forefront of addressing this blight. We do not portend that the educational system is the panacea solution to this entrenched social illness, but recognize the important role to be played by such institutions.

Willie J. Mahone


Willie J. Mahone is president of the Frederick County branch of the NAACP.

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The problem starts with the parents.


To some extent, sure. Unfortunately we do not get a choice in who our parents are.

I think that’s what Mr. Mahone entire letter was all about, problem parents. But as you know problem parents never like to admit they are the problem, so instead they blame the schools for not fixing the problem’s in their children. That’s not the school’s problem, to fix the problem children for the problem parents.

However, the problem children never leave their problem's at home, they take their problem's with them where ever they is the next best place to show off their problem's to their problem parents. I wonder if they make their problem parents proud?


By the way, 4:20 AM? Can you see yourself in a mirror?


?My hus used to leave for work at 3:30am so I was up. Hard habit to break too. Just ask our dog.


Again, shorter A&A, "these people annoy me so much."


"However, we are aware that bigotry [and racial ethno-centricism*] is borne of ignorance."

I can show many *examples*, and formal studies of where the exact opposite is true.

* this wording correction, because I'm allowed a personal preference for my own culture if it's any group OTHER THAN white/European western, esp. male

"...address the existential social pathology of racial hatred."

address DSM V delusional persecutory disorder

"a diverse faculty"

There's no evidence that 'diverse faculty' improves the test schools of diverse students.

"In that the school system is one of society’s primary socialization tools,..."

So, would you agree we have a teaching moment (on many levels) when super-diverse Balto City formally decides to abandon all responsibility, & automatically graduates (all underachieving/failing) Baltimore City school students?

Likewise, how would you characterize the socialization success of those "diverse schools" which led Maryland to the top rank nationally for most most violent attacks on teachers by their students?


Slavery? 3/5 of a human, Jim Crow, segregated schools chain gangs, prisoner farms, red zoning, institutional discrimination. Can you believe there’s, a house on Boyer Mill Rd with a Black Jockey in the front yard. A&A you are pathetic.


So fighting slavery is your cup tea, Aw? Let's step into *modern* times, shall we? Were you following last week's SCOTUS case of Nestle over their African child slavery charges? Nestle was victorious. And what did their corporate lawyer argue? Paraphrasing: We didn't enslave black child workers *within* the U.S. (?!)

Ain't globo-cap (global capitalism) grand? <---*sarcasm* What have you done to organize boycotts against *current* child enslavers? Do you purchase products which are currently being made by enslaved people in communist China?

Personally, I was thrilled with Kendrick Carmouche's success at this year's Kentucky Derby. Does it upset you to see him succeed?

yeah it is cool what Kendrick Carmouche has achieved....

So how do feel about Kamala Harris? Are thrilled to see her succeed in becoming the first woman President EVER? Personally I am more than thrilled...I'm over the moon.

Hopefully that means Ms' Harris can count on your vote? If you are thrilled by a POC jockey then you should be thrilled by the first POC woman President am I right?


I’m positive that these tirades of yours and your examples of obscure cases no one has ever heard of don’t come from your own investigation a & a. They are obviously cut and paste out of publications of far Right whack jobs. Second, we are talking about the history of slavery and the treatment of Black people for the 400 years since the White man brought them to America, exploited them, and when forced to end slavery, isolated Black people from their Rights to live as free citizens in our Country. We know that slavery has existed throughout history and still does in various places around the World. But we are talking about our Country where everyone SHOULD have the same Rights and opportunities no matter their Race, Religion, or Ethnicity. But some don’t, due to the White Power Structure that has been in place for the entirety of the existence of the U.S.A. THAT MUST CHANGE to preserve Democracy and freedom for ALL Americans.


Do you think it's possible Art could be Bosco? When I read Art's posts I see a lot of Bosco in them? and I am noticing we haven't seen a post from Bosco in a long time.....but maybe he could no longer afford the subscription?


I don’t think she’s bosco PP. bosco was always careful to not make comments that were specific enough to be able to pin him down on. a & a, not so much! bosco made an attempt to stop posting a couple months ago but failed. Maybe he succeeded this time.


True....Bosco was obtuse in his posts...Art just goes for it...not afraid to show her true colors. This post may be too much for Bosco to resist? Bosco seemed to always want direct credit for his obtuse posts.


I thought you were going to be busy for awhile so you weren't able to continue our conversation? Since I see you are you have a response for me to my last post about gullibility? I mean whose being gullible here? You think it's me...I think it's you? Prove me wrong....


Mahone has been a race baiter for a long time. Good response by artandarchitecture, as usual. [thumbup][thumbup]


Since you were part of the FCC Board. I recommend you read a commonly used college text book, "The New Jim Crow". It surprised me, and think it will surprise you too.


If art's unsupported screeds using inflammatory language and making wild assertions with no link to reality is considered a "good response" then I weep for you.


Have you ever had an original thought marinick1? And a & a’s responses are not original thoughts either.



If you're looking for gibs, here you go--

Mayors Organized for REPARATIONS and Equity (MORE)

Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles, CA

Michael Hancock, Denver, CO

Tishaura Jones, St. Louis, MO

Keisha Currin, Tullahassee, OK

Jorge Elorza, Providence, RI

Steve Adler, Austin,TX

Steve Schewel, Durham, NC

Esther Manheimer, Ashville, NC

Quinton Lucas, Kansas City, MO

Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento, CA

Melvin Carter, St. Paul, MN

Michael Tubbs, Stockton, CA

"Eleven U.S. mayors have pledged to pay reparations for slavery to a small group of Black residents in their cities, saying their aim is to set an example for the federal government on how a nationwide program could work."

I think I could do a tour highlighting free blacks, who were slave traders/owners, here in Maryland:

Slave Stories History 'Forgot.' Black People Owned Slaves Too

BY Kevin Downey, Jr. JUN 19, 2021


All these deficiencies that you fault Black people for are the result of not having the same Rights and opportunities to succeed that White people have. End of story. During the decade or so that Reconstruction lasted, Black kids had schools, Black men were represented at all levels of Government. Blacks built their own economies like Tulsa and Whites destroyed them. Until the discrimination against Blacks and Browns and POC in general is ended, America will remain in turmoil, and we will become another Rome. I lived in diverse Communities for over half of my 81 years so I know those people are a dang sight happier than many like you in Frederick County. Thank goodness that is changing.


“Mahone has been a race baiter for a long time.”

For example…?


If you think that Baltimore schools are diverse then you do not understand the meaning of the word.


I can show many *examples*, and formal studies of where the exact opposite is true...but yet you didn't, why not? Probably because it would be yet another example of how you mispresent the data to suit your agenda?

I would really love to see the source for Baltimore City graduating everyone? Are these public schools or private schools? I did try to find a source for your assertion but I came up dry..maybe you could point me in the right direction? Be a lamb and post your source please...because that is some serious poo...and public schools are held accountable so I just can't see that happening like you say it's happening? but then again I see things way different than you do so I may have passed right over the source because it was questionable. ...?

I don't know how I would characterize the socialization success of those diverse schools we have in Maryland to the top rank nationally for most most violent attacks on teachers by their students? because that isn't even close to being true......again gonna need a source? Be a lamb and post a source...if it's actually true....

Your whole post is nothing more than you mispresenting data to suit your agenda....and after reading your posts we can see your true agenda and we know your true agenda, is well ugly..........and oddly you are just fine with us seeing you as ugly? Now that is fascinating......but at least you are being honest with us.



Why don't I take the time to post more sources, links, etc. Because there is only 24hrs/day, & I have lots to do IRL & *many* of my posts here get deleted. I've tried to write letters to the editor here w/ my real name but they were not published by FNP. They could have been too lengthy, or maybe the editor(s) suspect my house would be burned down by the mob, & they're doing me a favor.)

Heck, I'd love the publicity. I am just waiting for FCPS to announce a CRT agenda.

I'm happy for the jockey because he's following his dreams, successfully doing what he loves, & not out to hurt anyone/destroy the country, like Kamala.

Being 'the first woman, the first 1/2 Jamaican, black 1/2 Indian & recently she's called herself simply 'Asian' is really nothing particularly exceptional on it's own."

Keep in mind, at the last family gathering I was asked, "Would you vote for your sister if she was running for POTUS? (She's currently a rear-Admiral in the USCG.) I replied, "I'd have to she who she's running against." That response ruffled some feathers. How I *should* have phrased my response: I will always vote for the person best-suited for the job.

we can see your true agenda and we know your true agenda, is well ugly..........and oddly you are just fine with us seeing you as ugly? Now that is fascinating......but at least you are being honest with us.

My 'agenda' is pure truth, no matter how uncomfortable. We can't come up with any workable solutions without it.

Here's the Balto City school story. I have to go.

"After Grade-Rigging Scandal, Baltimore City Schools No Longer Holding Back Failing Students" Tyler Durden 5/29/2021


Thank you for your source...but once again it is a questionable source who has misrepresented the data to suit their agenda, which is also your agenda it seems. I am concerned though you can't see past your agenda to see the truth of the why?

You can always find a source that suits your do that beautifully. But is your source really the pure truth? It isn't as I have proved...

Your agenda is your pure truth not mine...There is no actual pure true...we all have differing pure truths you realize that correct? And we should all be skeptical of each others pure truths.....a skeptic never accepts the truth as true...just like I don't accept your pure truths as true.

I have been able to prove your pure truths are false truths time and time again because as a skeptic I don't accept your truths as true. If your truths are pure then why is it so easy to prove them false? Because your truths are not pure...far from it actually. BTW my agenda is to make sure everyone reads your posts with skepticism..and they do so...

Also I am a tad concerned you think you have proved the truths of the letter as false? Your agenda sees to have clouded your ability to see the truth of the why...

I can see your truth is far different than my truth...I can also see you aren't a skeptic when it comes to the truth, you tend to rely on faith as the pathway to the truth it accept anything you read as the truth without questioning is it true


Faith is nothing more than gullibility....


**Why Did Financial Flamethrower Zero Hedge Go All in on Conspiracy Theories?

Sep 28, 2020 — To its fans it's a top-notch financial analyst publisher. To its detractors it's trash. But to many it's an increasingly dark well of tinfoil-hat conjecture.**.....tinfoil-hat conjecture a & a, tinfoil-conjecture. As I said “your Far Right whack job” sources. You’re really into the QAnon science fiction.

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