I need plastic grocery bags for certain items that leak and would ruin the cloth bag I reuse for items that don’t leak. Besides, “single use” plastic bags need not be single use. I use them as garbage bags in smaller trash cans, and I carry one on a morning walk to pick up trash left in the street. Do away with “single use” plastic bags and I will be forced to buy smaller plastic bags to replace them. We will just be making other “single use” plastic bags that really are single use. How is this good?

They are also recyclable — you need only take them back to the store and drop them off. They are used these days to make the fake wood for park benches and decks.

The problem is not the bag. It’s us. We don’t use the brains God gave us to make our world better. We don’t reuse even when it’s easy and saves us money. We trash everything just because it’s convenient, and we stupidly just throw it in the street to blow away.

Marleen Brooks


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Moon otter

How about we just use paper bags. I use them all the time, plus paper is recyclable and if it gets tossed, it biodegrades. As far the only thing that might leak is your meats. As someone who worked as a cashier, you need to know how to bag correctly. Cashiers yes had to bag for customers. Personally for me, never had a problem. I use paper bags at home to put my trash in which gets burnt and I am talking about my crappy junk mail that I get. To off set my carbon footprint I have planted trees on my property. The reason why they won't accept bags at facilities is if the bags are dirty and they gum up the recyclable systems. You would like this Swheat Scoop and Iams use to use paper bags for the cat litter and cat food. No more, they went to a plastic that can't be recycled. We need to go back to paper, its recyclable and it can be made from other paper.

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Graded again. Wow!


This week’s joint County Council and Aldermen meeting to discuss was just posturing. We left after :45 when a :10 discussion of creating a work group charter could have sufficed. Did this issue really warrant top of the meeting agenda?


Going to Aldi I always use my cloth bags. They do need washing occasionally, no problem. But getting rid of all plastic can be a problem as it will eliminate their use in freezer and refrigeration storage. Tax them, NO!


Frederick shouldn't use the Montgomery County model of 5 cents per bag. That's just an excuse to raise more revenue and doesn't eliminate plastic bags. Do the right thing..if we're going to ban plastic bags in Frederick, then ban their use outright.


You're right, it does raise more revenue and doesnt eliminate them. However if you stand in line at a business in MoCo, you'll notice because they have to ask people if they want one, they refuse it half of the time. When you're in line at Sheetz or something similar in Frederick they'll sometimes just automatically bag a 6 pack (which already has a handle) or a purchase with more than 1 item. Being mandated to ask the customer is the first step at reduction.




The $.05 tax seems pretty effective. If people need it they ask for it, if they don't they make do. People that don't care are the ones who litter and it's unlikely they'd want to throw money into the wind. Honestly the term "single use" seems like an industry term prepping to market new types of "non-single use" food containers, bags and bottles.


Exactly, Marleen. Kai Hagen is ignorant. We need Kirbie back on the committee.


Well said and I agree 100 percent.


I agree with most of what she says EXCEPT it is the local recycling program that now states that THEY will not accept these bags in their recycling. Saying they are not cost effective and for people NOT to place their recycling into these bags when recycling. Does that make sense? Even some grocery stores are removing the recycling boxes for the bags from the front of their stores. Next stop is all the plastic water bottles littering the ground and garbage.


Yah, there isn't much that can be made from recycling plastic bags, and it is not an efficient process. You might think you could just make more plastic bags from them, but I don't think so... Maybe with duct tape?


" Trash bags are not recyclable. Bags made from #2 or #4 plastic, such as grocery store bags, are recyclable, but must be bundled together inside one bag, tied closed." https://frederickcountymd.gov/DocumentCenter/View/9507/A-Guide-to-Recycling-Plastics?bidId=

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