The article on daylight saving time and the accompanying study certainly gives all the cons of daylight saving time.

The following is a list of pros. Homeowners having yardwork to do have one less daylight hour to get it done in. Unlighted sports fields mean the basketball players have to quit one hour earlier, baseball teams have one less hour to get their nine-inning games completed, softball games that generally start at 6 p.m. can no longer complete two games before it is too dark to see.

Those that play golf after work will have one less hour in which to complete a round or even nine holes. For those that fish, they will no longer have the time to do that after work, especially if they have an hour’s drive to get to their favorite spot.

For those people who wake up due to daylight coming into their bedrooms, since daybreak is about 4:55 a.m. during daylight saving time from around June 15 to July 15, they would be awakened at 4:15 a.m. during standard time. Why have two hours of wasted daylight before starting the day?

As for teens, let’s be realistic: Only those whose parents take possession of their cellphones at 9 p.m. on Sunday and weeknights have a chance of getting the required amount of sleep no matter what.

As for us older ones, we do have choices as to what time we go to sleep. I have to admit that I was pretty well beat up after watching this year’s World Series, but it was my choice and it was worth it. As for driving at night, look at the number of people that drive without their headlights on as the daylight hours shorten in the evening. They cause crashes, too, including fatal ones, because they cannot be seen.

Lee Trunnell


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I forgot to change the clock at the top of the stairs among all the artwork and looking at it yesterday threw me into the future until around noon, when I suddenly had an "extra" hour. I should've used it to change the clock.


all of these could also be arguments for permanent daylight savings time too. my main issue with it is having to adjust twice a year. for those of us with sleeping issues, it takes me usually at least a month to fully adjust both times. that's a full 1/6th of the year where i'm discombobulated and not functioning as well as i could be. and all that so that you can go golfing after work in november? no thanks.

like i said, if we must have daylight savings, just make it year-round. there's zero reason to keep switching the clocks back and forth all the time


I agree seanjames, I say pick one and stick with it all year. I too, come down on the side of permanent DST. I can never get used to darkness at 5:00 p.m.


We could shift the click by one hour and keep it there all year long.

I've read that China has a single time zone even thought it "ought" to have 5. Beijing gets sunrise and sundown at the usual times. Areas east and west don't.

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