Everyone says spay, spay. Well, when you have to pay over $800 for one dog, 8 months old, with no overnight stay, how are we supposed to do it? We both work, but $800 does not come cheap. We love our pet. We’d do anything for our pet. But these prices are out of sight. These vets need to be in our shoes for a week. I know they work hard for their degree, but we all work hard for what we can do. The prices are ridiculous, just the same as everything else.

Save, save, save and then it’s gone in two seconds.

Marie Brennan


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There are cheaper alternatives, but more simply, don't have a pet (or children) if you can't afford it and make its health and well being a priority. If $800 is too expensive for spaying, what will you do if it needs teeth pulled or other expensive vet work. It costs a lot to go to vet school and develop their specialty. You can't pay them unskilled/low skilled wages.


Hi Marie, like a previous poster suggested please call Frederick County Animal Control and Adoption Center. Their number is 301-600-1546. Good luck! Thank you for doing the right thing.


I used to always have two dogs, now retired I have one, and if I can continue to, it will never again be a big dog. I carried a Sam to the vet that stopped walking and gave no thought to my back at 28. I would be just as thoughtless now and would be under some dog in a parking lot. Think ahead. Know the costs.


If the LTE writer thinks getting their pet spayed is too high, they have not used a PLUMBER lately. There is no reasonable prices plumbers either...

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The whole country has pet overpopulation, which is why we have to pay for the county Animal Control Center and its programs, which might include subsidies for reduced fee fixing.


Looks like veterinarians want the same pay doctors get for human operations.


Dick, there are many more medical schools than veterinary schools. it is harder to get into vet school than med school.


Please contact FCAC or Frederick County Humane Society. There are various programs that will assist or provide you with aid to spay or neuter your pet. We in Frederick County don't need to uses excuses, just find the right resources out there to help you.


Exactly! Their cost, as stated on their website, is $35 for spay, $25 for neutering. For $800 Marie must have stayed at the Ritz with room service. More Fake News! Doesn’t the FNP fact check anymore?


How much would you expect to pay for a hysterectomy, Marie?


With or without insurance?


Most people don't have pet insurance, but it is available. The point is that fixing a female dog is a complex operation.


Pets cost $$$$. Might as well buy a giant boat and complain about the cost of fuel. I can't afford a dog- doesn't make me a lesser person, just realistic about my finances. I would like to be able to afford one someday, but keeping say $1500 in the bank dedicated to emergency vet bills is beyond my reach, and to have a dog w/o the means to support it is irresponsible.


That's only part of the problem. If you go away you have to board them or take them with you. And you have to give them food, water and a place to sleep - unless they sleep with you.


Some people think through the responsibilities of getting a pet the same way they think through having a child. Can’t afford it then don’t get it. Called being personally responsible!




I know; it's like people do not think. The cost of spay/neuter should be calculated by the people when they get the dog in the first place. Of course, I also think we should get a tax deduction for our pets.


[thumbup] As long as people get income tax deductions and credits and time off for their two legged children, those of us with other species for our family of choice should get the same treatment. Our desires and wants are no less valid than those who want to have children.


Say that about children on this site and be ready to be crucified (although the concept is no less valid).


You need to find a different veterinarian! There are many low cost spay/neuter programs in Maryland.

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No, that's not the end of the problem. It's just the beginning.

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